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Ode to the Legend: 2017 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 Roger Skime-Edition


2017 Arctic Cat Roger Skime Edition ZR 6000

2017 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 RS-Edition Limited

The One and Only Roger Skime-Edition Arctic Cat

The new extremely limited-edition RS Edition 2017 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 is a celebration of the man whose passion for Arctic Cat snowmobiles spans 55 years and whose innovative spirit is immeasurable: the legendary Roger Skime.

For more than five decades Roger Skime spearheaded many of the most innovative snowmobiles and designs – all fueled by his competitive spirit and insatiable desire to build the best snowmobiles in the world. His is dedication to Arctic Cat has inspired generations of engineers and riders whose passion reflects his example. And through it all he became a living legend.

The RS Edition ZR 6000 reflects that legendary passion with a unique, commemorative styling design and component selection that grace the newest Arctic Cat snowmobile design. The RS Edition is as exclusive as it is unique, with production limited to orders taken only during Arctic Cat’s 2017 Snowmobile Dealer Show.

The foundation of the RS is the class-leading power of the popular Arctic Cat C-TEC2 600 2-stroke engine and the bump-taming ride of the lightweight ProCross chassis.

An engine that Skime loves dearly, the 6000-series 600 C-TEC2 2-stroke is designed, proven and manufactured by Arctic Cat. It features Dual-Stage Injection (DSI), batteryless EFI, APV electronic exhaust valves, exhaust pipe temperature sensor and electric oil injection. It’s the same engine that’s dominated cross-country racing for the past two years, a sport dear to Skime’s heart.

The lightweight, ultra-tough ProCross chassis delivers the intuitive handling and optimal ergonomics that Skime and the engineering team have spent their careers pursuing. It’s matched by the ARS front suspension and a SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension combination that effortlessly carves corners and swallows bumps. Skime invented the slide-rail suspension, and the SLIDE-ACTION version on this 2017 ZR is the ultimate expression of that original design.

The RS Edition ZR 6000 comes with all-new body styling with increased airflow for optimal under-hood heat management. New side panels and hood are easily removed for simplified access to key components.

Special livery for the RS edition includes graphics and a custom green-striped seat cover design executed in such a way that harkens back to classic Arctic Cat models from the past, yet that is also new and uniquely fresh.

Roger’s penchant for premium components is reflected in spec of his signature machine. Quick-switch FOX ZERO QS3R Kashima ski and rear track shocks (with QS3 Kashima on the front track) offer the ultimate in adjustability and performance. TEAM Rapid Response and Rapid Reaction clutches deliver optimal driveline performance and durability. A rear storage bag, hand guards, tunnel flares, curved Sno Pro brake lever and stout ProMountain front bumper are additional items that grace this special machine.

The Roger Skime Edition ZR 6000 is truly limited in production, all but ensuring its collectability now and in the future.

2017 Arctic Cat Roger Skime Edition ZR 6000

2017 Arctic Cat Roger Skime Edition ZR 6000

2017 Arctic Cat Roger Skime Edition ZR 6000

2017 Arctic Cat Roger Skime Edition ZR 6000

2017 Arctic Cat Roger Skime Edition ZR 6000



  1. DAMN I wish I could win the lottery, I WANT ONE, if not just to remember what Roger has meant the sport, and ARCTIC CAT!

  2. Thank you Mr. Skime for Arctic Cat! Thank you Arctic Cat for making this sled for Mr. Skime! He deserves nothing less and deserves so much more!

  3. It doesn’t get any cooler than this! What a great tribute to a person that has done so much for Cat and the industry.. Just Plain Awesome!

  4. My wife and I met Roger at many annual dealer award presentations! This collector machine is a great tribute to this gentleman! As a matter of interest I still have his Pink Arctic Executive jacket that he gave to me on Artic Dealer trip 1972-73 down to the Caribbean! CHEERS! Bing

  5. THIS is the ONLY 2017 I’d even contemplate purchasing (in honor of Roger)…

    Hopefully, VENOM (company now producing TEAM name clutch/drivetrain products) will be able to sharpen their machining/quality skills a bit… To have helix surfaces that are warped so bad that they are clearly visible in a video showing “rocking ability”, when they should meet flush with moveables machined surface is a huge disappointment IMHO…

  6. That is one sharp looking sled. Not sure about the seat… Need to see it in person but the rest of the graphics look sweet. That’s how a cat should look! Nice job AC.

  7. “and a custom green-striped seat cover design executed in such a way that harkens back to classic Arctic Cat models from the past, yet that is also new and uniquely fresh.”

    How does the seat reflect on previous cat models? Reminds me of the 71′ Team Ski Doo bumble bee seats…

    If anything I would think leopard print would be more appropriate. Great for AC to honor Roger.

  8. Creating a graphics package for this sled must have been a monumental challenge. Because as much as people like Rusty think “leopard, retro” with Roger, such sentiment is the polar opposite of what pleases Roger. Roger has never been about looking back, rather, he’s always been focused solely on looking ahead.

    So a retro sled might have pleased the sentiment of some Cat fans, but it wouldn’t have matched who Roger is.

    There’s just enough legacy in the livery (black, a bit of classic Cat green, and a few patterns) that touches on the past, but it’s mostly design that moves the ball, er, sled forward.

    My two cents.

