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Oh Yeah Baby! Arctic Cat Minibikes

Arctic Cat minibikes

I’m not sure what I love more: The utterly cool style of the Arctic Cat minibikes, or that one of the model names was Ramrod.


They HAD to have laughed (a lot) about that one while sipping cocktails at the Legion after-hours, circa 1972.

While Ramrod brings out the Junior High mentality in me, the mere thought of Arctic Cat minibikes elicits memories of youth. Dang, I never owned an Arctic Cat minibike, but I did have a homemade version. And riding it always meant a mixture of fun, adventure and anxiety (the latter because we would poach private property trails where it wasn’t exactly legal to ride).

I remember the absolute joy of scraping together enough change to buy a gallon of gasoline. We’d ride to the gas-station on bicycles, fill up the one-gallon can, then ride home to fill up the tank.

Arctic Cat Screamer patch

Arctic Cat Screamer

Screamer! The perfect name for a 134cc/8-hp minibike with 14-in. wheels and marginal brakes/suspension. At least buyers weren’t being duped at the time of purchase.


Arctic Cat SSSCAT patch

I suspect that when the Arctic Cat Marketing guys were putting together the marketing plan for the first year (1970) minibikes, that someone double-sneezed while typing on the IBM Selectric, and nobody caught the mistake. Thus the first model in the line was dubbed SSSCAT instead of SCAT.

But either way, was another name for “crap” really a good choice for a product name?


The first Arctic Cat Prowler

Contrary to popular opinion, the very first Arctic Cat Prowler was not a 1990 snowmobile, but rather this 1971 minibike with a 47cc Sachs engine and the coolest seat ever to grace a two-wheeled vehicle.


Arctic Cat minibikes from the Tom Rowland Collection

Arctic Cat offered minibikes from 1970-72, then conceded the category to more established brands. Still, of all the non-snowmobile products Arctic Enterprises offered in the 1970s, the minibikes seem the coolest to me. I’m personally on the prowl to find a nice condition green model this summer.

There will be lots of Arctic Cat minibikes at the 50th Anniversary shin-dig at the end of the month, perhaps even the two from Tom Rowland’s collection pictured above.

For a whole bunch more info on Arctic Cat minibikes, check out THIS SECTION from

Arctic Cat Minibike advertisement



  1. John we have a screamer and man is that thing a blast! Its lightning fast and a little wobbly at 50mph!

  2. I’m thinking that the ’72 marketing team may have been under the influence of illegal substances? Ramrod….. Scat…. or maybe someone on the team had a fetish?

  3. When considering the names that were chosen and used for the mini-bike line, we can only guess what names may have been considered but did not make the final cut. Uhh…ummm…no….Any unused names I throw out here are going to take me in a downward spiral…lol!

  4. Oh, I forgot to say my original thought above…I got a new 1971 Arctic Cat Whisker mini bike and probably rode that thing for about 6 summers straight, that thing was tough as nails. I recall the recoil needing some maintenence every now and then. I also remember having to remove the spark plug from time-to-time and take my jack knife and clean a hunk of carbon out of the electrode. Looking back…maybe as a 6-year-old kid I was not mixing my gasoline/oil as accurately as I should have? Must have not mixed it to the lean side much as I don’t think my dad ever had to replace any engine components. My older sister had a 72 Prowler that she has always kept…that is about to undergo a restoration so it is ready for her grandson in a year or two, thats pretty good service life for a bike that was probably around $400 when brand new.

  5. Ha! That brings back some old memories. I remember my second cousin, Joey Hallstrom, doing a wheelie on one of those on the driveway at our farm. He went all the way over onto his ass. Maybe he could do an Instant Replay for us all at the 50th.

  6. I am planning on attending the anniversary event. If i can fit them all in the trailer I will have all of the minibikes there. from 1970 the SSSCAT both the sachs and te***seh powered. The 1971 screamer ,prowler,whisker and climber. And also the 1972 prowler ,ramrod, and a brand new in the box whisker. These bikes are all restored or very clean originals I also have a large collection of parts and memoribilia regarding the minibikes.
    I Hope to meet many of you there.

  7. Jeff, was that your collection that was on display at the VSCA Nationals in TRF a few years ago? It must not have been easy to find one of these still brand new in the box.

