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Arctic Cat SVX 450 Snow Bike

Ride along with Tucker Hibbert, Dave McClure and Rob Kincaid as they rail, roost and launch the new Arctic Cat SVX 450 snow bike.



  1. The way to go in the mountains. As one rider put it on Youtube, it is like comparing a motocross bike to an ATV in the summer. A snowbike will get you through the trees and across the sidehills with minimal effort. Compare that to a moutain snowmobile where you have to constantly work hard to cross terrain. Snowbikes will soon make traditional mountain snowmobiles obsolete.

  2. This is the kind of machine I’ve been waiting for 35 years. Always had a bike in the summer but motorcycles were never available for our winters, and now there is hope. I’m all in!

  3. I am curious of the reason for the front fender other than trying to keep the motorcycle look? I don’t know of any function of it as the snow is being pushed away from the ski and not flung upward like dirt or mud would from a wheel.

  4. I’m interested in the cost and I’m afraid of the first year production issues. Other than that, I’m all in as well.

  5. Arcticbuster..I bet it is made to be converted back to wheels…for the guys who have 50 weeks of summer and 2 weeks of winter!

    I’d be interested in just a dirt bike edition!


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