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Pro Stock Results from Milwaukee

1. Tucker Hibbert (Cat)

2. Ross Martin (Pol)

3. Garth Kaufman (Cat)

That marks career win #49 for Tucker. And the second week in a row that Garth Kaufman worked his magic to get through most of the pack to finish third.




  1. It’s a shame that Tucker is unable to race full seasons for arctic Cat anymore. Unfortunately,last season, other manufacturers got bragging rights for winning
    Pro Stock and Pro Open classes because of this. When Tucker leaves the ISOC each season the other manufacturers, with larger backing for their race programs, win the season points races on sheer numbers of talented racers that Arctic cannot afford.Hopefully Kaufman and Ebert will step it up for Arctic after Tucker leaves. Just my opinion……..

  2. I wish he would race the whole series too. What I cant figure out is that Tucker claims to race half a season to go race supercross, and then never does.

    On the flip side I believe Cat has the most talent in their stables vs other OEMs. Theyve lways been the best at selecting current and future riders.

  3. Cat has the best sled by far. They don’t have drivers to compete with the Polaris guys like T.J. Gulla(when healthy) Ross Martin, Robbie Malinoski, Brett Bender and even Lavalee (when he doesn’t fall off of his sled).If not for Tucker Arctic wouldn’t have won much of anything. You could first tell they were under funded when they
    lost Blair Morgan to Ski-Doo. If Tucker wasn’t linked to Arctic via his father Kirk, he most certainly could get a lot more money riding elsewhere. It’s sad that Arctic can’t afford the better talent but I guess we’re still fortunate to have them still in business in today’s economy.

  4. Ill agree that Cat has always had a small budget. But for that budget, theyve had the most potent racers. Theyve won more podiums than any other OEM for the past couple years in any form of racing. You seen the young talent in Semi Pro this year?

  5. My original post was regarding the pro classes. I used to travel with T/S racing’s Steve Thorsen, Dean Schwartzwalter and Brian Sturgeon to Eagle River and other venues so I’m very familier with Arctic. What you’re saying is true regarding podiums but what really counts is CHAMPIONSHIPS…..Arctic’s only pro championships in recent years were with Hibbert,Morgan and Malinoski……..Podiums are great but they’re not championships….Big difference.


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