  8. I have a 1971 climber for sale,It is all there, All but the original motor,It has never ben restored. I live in Ontario Ohio

  9. Have a 1971 or a 72 articat whisker for sale. The bike hasn’t been used for at least 30 yrs. It still runs and is in very good shape. Has owners manual. 716-628-9196

  10. In 73 my friend next door (a mile or two away – farmland) and I were given identical 72 prowlers. Dad was a Cat dealer in a small town. We rode them for years. Sold mine to his cousin, and he still has them both.

  11. I have a 1970 SSSCAT that I’m looking to sell, has the 47 cc sacks engine. Missing some parts but in good shape. Hasn’t been started in years. Bought new!
    If interested call (315) 404-2824. Upstate NY.

  12. looking to sell a artic cat 47cc new head new red valves new ring have the org part I put it all back together with new back tire an brake it ran for one ride sitting for a year shoot me a price pick up only

  13. Regarding my earlier inquiry as to how many 1972 Arctic Cat Ramrod mini bikes were produced, I heard back from a well respected Arctic Cat mini bike aficionado. He believes that 5000 units were reported to have been produced, but only 4000 actually were manufactured. This is based on the serial number range of known units in existance today.

  14. I have a 1971 prowler mini bike with the sachs engine, 2 speed transmission. can someone help me understand where to fill the transmission with oil and where to check it

  15. Hey so I bought a old arctic cat mini bike a little while back. The guy I bought it from put a new motor on it and it doesn’t work. What would be a suitable replacement motor for it?

  16. Just got grandpas old screamer running and it is a blast. Can anyone lead me towards a recoil for it? Mine is cracked in several places and am having trouble with it returning. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks

  17. I would love a 71 or 72 prowler for my grandaughter. Anyone got one for sale? As long as it’s complete, it doesn’t mater if it runs.

  18. I have a 72 ramrod and need a few parts. Could use the clutch cover, front fender, airfilter/aircleaner (on the carb), metal housing for the motor.
    Let me know if you have any of these parts.
    Thanks – Brett

  19. Hello, I am looking for I believe it’s a 1971 Arctic Cat Mini Bike with a Sachs motor. Need a recoil for it. Are these able to be purchased if so where do not want to send a lot of money on one.

    Thanks Bill Marion Danbury, Wi

  20. I just bought what I think is a 72 climber. Some one did some costum work and it ain’t pretty. If anyone knows where I could find a gas tank I would appreciate it. I am really excited I found it and I want it to look closer to what it’s supposed look like.

  21. hi
    I have a 1971 or 1972 arctic cat ramrod . hasn’t run for thirty years or so .it was well stored and I am thinking of restoring for my grandson.I am looking to find an operators manual for this bike . does anyone have an operators manual . a printed copy would work .

    thank you

  22. I have an all original whisker a a it s amazing! Runs great and looks the part, however the bottom of the tank is starting to leak near
    The Frame mounts. I am looking for a replacement tank in good shape? Email is you know of one thanks!

  23. i have a 71 artic cat climber that have been thinking about trying to sell but cant what they are going for . about all missing is tail light behind seat.had it running few years ago befor stored it in storage building. my phone is 806 543 8913. live in west texas

  24. still got my whisker. still trying 2 find out what year it is. has no rear shocks. hard tail. ????? fired up after 15 year in storage…looking 4 more info ?????? thanks

  25. Hi, I have a 1972 Arctic Cat Ramrod Kawa 100 which was my first bike as a kid, got it in the summer of 77 after grade 7, you always remember your first bike the most, the best memories, sold it back in the 70’s and found my childhood dream starter bike again, not the same one, about 10 years ago and would like to find another for parts etc, also interested in the 1972 Prowlers because they basically had the same chassis but 2 speed Sach engine, Steve.

  26. The summer camp I attended in New Hampshire through the early-mid 70s had a small fleet of ’72 Ramrods. My parents bought one for me when they upgraded to Chaparrals a few years later. What a fantastic little bike. Torque off the bottom, stupid fast top speed for a mini bike, looked cool, sounded cool….as long as you kept the torque converter assembly dry, you were golden. Loved that bike.

    I somehow ended up with a spare engine for mine, and distinctly remember sitting in my room, cartoons on tv, milling the cylinder head down with a flat file. That engine ultimately ended up on a standard 70s hardware store mini bike with a centrifugal clutch. The extra compression from milling the head would just about rip your arm off trying to get it started, but absolutely nothing could beat it except the XR75 down the street, and only then after we got rolling. Good times.

