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If you’ve followed this site, you’ll know I’m a huge proponent for FLEX-TEC Handguards. In my opinion, they should be your ONLY go-to when looking for hand protection from the elements. Fit, finish and styling are all top notch.

Arctic Cat just introduced the third generation Flex-Tec hand guard developed in partnership with Rox Speed FX. The styling and colors may be new, but the same outstanding hand coverage and durability riders have come to expect from this product remain. The kits include billet mounts and are arriving now.  MSRP $244.95 US / $330.95 CAN Visit your local Arctic Cat dealer.

Available in 4 colors:

Black PART# 8639-467

White PART# 8639-468 

Medium Green PART# 8639-469

Orange PART# 8639-470

Orange PART# 8639-470


    • I have Stealth, Medium Green and Orange Flex-Tec guards (Gen2) with mounts in stock for $150 if anyone needs them. Just click our Arctic Shop link above.

      • Well, The white ones for sure are now in stock. Mine finally showed up yesterday ! And it’s the new style ! Down side is that it was 45’ here today ! Looking like a short season . Like last year ! ERRRRRR !

  1. Here’s a list of actual WINDSHIELDS that do a far better job of protecting you from the wind for $100 less than a stupid pair of ‘I want to look like a Snocross racer’ Mickey Mouse ears. The manufacturers (ALL OF THEM) are playing the wind protection accessory game putting these little speedometer covers on brand new snowmobiles. Wonder how many racers in the GG 500 this weekend are using little tiny windshields and Mickey Mouse ears?

  2. Rant time again, I see ski doo released 2023 today. And again they did not just sit on current technology. Because of covid, and supply chain issues. They upgraded with the intention on being the best. With arctic cat 23 a month or so away I’m PRAYING for something to compete with the competition. I ordered a 22 tcat and am still waiting for it. But on a trip last week to a popular riding destination, the group I was with pulled up to a restaurant. And a huge parking lot of snowmobiles, many 22 models, only one 22 cat and many 22 other brands in the mix. People getting off there sleds and as they survey the 22s that are parked there all attention is on new skidoo and Polaris. A lone 22 tcat sitting there and not a single person mentions it or looks twice at it. Since I am still waiting on this exact sled makes me think, this sled is antiquated and unappealing and I wont even get mine before next riding season. Then I see today skidoo upping the ante when they are already ahead. So discouraging as a cat faithful clinging on to a hope of something new and exciting every year. As 23 models get closer, I just say arctic cat please do something. Bng for 23 will be the nail in the coffin for me and I will be trading in the new tcat on a 23 Polaris.

    • If nothing else, Cat needs to see that Doo’s G5 is nothing more than new plastics and it’s called all new.

      And good move for them on the neo undercutting the price of the blast.

  3. Kale, does arctic cat get something from skidoo in trade for the 120/200 sleds? I’m very curious why they would give skidoo anything. Or is it something having too the patent infringement?

    • To be honest, Im quite shocked to see that much new from SkiDoo. Cudos to them. Time will tell, but I question if they’ll be able to deliver next year considering they too have had their 2022 Supply Chain issues and late deliveries with those models.

      I think snowmobile brand saturation varies by region. I don’t doubt what you saw to be true as Ive seen the same in certain areas. Last weekend though, the area I rode in Central Minnesota, I saw Cats all day, and two Polaris. No Skidoo or Yamaha. That said, it stands to reason you’ll see less 22 Cats given SkiDoo and Polaris have larger marketshare.

      I can only speculate why SkiDoo has Arctic Cat’s 120/200. And like grandma used to say, “To Assume, makes and Ass out of U and Me” so I won’t go there unless I hear the answer from Corporate.

      • I would have been shocked if Skidoo decided to sit it out this year and stand pat with their product line. As market leaders, they’ve always chosen to keep refreshing their sleds; when supply chain issues do resolve they’ll be in a strong position to capitalize on heavy demand. Essentially that is what they did last year in the face of the pandemic.

        We only have your inside information to work on, and whatever else can be dredged up around the web, but based on your first paragraph above, the photos in this article, and recent history, I would expect Textron has decided to defer significant new product development spending in the face of supply side issues – pretty much what they did last year. Certainly it’s almost impossible to pick up a hint of anything new coming from Cat and if there was, you would think now would be the time for Cat to put it out there (as Polaris did).

        So I’m going back to my Textron new model launch mantra: Hope for a surprise and prepare for a letdown.

