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TGIF (the 13th) in Feb. 2015

TGIF: Friday the 13th, Feb. 2015

TGIF: Friday the 13th, Feb. 2015

TGIF: Friday the 13th, Feb. 2015

TGIF: Friday the 13th, Feb. 2015

I’m thankful that the most truly terrifying moments while snowmobiling happen to OTHER people.

I’m thankful for the containment provided by snowmobile bibs when the $#!T gets scared out of you.

And I’m thankful that it’s Friday the 13th, Feb. 2015.

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  1. My only injury to date on a snowmobile was end over ending my brothers buddies Moto Ski 634 Hirth at a 1970’s grass drag. Broke my shoulder socket.
    I wish I had a video of the day I messed with a muskrat on the trail and it tried climbing up my leg ! My son still brings that up, says I screamed like a little girl while I was running shaking my leg. Not that funny ;).

  2. The picture with the moose is from VT.
    My closest call with getting hurt was a head on collision with a guy on my side of the trail on a blind hill. The two of use went over the handle bars hit each other and fell on top of the sleds. Sleds totaled but we walked away.

  3. The problem with the Stryker is the wide high seat and the some of the trim picees. Especially near the rear, is just seems too busy with no smooth flow to lines. Honda did a great job on design with the Fury. So what, it has plastic fenders. You want metal? Then buy some metal ones or fab up some customs. And I could care less about having enough padding for a passenger. You want comfort for a passenger get a sport touring bike or a H-D Glide.


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