  27. One other thought – am I the only one who remembers Purple Panther Lube, the purple 2-stroke oil? I could have sworn that’s what it was called, but google comes up empty.

  28. the 72 ramrod was my first bike and i’m getting old now and would love to find one that is complete in running condition,Anyone knows where i could buy one please email me or call at 757-724-0961 Va. beach my name is Rick thank you

  29. Looking for a 1971 or 1972 Climber. Had one as a kid and would like to get one to restore for grandchildren. If anyone has any info they could help me with it would be appreciated.
    Don Wren, I see you have one, any chance you could email me.
    Thanks All
    Doug.Cousens 705-330-9162 Ontario Cananda

  30. Have most of a 1972 Ramrod. Missing Fuel tank, pull start, throttle grip, handlebar brackets to name a few. Engine seems complete except for carb filter set up. Have the original dealer manual that came with the bike.

    If anyone has parts or interested in making an offer send me a message.

  31. I came into a small pick up load of Cat mini bikes and parts. I just wanted the Ramrod but had to buy the whole lot. I have collected early 70 Cat snowmobiles for over 10 years but not looking to hoard mini bike stuff so would like to sell it off to recoup some of my investment. I have a rusty but near complete screamer No seat or carb. Chrysler motor is there but everything is seized. Climber with a almost new Tecumseh motor (not correct) decent overall but needs a little work. 1 and 1/2 Sermonette motors in parts ($100 may be sold). Primary and secondary clutches, brake hubs – NOS a couple torpedo mufflers (used). A lot of Misc. stuff about half is NOS but has been in storage for years so has shelf wear. If you Google “NHSMA” “classifieds” “for sale” there is a pic of the parts laid out. Looking for market value on price, can ship (I’m in NH) for cost of shipping smaller stuff. Will start listing on EBay early next year. Can ship also send pics if any interest. (6035546910)

  32. Hi, I just got my 2nd Ramrod, first one I got in 2007, second one 2017, really my first one was in 1977 just after grade 7, which is long gone, would like to buy a couple more as it was my first bike as a kid and would like one for each family member, most people don’t even know Arctic Cat made mini bikes. It is hard to believe they were only made from 1970 to 1972 and also hard to believe they came with four different makes of engines. Even cooler was the names, Ramrod, Screamer, Prowler, Whisker and Climber along with SSSCat or Scat for short, probably because everyone smoked dope in the 70’s we got names like that along with the crazy names of Hodaka too with Dirt Squirt, Road Toad, Combat Wombat and Super Rat, just miss the easy going days of the 70’s. Any extra Ramrods around to sell please contact, Eastern Ontario, Canada.

  33. Only wrote here two days ago, two days later the Ramrods Gods were in force, got first one as a kid which was my first bike ever in 77, long gone, wanted one again, got one in 2007, second one two days ago got from a friend, two days later, 2 on Kijiji, got them two, thought I was only going to have twins but got quadruplets. I think I got infected with Ramititus. The Ramafacations maybe endless who knows, now I have one for each member of the family, but only 2 run and the other 2 need a few parts and a bit of tlc.
    These will keep me busy when I retire down the road when I will probably sell all my other bikes, road and dirt and keep with what I started with as a kid. Hopefully I can ride them right into my 80’s with a bit of luck.

  34. I’ve got an above average condition ” Whisker ” with a Sachs motor. Got It about 89-91 Kids had a ball riding it ( So Did I ). Has not been started since the late 90’s. Turns over and has spark. Want to sell, What it worth?

    Contact me @

  35. I just picked up a Arctic Cat Prowler that been sitting in a barn for years. It’s a 1971, excellent condition with all the parts. Only thing needed is a good washing? My grandson and I are hoping to enjoy riding it? I would like to know if they’re in demand as a vintage collectible? What would be a fair price for one?

  36. Looking for a gas tank new or used for a reasonable price. I guy last year had one for $250. That’s not reasonable. Don’t care if it’s chrome or painted. Just don’t want any inside rust. Mine rusted the bottom from sitting. I’ve had it since 1972.

  37. From what I have seen the US 820 kart engine is quite similar to the Screamer engine. Well worth a look. Its still sold as a powersports unit. Might be a parts source. Popular with vintage karters. Try googling US820.