        As for handguards; I don’ t use them. I run large old man windshields and put on soft muffs when it is cold.

  4. I find it funny that Ski Doo is using Cats 120-200 sleds as there own. Good for Cat as it is basically free money but I hope it does not bottle neck there line as they already sell out of the ZR 200’s every year.

  5. Only hoping, but if cat has nothing new for 23 why make us wait till mid march? Again only hoping but if skidoo is using cat 120/200 as there own mabey cat gets something out of this deal too. I personally dont care to have a 10 inch touch screen on my sled. But I know most people are super excited about this. Imagine 23 cat with a dash gauge similar to doos. Or a similar rear suspension to rmotion. Keeping the procross another year but really updating dash or rear suspension, and maybe a new big bore two stroke. I’ happy with that.

    • Jason. Cat is offering the best of both worlds. The Garmin Tread. You have a GPS that you can transfer from machine to machine. I saw the Doo gauge and you need to have cell phone coverage to use GPS which burns data. I see no benefit to that. Also the cost is I would bet a hell of a lot more than even the deluxe version of the tread. I am going with the base as I really ride my sled to get away from my stupid phone.

  6. I’ve been on turbo 4 strokes since 2014, so when I didn’t get my tcat, I picked up a used 19 800 cross country. And comparing this sled to my last 2 stroke cat which was still a zuke obviously, the ctech is a major improvement over the zuke. But to be completely honest even though I hate doos and polaris but the 850s from both those companies are much nicer than my ctech 800.

  7. Looks like Polaris has something new coming out again even after last years homerun and Doo already released there 2023’s. Here’s hoping Cat isn’t last and does the least again like last year. Also if they are really struggling so bad with the supply chain wouldn’t it make more sense to open spring orders early so that they can get parts ordered for all the spring builds? Instead of waiting for the entire rest of the market to have there orders finalized and parts ordered before cat even releases there date.

    • As consumers, I think most of us tend to think the OEMs work in real time. (IE:Once they get their spring orders, they then go ahead and order the parts from vendors) The reality is, they are working (planning) three years out for product. So, if we think about the 2023s (which haven’t been launched yet), AC has already placed their parts order for that entire build, last summer. There are many parties involved in the planning, but its the job of the product manager to forecast the number of units the OEM will build for 2023.

      If you paid attention to the 2022 Snowmageddon order period, units like ZR120/200, Thundercat, RRs were “sold out” before the Snowmageddon order period was even finished. Some consumers then cried foul wondering, “How that could be?” The answer lies at the forecast…and the reason for the forecasted build numbers can be many: Maybe AC could only get enough parts from vendors to build 100 Thundercat units, or maybe they thought they could only sell 100 Thundercats based on demand.

      Mix a “pandemic” curveball into those types of forecasts and who would have thought demand for products would go through the roof?

  8. I agree, a couple years ago cat released there next model year mid season. Which was unheard of at the time. And it seemed as though that was gonna be the way cat did it going forward. Why only do that one season? Also I noticed on an 06 cat I have that the build date on tunnel is april 05. And a 19 I have is june 18. Still trying to wrap my head around the sled I ordered in the spring isnt built yet. How did cat not know that they wouldn’t be able to deliver my sled this year when in years past they had sleds built in april for the following fall.

    • In past years, AC (Or any OEM) was never in this situation having to wait for parts due to supply chain. Snowmobile production historically has started in Spring with goal to end around Thanksgiving. Same goal was in place for 2022 models, but production schedules went off the rails when vendors started notifying the manufacturers that they were waiting on materials to produce things like shocks or gauges. What can you do as the snowmobile OEM but wait for the parts? Unfortunately, nobody wins.

  9. I just have such high expectations since textron took over. Arctic cat before on it’s own was just such a small company, struggling with shrinking market against companies that are just so big in comparison. But since textron came along, your talking about what a 13 billion dollar company, partnered with Yamaha a 9 billion dollar company. Arctic cat should be blowing people away with there innovations. Not skidoo and Polaris

