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Day 2 at Milwaukee Snocross

Team Monster/Arctic Cat's Tucker Hibbert... wins!Day two at the ISOC snocross in Milwaukee concluded with a familiar name atop the Pro Open podium: Tucker Hibbert, scoring career victory #50.

In Semi Pro news, Logan Christian of the Christian Bros. Racing/Arctic Cat team notched his first-ever National win, taking Semi Pro Stock ahead of Team Arctic’s Kyle Pallin. According to the ISOC press release, there was some fireworks earlier in the race with Team Arctic’s Cody Thomsen bumping, banging and… black flagging.

Logan also nabbed a third in Semi Pro Open, while Pallin took another second place in Semi Pro Stock #1.

If anyone reading this attended the Milwaukee race, give us an indication of the crowd size and the quality of the food. No mention of either on the ISOC Website.

There’s a three-week break in the action, with National Series #3 taking place Jan. 8-9 in Sandy, Utah.






  1. The food was probably the best part! The crowd size wasn’t bad either. However, the venue was quite lame. I probably wouldn’t go back if it was held there next year. Short track, not very technical and no big airs. Not to mention everything was redicuously expensive…

  2. Was at races Friday night……didnt seemed to be more than a couple hundred people there…….didnt eat any food because after paying to get in for me and 5 kids, I was broke……I think it would have been cheaper to go to disney world for a week…….I never carry cash….debit card or credit card, they take neither.

  3. Hey guys, I was there and yes the track was small (smaller than Duluth), didn’t seem like there was the amount of people you would see at a national. My dad said the food was great, I was in the pits working for the race team so I didn’t get a chance to find out myself. Although the track was small I will have to say it took timing at stratagy to get around the track. Also for it being the first time it would be considered a success in my book. You dont want to over do it or under do it if it is your first event. Knowing this first hand with working and helping out with the WISCONSIN ISOC REGIONAL Last year. I was also notified by NEW’s around the state of Wisconsin the Milwaukee Mile is in debt with Nascar and haven’t paid bills for 3 years that could be why things were expensive.


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