  38. Where can I get the pads on the recoil replaced? I have a 1971 Prowler with the Sachs engine. I am the original owner

  39. Does anyone have a parts source for the Ramrod Kawasaki T6A motor. I am looking for standard piston rings and a gasket kit. I will also be looking for a torque converter if I can find the engine parts.3

  40. Arctic cat jacket patches Screamer Prowler Whisker Ramrod Climber, very cool collectables $100
    NOS Ramrod intake + NOS carb $150
    248 251 6231

  41. Hi, I have a SSSCAT for sale. Very low miles, still has the little mold knobs on the front tire. Pretty nice shape I think. Ran great and shifted great until the starter failed. I am the second owner and have owned the bike for the last 25 or so years. Always stored indoors. All original parts. The starter is missing from the Sachs engine. The starter got lost over the years so no starter is included. Engine turns over very smooth and has great compression. Email for pictures. Bike is ready to ship in a custom made wooden shipping crate and one separate cardboard box. Thanks.

  42. I have artic cat scat green tank seat has no rips or tears tank has dent repairable tires hold air bike is all there need to be restored has five horse engine Tecumseh that will run carb dirty had running 2 yrs ago its 1970 or 1971 I’ve had this bike over 40 yrs looking to sell 700.00. My email is

  43. Picking up a 72 Ramrod. All there, haven’t seen it in years. How hard is it to find parts for these things?

  44. I am looking for a recoil pull starter, air cleaner, and the torque converter drive unit that mounts on the crank for the 1972 Ramrod with the Kawasaki 98cc engine.

  45. I have a sax attic cat engine for sale or trade for other mini bikes it does not have recoil many extra parts come with it spare carb bag of throttle parts handle bars front tire and tube exhaust pipe rings extra motor cover, I don’t have a bike to use this engine on so I want to move it best offer or trade deal I know what I could get on eBay in parts but I would like to sell it as is ….

  46. I have a 1970-71 Artic Prowler mini bike with a 49 cc Sachs engine. I need the pull starter recoil assembly. Anyone have an idea of where to get one?


    Peter Frank

  47. peter says:
    9/4/2018 9:09:00 PM

    I have a 1970-71 Artic Prowler mini bike with a 49 cc Sachs engine. I need the pull starter recoil assembly. Anyone have an idea of where to get one?

    Peter Frank (

  48. Hey everyone. I have a 1971 Arctic cat mini bike that I have started to restore, but dont have time any more. It does not have the original engine. Let me know if you’re interested!

  49. Hello All,
    Anyone in the market for a 1972 arctic cat Ramrod (all complete ). this bike has been with us since new . Has been used with care and still has all the original equipment on it . Has been in storage for 10 years now . Iwas going to get it back on road for grandson , but things changed . I would like it to go to a home that will appreciate and enjoy it .
    I am located in Canada ,specifically western Quebec. or

  50. Good Afternoon:
    I have a 71 Arctic Cat Prowler that has been ridden for many years and now is in need of repair/restoration. Does anyone know where I could get this machine worked on? I am located in the King of Prussia, PA area. Thanks, Steve 610.207.8661

  51. I am wanting to change my crank oil in my whisker mini bike. Have had this since I was a kid and am restoring for my grandson. Anyone have a service manual or could tell me how much oil this Saxonette 50 would need?

  52. How to fix pads on recoil ? I had this done for me many years ago my friends uncle cut 2 small strips of leather from his belt, glued them to the pad area and has worked like this flawlessly since!!!! Not sure on the type of glue thar was used I was 12

  53. 1972 Climber I’ve owned since I was nine years old (45) years! Looking for HS40 with lighting coil. Bike hasn’t moved since ‘76 and is all original. Any help would be appreciated ??

  54. Hello I have aquired a Climber that a family member tried to restore and made my job a bit harder. I’m in Saginaw, Michigan and looking to acquire some parts. Possibly an original motor or suitable replacement along with a carburetor and headlight. Thanks in advance

  55. I picked up two “climbers.” Perhaps this are on the low end of the arctic cat family. I am restoring both of them. 95% original. What might I ask for a purchase. I would like to keep them together. I don’t find any for sale…

  56. Picked up a Prowler last week, was in my neighbors shed for years..had my eyes on her…
    Couple questions:
    Automatic trans…what lube..? i have read Type F or DEX 11
    Also what sparkplug # to use..?

