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New Strategic Hires for Arctic Cat

Greg Williamson, Chief Marketing Officer, Arctic Cat



Greg Williamson (above) joins as chief marketing officer; Brit Reich hired as VP of North America sales; Mike Webster promoted to director of North America sales


Apr. 13, 2015 – Arctic Cat Inc. today announced two strategic hires into newly created roles and a promotion, as the company builds its sales and marketing capabilities for the future under new president and CEO, Chris Metz. Effective immediately, Greg Williamson (photo above) joins Arctic Cat as its first-ever chief marketing officer, while Brit Reich joins as vice president of North America sales. Mike Webster has been promoted to director of North America sales.

The roles of chief marketing officer and vice president of North America sales have been created at a time when Arctic Cat is positioning itself for future growth and an increased focus on customer engagement to drive sales.

“Greg joining Arctic Cat at this pivotal point elevates the importance of marketing for the organization,” stated Metz. “I have witnessed firsthand Greg’s strategic vision, mastery of the contemporary marketing toolbox, and leadership qualities necessary to oversee and cultivate the Arctic Cat brand.”

In his new role as chief marketing officer, Williamson is responsible for positioning the Arctic Cat brand to generate future growth and develop a world-class, customer-focused organization that aligns the company around brand and marketing strategies, and promotes consumer awareness and engagement. In his former role as chief marketing officer at Spectrum Brands, Home Improvement, he led the product, channel and brand strategies for several industry-leading hardware brands, including Kwikset, Baldwin, Weiser, and National Hardware. Williamson holds a B.A. from Louisiana State University and an M.B.A. from the University of Texas.

Reich is responsible for developing and implementing sales and dealer strategies to increase market share, and focus on geography-centric initiatives, in his role as vice president of North America sales. These initiatives include increasing product and brand recognition in local markets where Arctic Cat believes it is underrepresented. Reich was formerly the executive vice president of sales at American Recreation Products, where he was responsible for global sales of outdoor equipment and apparel, including Kelty, Sierra Designs, Slumberjack and Wenzel brands, creating and executing go-to-market strategies. Reich holds a B.A. from San Diego State University.

“Brit is an experienced senior sales leader, sharp business person and skilled collaborative problem solver. Arctic Cat will benefit greatly from his leadership, insight and work ethic,” said Metz.

Also as part of Arctic Cat’s strategic sales and marketing moves, Webster, who was formerly Arctic Cat’s Eastern region sales manager, was promoted to director of North America sales. Webster has a strong track record of identifying market growth opportunities and delivering outstanding results. In his new role, Webster will oversee Arctic Cat’s entire field sales force in the United States and Canada. Metz commented, “Mike is a seasoned and respected sales veteran who has extensive power sports industry experience and a history of success in sales, dealer and market development.”



  1. What happened to hiring people involved in the sport? It seems this company has disconnected from reality and has leadership only interested in stuffing their own pockets and handing out jobs within their own circle. Two competitors show a passion for the sport and react to what customers ask for. If Arctic Cat doesn’t join that group they should just leave the sport. This is coming from a guy who just returned to the sport and, having owned 11 Cats previously, purchased a 2015 Cat. Having been fortunate enough to try the competition I am sad to say the reviewers are just being kind, in 2015 the Cat was not in the same league as the others.

  2. I’m concerned that we don’t just load up the marketing gun’s without any amo in the chamber. Great innovative first to market product will see the company grow. I’m sure the new guy’s have heard what all got screwed up in the past, but marketing blunders pale in comparison to not bringing out great products AHEAD of the competition. good luck gents

  3. It looks to me like they are trying to gain market share by creating better marketing strategies and dealer relations. We have lost a lot of dealers in my immediate area and hopefully these moves will encourage those dealerships to start offering Arctic Cat products to their customers again. As far as coming out with new innovative first to market products I think you will see some of that in 2017. The 2016’s are already a big improvement in quality and durability (Sleds, ATV’s & SxS) but the real changes will be seen on the next snowmobile chassis and motor combos coming out. Hopefully that is next year with the CTech2 800 and a stock Yamaha Turbo in a chassis designed just for that motor. I like the direction AC is taking to address the issues Claude Jordan left them with. Good luck guys and I may be picking up some stock to go along for the ride!

  4. Hopefully there is a marketing change, where the dealers aren’t pressured (or forced) to buy more and more products than they can sell, or models that aren’t popular in our area. All that does is reduce selling price, which may be good for the buyers, but the dealers need to turn a profit. I’m on my 3rd dealer. The other 2 were great dealers, but they just weren’t doing good enough on the bottom line. 1 was an A/C and Yami dealer that closed the doors. The other dropped snowmobiles entirely. My current dealer is a multi-brand dealer that’s a 35 mile one-way drive. We need the dealers!!!You can’t buy everything on-line!!!

  5. I wish this new management the best of luck and I hope they can build this great company into the best it has ever been.
    The question I have is will we see them on the trail, at the track or any other major snowmobile events?
    Do they “Share Our Passion”

  6. As far as dealers go, I personally would rather deal with a mom and pop type store than these huge big box stores, with the exception being country cat, they are a great family run business, and big to boot!

    New personnel can be great, of they have the passion and knowledge to do their job correctly, while keeping in mind the true need of the company. Happy customers should be the number one priority, not just bottom lines. The profits will come if they customers are happy…..

    I wish them the best of luck.

  7. Ask a question in a big box store and see what you get.Have any of these guys even seen a snowmobile?Give me a small dealership that knows the product any day.

  8. I see the new CEO is handing out jobs to people he worked with in the past. I is kind of interesting that a Motorsports company is being run by some hardware and door lock guy that know nothing about the sport. Now hire a person that worked at American Recreation Products, inc? Its not what it sounds like as they sell backpacks and hiking gear to “Tree Huggers” not Motorsports people! I have been a Cat guy all my life so I hope they prove me wrong

  9. This is something I submitted to Artic Cat days ago and still no response. I think I can see that customer service is *not* a priority to Arctic Cat ..

    I purchased a brand new unit on ***May 20th, 2017***. To date (8/1/17), I still have not received a spare key, an owner’s manual, or my loan paperwork (it was re-worked). I have spoken with the owner at Green River Cycles, Steve Luzi, about this several times and have been promised that I would receive these items but still have not.
    I am very disappointed in the dealership. I am hoping Arctic Cat will get involved and get me these things asap. I still have not been able to take the unit out as I still don’t have the owner’s manual. I have made 2 installment payments and have yet to put a mile on this unit.
    I am very disappointed in the dealership and in Arctic Cat for allowing this type of customer service.
    Even more so now that I have just hung up with your customer service rep, Kent. He was not a very good rep. He gave me an attitude when I said I expected to hear something from someone today and was told it might happen but he was busy with other things. Not something you tell a customer when you are a customer service representative. I asked him to turn my request over to a manager based on the circumstances.


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