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Nobody Asks Why (You Bought an Arctic Cat El Tigre)

It’s true: Nobody asks why you bought an Arctic Cat, even if it’s a 1981 El Tigre. Doubt it? Then check out this awesome commercial from 1981.



  1. Lovin it! another classic Cat commercial, thanks!
    that reminds me, Hey John, how is that compilation of classic
    Cat commercials dvd coming along that we had talked about? I can’t wait!
    thanks again,
    Darin Martens

  2. Sweet commercial! It makes me wonder how I’ve made it to this point in my life without seeing it (or many other vintage commercials for that matter). Do you have access to any, say, ’79 El Tigre commercials?

  3. I especially love from 0:17-0:18 when the rider turns from right-to-left at about 50 mph!

    Darin, I’m pretty sure that a dvd compilation of old videos isn’t possible because of talent rights. If a company didn’t spell out that they would have rights to display/sell such commercials in perpetuity, then they can’t.

    Eric, I have access to a 1979 commercial about shoving a prototype 530 l/c into an El Tigre chassis, but it’s only 5-minutes long with both shop and ride footage of Coltom and Thompson. You wouldn’t be interested in it, I’m sure.

  4. John, love the site and this commercial! the 81 tigers are still in my mind some of the most awesome looking sleds to come out of TRF. Loved them dearly. Been bleeding Green since 71. Steve


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