  57. I have an Arctic Cat Climber And was wondering if there were a lot produced? I’m thinking of selling it but have no idea if it’s value.

  58. I have an old arctic cat mini bike that will be a restore project. Is there any markings on the frame to where I can tell what it actually is?

  59. Hey guys & gals. Can’t find a great pic of the left side case cover for 1970 scat 1
    2200-001 #954 of the 1000. Did all of them come with a bolt mount on front of case or are some just left out? Would be left side front where outer cover would bolt to case. Also still looking for the illusive recoil.

  60. Looking for an Arctic Cat Climber. Had one as a kid and want to get one for my grandson. Any condition. I live in Orillia Ontario Canada and am willing to travel for same. Please let me know if you might have one your willing to sell.

  61. Hello. I have a very nice restored arctic cat screamer. The original engine was professionally rebuilt and better than new. The screamer is all correct with all original or nos parts. I am asking $3500. I will help to ship if needed. Contact me at please put screamer in subject.

  62. I guess I’m like everyone else, but I have had a prowler since I was a kid and I’m looking to fully restore it and need a recoil starter for the saxonette motor. I know they are hard to find, but have also read once about a few old chain saw recoils that would work. Does anyone have one they are selling or know of a work around that I can look for? Appreciate any help you could give. Thanks

  63. Hello everyone, my name is Richard. My father bought me a ’71 Climber when I was 7-years old. It was stolen out of my Dads garage 1-year later. GD thieves ! Anyway, I’m 55 years young today & would absolutely LOVE to find a Climber of ANY condition ! So, if you have parts and/or a Climber of ANY condition, PLEASE, PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY & I WILL DRIVE ANYWHERE TO MEET YOU & BUY WHATEVER IT IS YOU HAVE THAT IS Arctic-cat Climber related ! Please reach out to me. I will be forever grateful.
    Sincerely, Richard, from Vermont.

  64. I have a 1972 Arctic Cat Ramrod that I am restoring. I have a parts manual but I am looking for a owner’s manual and a service manual. I am also looking for a good quality fuel gauge for the tank. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank You!
    Matt 8017839808

  65. Hello All, I am restoring a Ramrod and I am looking for the missing the carburetor,headlight and top engine cover. What carb came with it? If I cannot find a carb would a Mikuni VM22 work?
    Any help is appreciated.

  66. I have an original 1971 climber it is in perfect condition everything is there runs perfect basically a time capsule from 1971 if you’re interested feel free to give me a call or text I am in Arizona phone number 623-999-9611. I’ll be glad to provide you pictures and any other information requested also have original documentation and certificate of origin

  67. WARNING ! WARNING ! WARNING ! STAY AWAY from the owner of the message directly above this message, named RAYMOND (Last name is “Nipp”, like what a little ankle biter mutt dog does to your ankles when he bites at them ! He “Nipps” at you !) This pathetic excuse of a man above, named RAYMOND (I truly dont like talking like this about another person, but you MUST in order to WARN others about him!) claims his 1971 Climber is in “MINT-CONDITION”, and/or “PERFECT-SHAPE”,” and/or “EXCELLENT-CONDITION”! When it is FAAAR from any of those descriptive words ! In the mechanical & auto/wheels world, that includes finishes like powder-coating, chrome & paint, his Climber is a used mini-bike that was neglected actually, because it is riddled w/PIT’s of RUST ALL OVER THE ENTIRE MINI-BIKE !!! The gas-tank has a couple chips in it and a fairly large dent (Size of a half-dollar)when I FINALLY saw the dent, that was it for me ! I finally saw the dent when he disassembled the Climber & accidentally showed the wrong angle of the gas-tank, and I was able to finally see the dent, which was & is right in the very front of it ! The typical black Climber mini-bike frame-paint (Should have been powder-coated) is literally PEELING & FALLING OFF IN SHEETS on the swing-arm ! That’s ONE area that I can see anyway! The seat was obviously restored, because it was done quickly & incorrectly, and does NOT have the OEM zippered tool-pouch underneath. The brake-levers,
    handlebars, the fenders, the shocks, ALL are AFTERMARKET & covered in pitted-rust spots !!! And you can see grey over-spray on the engine & all over the wiring-harnesses ! This guy is a 100% A _ _- H _ _ E ! And he advertised it as “MINT-CONDITION” and said that ALL the parts on it were “ALL ORIGINAL” ! And that it has been kept like a “TIME-CAPSULE” since 1971 ! And that you will NEVER FIND ANOTHER ALL ORIGINAL CLIMBER LIKE THIS ONE” ! He lied through his teeth to me & he deceived me UNTIL I insisted on seeing more pics, because I have a excellent nose for RATS & FAKES! The pics he posted were purposely taken by a cheap, low-quality camera, so you CANNOT ZOOM-IN TO INSPECT IT ! ! And they just DON’T SHOW ANY OF THE DAMAGES & DEFECTS ! (Sneaky SOB!) And the resolution of the camera he used is absolutely HORRIBLE ! Hence the horrible pics when you try to Zoom-in. So when you attempt to ZOOM-IN to look at the pics “CLOSE-UP” to see the condition of the parts, the pics go blurry immediately ! And at 1st I thought the millions of rust spots were pixels from poor resolution of the pics, because there were so many & that no one could claim that this Mini-Bike was in such MINT-CONDITION, when it was COVERED IN PITTED RUST !?! No one could. Well, guess what !?? I was 100% wrong about that….and 100% correct that I was dealing w/a Snake, a Rat, and a POS. ! That’s HOW BAD THE RUST IS ! And the pics are ! This clown is truly a FREAK !