  10. Dear Arctic Insider,

    There has been nothing short of crickets from your camp regarding the 2023 AC snowmo reveal; no date, no teaser, no broad generalization, nada. We did get a little mention that in 2023 “some will be pleased and others, no so much” dialogue in one of your stories. You have mentioned you have been privy to the 2023 line up, so here we go.
    Now that BRP has unwrapped their unbelievable 23′ lineup, and Polaris has hinted at a new or bored out power plant for the upcoming season, is there anyway you can safely skirt around your NDA and a least give us die-hard-faithful a little something to get excited for; some hope, something to chew on while we patently wait for the 2023 to b announced? Anything to keep us from going to the dark sides, which are becoming more and more appetizing each and every year that passes.
    We all are quite familiar with the material shortages, the delays in delivered, or AKA the whole new darn COVID world we live in. We should all agree that is the new reality. That is a given.
    However, as BRP has just proven extremely well; it does not mean all the engineers quit working for the past 2+ years on R&D and new technology. Why should AC be any different than it’s competition. Yes, the mother ship, bean counters, slashing the good ole boys, and upper management have a lot to do with it, but they cannot be blind to what their competition is doing and should have certainly been working hard on new tech or a new, revised chassis/power plant. Yes, the Alpha, the Blast, the Adapt clutch, ACT, well aware, but it might not be enough. We are riding very dated tech. Still awesome, wins races, looks the sexiest, etc., but truly dated and long in the tooth, which will not be enough to keep all the faithful, nor bring anyone back or anyone new to our camp.
    So, could you be the one to keep many from switching to another brand by giving us just a tid-bit to hold on to in the meanwhile? You could actually be the savior of the AC preventing many of us die hard’s from Spring ordering a Poo or Doo in the weeks ahead!
    Hoping a little guilt can pry something out of you :).
    Sooner than later please; as Skidoo and Polaris might be sold out of early Spring orders by the time AC unveils it’s new iron, leaving many with nothing, once again.

    Best Regards,


    • I wont be able to pick up my 2022 till May so I told the dealer to not even bother taking it out of the box. Let me back up. He told me he wont bother taking it out until Fall which is Awesome! I will be paying for it but water under the bridge. Still has the two year warranty and no wasted license for this year. Offered me to purchase a 2023 but said that no guarantee that it will be any better next year. I would not buy a first year sled anyway so I am Golden!

    • Because Cat has nothing new to offer except BNG, updates and some new innovations. I’m Ok with that but remember 2012, Cat’s 50th, when Cat was showing us previews of their new procross chassis? We were at Cat’s 50th in Thief River. It was a fun and exciting time. They did a good job of marketing that and getting us excited for the new. Cat really blew it on their 60th. I’ve given my opinion on previous articles here that Cat has done a poor job with their marketing and dealerships and what they need to do. Kale did say that there is no gray in the 2023s and that Cat was working on some cool stuff. Not good enough. Sorry to say but those wanting a new chassis and new powerplants will probably be disappointed. I for one do not care about those things. In my opinion Cat has done some pretty good and cool things with their sleds since 2012. The many updates, new models, new Cat engines, and new innovations, (Alpha, ATAC, 200s, Blasts, clutches, spindles, EPS, GPS, controls and the list goes on). My biggest pet peeve is Cat’s marketing and dealership. If they want to be more competitive and get more market share, they need to work on those things.

  11. Arctic cat just called me finally, I think there sick of hearing from me. Tcats are scheduled to be on the line next week. And EPS parts and Shock parts that they have been waiting on are scheduled to arrive in time to complete the tcat build. Those were his exact words. But he also said that he would be completely shocked if those parts came in on schedule. He said he is not privy to 23 info. And cat plans on completing 22 orders before 23 starts. My date was 2/24, changed to 2/23 last week and currently its 3/1. It took almost 3 months for someone at cat who actually knew what they were talking about to call me and just give me a little info, it’s all I wanted. I now know its eps and shocks that’s the hold up parts. The guy also told me that its not his job there cat just kinda threw him into this calling people role.

  12. Is this foreshadowing for MY 2023? Just refined parts? You know the running boards, rear tunnel, bumper, tail light, and snowflap haven’t changed since 2012. So there’s my prediction for 2023 as it fits the narrative.

    I am also anxiously awaiting Cats awful marketing department to plaster photos all over social media platforms of the 2023’s with a silly caption.

  13. I find it strange that cat and Yamaha haven’t released a 23 reveal date yet. Are they waiting on doo and Polaris to release before they even give a date. And if so why?Do they have something new that’s not ready? Polaris is hinting big power. If cat is bng only, I’m hoping for at least a 2 stroke displacement and power increase, and up the 4 stroke power to at least give us faithful one thing to brag about.


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