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News Bites 2.14.15: The Highs and Lows of Snowmobiling

Screen grab from snowmobile crash video on YouTube.

Available next year at Hay Days: “I Bang Snow Banks” t-shirts.

In this thief’s version of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, the lovely Joshua Vossen allegedly stole a van, Volvo, Arctic Cat snowmobile and a truck in his efforts to flee. Apparently the Volvo stint left no lasting impression.

What happens when 1,044 snowmobilers gather for a ride? A possible Guinness World Record. I wonder if the 1,044th rider gave the “I’m-last-in-line” hand sign?

The Guinness ride might have had another participant IF he hadn’t burned his sled piece-by-piece in an effort to stay warm. #firecat

Do officers sit around and laugh once the dust settles from an incident like this? I hope so. 

A truly frightening avalanche that appears to end well for this sledder.



  1. Don’t worry! Roseau, Minnesota, will get the record back for the most snowmobiles in a parade. I was part of their event back in 2004. We will not let a bunch of Canucks show us up! Just give us time to get organized.

  2. John, yes law enforcement certainly does laugh at things like a snowmobiler yelling death threats and then becoming stuck with their snowmobile while trying to get away. Things like that make the job FUN!

  3. Pennsy ditch eater: Um, dude, if you are not 100% sure where things are, ummm, slow down? Back roads through cornfields do pop up at you. Been there, slammed on the brakes, changed underwear, it’s not fun.

  4. Eric: I don’t know how law enforcement can/could keep doing their jobs unless, after situations like this are done-and-dusted, they laugh to let out the steam.

    That’s my release, assume it must be others’ too. Maybe not.

    The job does not sound fun to me, but certainly adventurous and compelling. My sincerest thanks to anyone and everyone involved in law enforcement. You see the the worst of human doofusness and badness and still show up for work. Amazing.

  5. John: a lot of the things we just have to laugh about otherwise it would eat us up doing a job nobody else wants to do. There are many aspects of the job that are very fun and rewarding.

    I always thumbed my nose at people who said they were in the career to help people. To be honest with you that is the only reason I continue to do the job everyday is to help the good people in our society when things get so bad they have nowhere else to turn. Nothing better than getting a simple thanks from someone or seeing a child taken away from scumbag parents who are mistreating the kid.

    Law Enforcement is a career where all are thrust into the dark part of society that nobody else wants to know or think about.

    …and no not all parts of the job are doom and gloom. To be honest there really is a ton of fun to be had and a lot of laughing about crazy things people in our community have done. I could write a book about all the nutso things I have seen and most would be in disbelief and accuse me of lying.

    Thanks for the thanks and thank you for this website that you also put so much time and effort into to help me forget about the darker parts of my chosen profession.


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