    I’m a Disabled American Vet, and he treated me like DIRT right from the beginning, demanding his $ IMMEDIATELY after the Auction ended ! That was the 1st Red-flag that went up ! My family almost filed Discrimination charges against him via eBay for the horrible discriminating behavior & harassment towards me & my disabilities. Which is a hate-crime today. So, I won the Auction to buy his 1971 Climber, at $2,200 ! I thought it was a STEAL before I uncovered that he & his Arctic-cat Climber mini-bike were BOTH FAKES ! So, for 5-days I PURPOSELY JERKED HIM AROUND BY NOT PAYING HIM ! And that’s because I truly wanted the Climber, but I NEEDED to see its true condition before paying $2,700! ( $2,200 for the auction, $350 shipping, and $100 Vt tax $2.700) And it took me 5-days of telling him I had to “LOAD” my Pre-Paid Visa credit-card in order to pay him the $2,200. He also was trying to tell me shipping cost was $350, when I just shipped a ’71 Climber across the USA for $210 ! And he has NEVER sold anything on eBay before. So he was even trying to rip me off on the shipping ! So, he hasn’t been confronted w/his DECEITFUL, SNEAKY & DISHONEST BEHAVIORS & CHARACTERISTICS, and amateur advertising scams ! So, WATCH OUT FOR FAKES & FREAKS OUT THERE TRYING TO RIP YOU OFF ! This RAYMOND NIPP FREAK lives in Scottsdale Arizona ! So, BEWARE ! BEWARE ! BEWARE ! His eBay I.D. is: azbuysel31 SO BEWARE MY FRIENDS !!!

    P.S. I’m STILL looking for a 1971 or 1972 Acrtic-cat CLIMBER mini-bike, or parts. Please reach out to me by contacting me at 802-324-0707. You dont have to worry about me, I’m honest.

  68. I have a old Wisker that I have restored but it has low power. Has 75 lbs compression. Starts and idles good. Have the carb set to run as rich as it can. Read once that the Wisker was ported different for children to have restricted power.. True?

  69. ‘ve been restoring Arctic Cat mini bikes for 6 years and am now basically done. I’ve sold most of my spare parts, and now I have 2 bikes left that need to leave the garage for new projects.

    I have a 1972 Ramrod and 1972 Whisker. Same condition that I found them in. E-mail me if interested. The bikes are in Las Vegas. I’m a collector and happy to help with information on restoration for these or other Arctic Cat Mini bikes.

  70. Hello Arctic-cat Mini-Bike fans & enthusiasts ! Just an FYI:

    I’ll be offering my high-quality Restoration services & experience for the Arctic-cat (KELCH) gas-gauges (Caps) for all the Arctic-cat Mini-bikes that use the famous, but very rare, vented, gas-gauge/cap that has the infamous aluminum vent knob on top that threads in & out to open & close the vent. Pricing is solely dependent upon the level of restoration. I might be posting my restoration services on eBay. But if anyone wants pics, I can send them to you.

    Thank you so very much !
    Sincerely, Richard


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