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Product Highlight: ALPHA ONE Conversion Kit

The ALPHA ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension has provided a whole-new backcountry ride experience for Arctic Cat M-series owners by utilizing a lighter-weight single beam skidframe increasing agility and manueverability for riders of all skill levels.

Arctic Cat is offering an ALPHA ONE conversion kit for 2017-2019 Arctic Cat twin rail M-Series models.

The Kit Includes:  

Extruded Aluminum ALPHA ONE beam without shocks 
165-in. x 15-in. x 3-in. Next-Gen Power Claw Track with 3.5-in. pitch and 3-in. paddles
7-tooth Track Driver
Mounting Hardware and Instructions

Visit your nearest Arctic Cat dealer, or



  1. This company has turned into a joke. Who is Textron fooling. What shame.

    I feel so sorry for all of the hard working folks in TRF who put their heart and souls into not only a company, but a town, a belief and way of life. The end is near…..part bin special machines and half an 800 Blast are not going to keep this boat afloat. The dirt side is a complete embarrassment to the Arctic Cat brand. Should have kept it Textron off Road. Greed and lack of focus on reality destroyed an epic brand. Without Tucker Hibbert in the last ten years, this brand would have faded away much sooner. So sad.
    The writing is on the wall folks. The end of an really great run. Thank you all you greedy CEO SOB’s.

  2. Zlscape and STEVo – Im sorry you feel that way about the Alpha One Conversion Kit. When I look at the kit, my mind spirals in multiple directions.

    I start thinking of the team of hard working folks who put their heart and souls into developing a completely new single-rail skid frame. An idea setting the company apart from the competition, and ultimately made a category of snowmobile riding (deep snow) better. (Roger Skime was pretty proud of that group too considering it was the first industry change in a skid frame since he designed the slide rail in the 1960s.)

    Then I start to think about the new Blast I bought and the 2,893 product planning meetings I sat in since 2004 discussing the industry need for right-sized snowmobiles. Plus, over that timespan, Ill mention reading all the inter web pleas, magazine articles and dealer requests for units like the ZR200 and Blast. When I look at both of those units in my garage, Im pretty proud of the brand and focused people who were first to market, answering the call of reality-based snowmobiles.

    Im staring at the signed Tucker Hibbert poster on my wall (100 Wins and Counting poster)…I was incredibly proud of him in 2015 when he hit that milestone win – coming from the back of the pack in Deadwood. If my memory serves me correctly, Tucker wasn’t the only racer on Team Arctic that season, plenty others made brand enthusiasts like myself proud by winning the Soo 500, X Games and key Championship titles in cross-country, snocross and the enduro Triple Crown that season.

    The writing is on the wall for me…Im gonna go get some breakfast and think about how Arctic Cat is different, but not fading away.

  3. Trolls please stay under the bridge.

    I rented an Alpha (2019 model) for a week at Togwotee two seasons ago. Bar none the most fun I have ever had on a snowmobile!! I was extremely impressed with the capability! The kit mention seems like a great option for folks.

  4. Why don’t you guys say what you want from AC, instead of just railing against perceived shortcomings. What would make you interested in a new ATV? Same ? about Sleds.

    Kale- Thanks for your positive and straight outlook.

  5. I am so sorry fellas. Please know this was not a knock against AC, but the greedy CEO’s that lead to the Textron buyout and the now….AC’s lack of control. (Wrong area to be posted) I currently own, and love my 5 AC sleds, and gear. My family started with 2 Kitty Cats, and have been Cat ever since. This will not change. Kale has done an incredible job trying to keep things positive on this site during a very difficult time for AC.
    I just hate the fact that this company is now being controlled by big brother, and may have lost what we have all come to love…..raw power, crazy, awesome ideas, biggest and baddest, and the passion to try something new (yes, the Alpha is awesome). Have we now bowed down to Tracker, and the cheapest option out there. Certainly not what the brand was known for. It is cool not to be the biggest company out there, but we used to be out front in certain areas…which was what we all loved! Small town smarts kicking the A$$ of corporate wanna-bees! Greedy CEO’s changed this. AC could still be stand alone, if these past idiots were not at the helm.

  6. One thing to keep in mind. If Textron hadn’t come in to bail out they former A/C, we would likely be typing on a Polaris page at this point. Though not ideal (I miss the good old days just as much as anyone), at least our favorite brand is still alive!

  7. Blaming Textron alone is short-sighted. The company went downhill before that, requiring a buyout. Building expensive HQ building away from production, replacing the best sled on the mountain with the original Proclimb (wasn’t competitive when it came out), underwhelming dirt products, the heavy barney sleds when doo came out with the rev, behind behind on getting a competitive crossover, taking too long to market with the new 800 and then replacing it just 2 years in – all these hurt. They’ve done some new things in snow the past several years – 200, Blast, T-cat, Alpha. Let’s hope they have something up their sleeve for 2022. Where I think they miss is in the marketing – Doo and Poo slightly alter their chassis every few years and it’s always hyped as the best thing ever.

  8. You are 100% correct Mark and Brandon.

    However, my disgust was directed at the previous leaders of AC….pre-Textron….certainly not qualified to run a motor sport company.

  9. I give it 5 years and Arctic Cat will be dead. I bleed green all the way, actions speak louder. I just spoke to a dealer who is no longer an Arctic cat dealer after the end of the year. “They pulled the plug on 250 dealers across the states. Now there will be only 2 dealers in all of Iowa”. Quoted by him. He also said the dirt side is a joke as well, he said (I don’t know if hes right or not) he compared doors for a prowler at $4,000 with crank windows and you could new doors for a Polaris ranger for $2500 with power windows.

  10. Zlscape? Greedy CEOs…? The company was going bankrupt…

    I love all the people who don’t understand first and foremost its a business and it needs to make money. Its not greed its economics.

    Textron has done more in the past few years with Arctic Cat than the previous group did in 10 years.

  11. Yes….of course TROU….pre-Textron, the company was going bankrupt. You are so smart. What do you attributed this to? Duh! A poorly run company…not so smart CEO’s at the helm who did not have any business running a company like Arctic Cat. These guys had beautiful golden parachutes as they walked away with millions, following a disgraceful performance. Of course it is simple economics. What is your point? They ran this company into the ground. A cash rich company run into the ground. Absolutely stupid business decisions for a small town company. It always starts at the top, however, they faired quite well as they danced away in the sunset with pockets full of cash.
    I would love to talk business with you any day of the week….it is simple economics. I do understand quite well.
    Textron wanted only one thing….A/C’s dirt side. Which is a complete joke at this point. They took away ten years from that part of the business….welcome to 2010….A/C’s ATV, and side by side line up…. 2021. Disgraceful. A blemish to the brand. Not even funny.
    I hope they are making money off the die hard, blind, extremely blind, faithful customers on their dirt side. This will end soon…..unless they open up their wallets and their engineering department and get back to what they do best. Prove they still have what it takes….and it won’t take much to get us die hard faithful back 100%… there are many. Outside of the Green Bay Packers, Chevy and Ford, A/C customers are the most brand loyal out there; and they are waiting… long as we still have dealers and a sign that A/C still cares, which we hope will show in future products launches, we will all be back.

  12. TROU
    What has Textron done?
    The XX has remained unchanged since the original release, the wildcat X, trail, sport, prowler, prowler HDX, stampede, havoc, and H2 V twin have been discontinued.
    They make 3 machines in TRF, the 550, 700, and prowler pro.

    On the snow side they’ve released the blast, and taller spindle front end.

    Compare that to what anyone else in the industry has done


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