  9. As said already, a great tribute to a man who has progressed the sport of snowmobiling like no other.

    And, as also said, this is THE ONLY 2017 I would consider buying … but no order is coming with my name of it this season.

  10. Neat sled! I wouldn’t know how to ride it or buy it nice thing for roger though he’s done more for snowmobiling than most any one I can remember I’ve been around sleds since the sixties. Way to go and what an honor!!!!!

  11. Hat’s off to Arctic Cat!!! I can’t think of a better way to honor Roger for everything he has done for the industry. I had the pleasure of visiting with him at the USXC Races at Naytahwaush, MN this past weekend. He was very humble when I congratulated him for having a snowmobile built in his honor!!!

  12. It has been slightly over a week since the 2017 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Dealer Show, where I was unexpectedly honored with a signature snowmobile for my 55 years of service to Arctic Cat. I have been humbly celebrating this honor for a week now, and I feel moved to say a special thank you for the following recognition.

    I want to say this career and life that I have enjoyed and loved so immensely could not be possible without the great people and their ideas and passion that I’ve been surrounded by for the last 55 years. I was very fortunate to have profoundly creative, passionate and talented people in the snowmobile engineering team who have been the innovators for Arctic Cat – some who have been loyal and faithful for 40 to 50 years.

    Thank you to our customers; without you we have no business. Thank you to our dealers, distributors, suppliers, employees and Arctic Cat leaders past and present who have made it possible for me to enjoy this life of snowmobiles.

    Special thanks to Chris Metz, Arctic Cat CEO; Brad Darling, Arctic Cat V.P./General Manager of Snowmobile; Kirk Hibbert, Snowmobile Engineering and snowmobile racing legend; and Tucker Hibbert, snocross racer phenom for your humbling, kind and most appreciated comments on the video. Your words are held dearly and will not be forgotten.

    Thanks to John Sandberg for creating ArcticInsider, and thanks to all who have left comments here.


  13. Roger, congratulations on your retirement! I rode Arctic Cat sleds in the early 70’s, here in Southern Manitoba, but were friends machines,( I didn’t have the money) and I liked them very much, NOTHING RODE OR HANDLED LIKE ” THE CAT “, and that has always been that way and every CAT since till today! I am 59 now and I have ridden almost every generation of Arctic Cat snowmobiles and your DNA is in every one! Thanks! I have purchased 5 AC sleds and they have all been great, with my wife, and 3 children and 2 grandchildren. I have promoted to every one I meet in the snowmobiling business about how ROGER SKIME has done so much for the employees, racers, etc. with Arctic Cat! You loved your job very much and it shows why CATS ARE GREAT! I want to meet you someday and congratulate you in person! Your a GREAT MAN AND WE NEED A LOT MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!! Eldon Smith P.S. I am always in my shop making my sleds better and friends machines, thinking OUT SIDE THE BOX!!!!!!!!! THAT’S YOU ROGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Thank You Mr. Skime for following your honest passion, by doing so many others have too! I began my snowmobile adventure in 1974 and it is still going. I have a bucket list, and running the I-500 is one of them, at 52 I think I will try to get one of the RS Special Editions and make it happen!

    Again, Thank You

    Arctic Cat Fan

    Kevin Bergstresser
    Spokane, WA

  15. Roger, I also congratulate you on your retirement! I have been an AC customer for 31 years and have been around sleds since the age of 6 (now 53). Growing up as a child I would receive SnowWeek issues and marvel at your many accomplishments. Thru AI I have really come to appreciate what you have done for the sport of x-country racing and performance trail riding in general. Although we have never met, I feel that I can share your passion for the sport by working on the three Z2 gen chassis which I presently own. The ’99 ZR700 that I purchased new is still going strong and I have you and your fellow employees to thank for the many hours of enjoyment…ThankYou!!

  16. I have just bought a ZR 6000 RS, this is my second sled ever. I use to ride a ZR 800 (2001). What a difference! Riding this sled is a dream I am forever an Artic Cat girl, do not regret buying this sled for a second! Performance and handling is top, it out performs my partner’s sled (Summit 800 HO- Skidoo) haha.

  17. I have met Roger a few times. (Not at Cat events) It surprises me how he blends right in with the regular crowd. Pretty sure I was the only one that recognized him at one once. I thought maybe he just wanted to be left alone, but I at least had to shake his hand. Each time he was a joy to talk to, and was truly interested in the riding story I had to tell him. The true test was when my unknowing wife leaned on him about not making a 600, he was smooth, and a gentleman. The best thing I can say is Roger reminds me of my Dad who is also a legend in a different power industry. The way he carries himself, and his humble demeanor. As for the ZR 6000 RS sled it’s sharp. The wife love’s the look when she saw it at a dealer a couple of weeks ago. She said what’s a Roger Skime ?? for Pete’s sakes dear, remember that guy. Sorry Roger. And then after this last weekends sled trip, we stopped at a dealer we have never been at just to check it out. I jokingly said if they got one, (witch no way would this little dealer have one) make a deal and trade your 800. The wife now has one, and is tickled pink to tell people she has a Roger Skime sled. And then it happens, some Arctic Cat guy. So see to old school Cat guys he’s a, Innovator-Pioneer-Legend. But he is also a CAT guy, and that’s not all bad. And to be honest can’t wait to run into him with my wife the next time. Thanks Roger, from a long time cat rider. 1973 295 tiger was my start, and many wonderful years in the saddle of Black and Green.


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