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Project EyeCATcher – From Blah to Brah!


Without a doubt, I can say one positive thing about COVID-19 – it’s pushed many people  to dealers to purchase campers, fishing boats, dirtbikes, PWC, UTVs and ATVs.

I took advantage of the Green Tag Sales Event at Thomas Sno Sports 

I was fortunate enough to purchase this 2019 Alterra 450 4×4 from Thomas Sno Sports at the beginning of Arctic Cat’s Green Tag Sales event, which was about the same time the COVID-19 hype flared up.

2019 Alterra 450 4x4 in stock form outside the Rox Speed FX shop

Shortly after I purchased, these midsize, value-priced units were quickly snatched up by new and veteran offroad enthusiasts who were/are looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors with their families.

From Blah to Brah! Project EyeCATcher gets a new look. 

I added simple bolt-on products to transform this base model Alterra into a true Eye CATcher, while still maintaining low out of pocket costs. You can do the same to your ATV, no matter what model you own, or have recently purchased.

A graphics wrap is an assured way to change the look and attitude of any ORV. Blown Concepts (Find them on Facebook) primarily uses a 3-color design process for a timeless look, and their thick 10mm gloss laminate provides the ultimate in durability when playing offroad. BC chose a high-viz orange race theme to compliment the classy dark blue Alterra bodywork. We requested to add some “sponsor” logos and number plates. Why the number 19? – I always put the model year on custom projects. Blown Concepts will customize your graphics to your liking, and the outcome is definitely not cookie-cutter. 

Rox Speed FX is the true leader when it comes to ergonomic set ups. Pictured here is a look at their MX handguards with billet mounts, LIFT handlebars, dash panel and 5-inch pivoting billet riser.

The team at (Rox) sells a complete Handlebar/Riser Combo Kit taking all the guess work out of a handlebar/riser setup. Each kit is designed to be far more comfortable and far more adjustable than your stock setup. Our kit included a 5-inch pivoting black billet riser, LIFT high bend fat bars and dash relocation panel. For extra hand protection, we opted for the Rox MX Handguard Kit with billet mounts and added Rox Spider Handgrips on the bars. Do your hands a favor, and buy these grips. They absorb vibration and provide excellent gription (that’s a word).

Rox billet hand guard mounts attach in minutes and can be mounted over, or under your controls depending on the model. Their universal fit has been well thought out and perfected.

A closer look at the Rox MX Handguard. Blown Concepts sexed these up with graphics to match the bodywork design.

A look at the Rox Dash Panel Relocation kit which allows you to run different handlebars and risers.

Got a ripped seat cover? While duct tape is an option, it sure isn’t sexy. Rox offers an all-new lineup of ATV (and Snow) seat covers using military-grade fabric. Their ultra-rugged design gives your rig a custom look. We chose carbon fiber pattern with a gripper seat top that fits like it just came from the factory.

The new Rox seat covers for ATVs and Snowmobiles are truly first class like the rest of their products. Fit, finish and attention to detail is top notch. 

We opted to upgrade the floorboard traction with something a little more aggressive for when the riding gets dirty. These Rox universal billet pegs measure 8” long x 3” wide and include mounting hardware that attach as quick as you can turn a wrench.

Rox universal footpegs with kick-ups really add boot traction and mount to most any ATV. 

Like graphics, custom wheels always add style and personality. My go-to for custom wheels is always One of my favorites for ATVs is the 12-inch satin black Mambas constructed of heavy-duty A356 aluminum with a reinforced lip and end milling for a subtle contrast. Raceline has some killer designs for your UTV, truck and even trailer. They also carry a line of UTV/ATV tires, but our Kendas were new, so I reused them.

Raceline Wheels are dead sexy and these 12-inch aluminum Mamba's with 4x115 bolt pattern really compliment the race feel of the Alterra.  

Those familiar with Team Arctic racing (Snow & Dirt), have come to know the name and performance. The crew there built a stainless Slip-On Exhaust System with black billet end cap which increased our power, added acceleration and throttle response, saved weight and gave our Alterra 443cc engine a new deeper throatier sound. The fitment, welds, and styling on this exhaust are of the highest quality. If you own an Arctic Cat product (Dirt or Snow), it’s my opinion you should look at Speedwerx for their line of performance products. 

Speedwerx stainless steel slip-on exhaust is definitely eye and ear candy.

Fit, Finish and Quality of the Speedwerx Stainless Steel Slip-On Exhaust were excellent for the Alterra 443cc engine.

This was a fun transformation build. Let me know your thoughts in the Comments section. 



  1. How far back can Rox make a seat cover for snowmobiles? That carbon fiber would look nice on my 97 ZR440 project.

  2. Thought maybe the 19 on number plate was for COVID-19? The stories behind numbers always interested me. Alterra turned out great.

  3. I honestly think that midsize 450 is the best ATV Cat makes. Mine has been reliable and engine hasn’t skipped a beat. I like the makeover.

  4. Blown Concepts has stickered up a few of my PWC. Quality and design is excellent and Robb is a standup dude. You can find wraps cheaper, but thats what you get. Cheap Sh#t vinyl.

  5. That’s quite the before and after difference! At first I didn’t like that Rox relocation kit for the gauge, but the more I look at it compared to the stock pod photo, its quite the improvement. The stock pod and bars look frumpy and sleepy looking.

  6. Mamba wheels always look dope. I bought a set of Raceline’s 30″ After Shock tires as replacements on my Wildcat. You should test a set of those. They’ve been great in the desert so far.

  7. Does Blown Concepts sell kits, or custom design only? I looked at their Facebook page and like what they’ve done. BTW – the Blown Concepts link to their ad on your page doesn’t work.

  8. Great job! Your’e going to have a blast on that mid size unit! The Rox Speed FX goodies make a big improvement over stock.Now go get her dirty and enjoy!

  9. Jimmy and Jack – (Sounds like a mixed drink) Id give Rox a call directly. (218-326-1794)

    Im fairly certain they will make seat covers for just about any model. That said, they may need you to send in your seat, or cover, if they don’t have the pattern.

    Thanks to all who have viewed the page and/or made comments!


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