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Printable Arctic Cat Belt Charts

Arctic Cat snowmobile belts. Photo by

Wondering what the differences are between various Arctic Cat snowmobile belts? You’re in luck.


Arctic Cat Drive Belt application chart. Photo by

CLICK HERE for a 2-page printable pdf of the 1967-2015 Arctic Cat snowmobile belt application chart.


Arctic Cat snowmobile belt dimension chart. Photo by

CLICK HERE for a 1-page printable pdf of Arctic Cat snowmobile belt dimension chart.

Then enjoy the appreciation your wife or significant other will feel when these charts grace your living room wall.



  1. Question for you John,
    Looking at the note on the bottom of the Drive Belt Dimension Chart would the same be true when comparing a *** to a ** belt of the same dimension?
    “ A *** drive belt is more flexible and if used in place of a ** drive belt, the engine will run at a lower RPM.”

    It states the difference between the two is Hardness (not harder)
    It is common knowledge that a softer belt will grip the clutches better, slip less and lower RPM
    Knowing this is it safe to say the 0627-084 is a softer belt than the 0627-083?

  2. I am looking for info on what belt to use on a 1979 arctic cat Sno pro?
    part# 0127-256. I can not find info on that belt or cross reference to that number anywhere. I saw one that said 0227-100? but that said 0227-102 and 0627-003. Any help would be

  3. Looking for a belt part #0627-086 is arctic cat number does dayco or gates make one it is for a 2015 snopro 600 r sx thanks.

  4. Hi , I m looking for two small belts(toothed) for a PTZ camera.
    Belt #1 L=96.5mm(3 13/16 “) & 0.4mm (1/32″)thick
    Belt #2 L=73.5mm(2 7/8″) & 0.4mm(1/32”) thick



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