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Race-Ready: Updates to the 2015 Arctic Cat ZR4000RR

Testing the TEAM driven clutch on a prototype Arctic Cat ZR4000RR. Photo by

Testing the TEAM driven clutch on a prototype ZR4000RR.


Arctic Cat updated the 2015 ZR4000RR with new race-focused features aimed at higher performance and improved handling.

Topping the list is the addition of the TEAM TSS-04 driven clutch that replaces the Arctic Cat clutch.

Arctic Cat used the TEAM driven clutch in the 2010-2014 Sno Pro 500 snowmobile that the new 4000RR replaces for this coming season.

In fact, Arctic Cat cited the excellent results shown on the racetrack and an abundance of tuning components available for the TEAM driven as two reasons for the change on the ZR4000RR.

The ZR4000RR also gets a new splined jackshaft to accept the TEAM driven.

The second major update on the 2015 ZR4000RR is longer A-arms for a wider 43.5-in. (center-to-center when measuring from carbide to carbide) ski stance, the maximum width allowed under ISR rules.

A new 5-in. Trail Ski featuring a single-runner carbide will be utilized to stay within the 48-in. maximum width (when measured between the outsides of both skis) allowed in certain states. The top of the new ski also features added structural “webbing” for increased stiffness.

These updates will ensure the new ZR4000RR is even more competitive in cross-country and snocross.

2015 Arctic Cat ZR 4000RR snowmobile



  1. Why not make the engine HP at around 90-92HP just like the old ZR 440 Sno Pro was? Why did AC de-tune this engine anyways? These new improvements should make this sled even better.

  2. That’s a question whose answer is long and detailed and full of nuance.

    In short, 85 hp is the limit designed for this engine AND factoring EPA emissions requirements.

    It is a completely different engine than the 440 ZR engine, thus it’s not a de-tuned ZR440 engine.

  3. Thanks John, but didn’t the older 500cc mill (F series) make about 91HP? These EPA folks really know how screw with 2 stroke sleds. I guess it’s all from the California tree huggers eh?

    They should be going after the bigger fish instead of us snowmobilers.

  4. From what I understand its Non-power valve motor, unlike the Firecat F5 that had powervalves and made around 105 hp.

  5. They detuned the motor for race rules. They can only have 85 horse. They didn’t put power valves on the motor to keep the horse power down and cost. It is a entry level race sled. The whole Idea behind building the sled is so you don’t have to be a millionaire to get into racing or race. It is like the F500 series in oval racing where you can only use a Indy 500 chassis and motor. It keeps the cost down and keeps everyone on a equal playing field. Its all up to the driver and how much time you put into testing who wins, not who’s daddy has the deepest pockets. Me I think sled prices outrageous anyways for a new one. Then again the technology in them I can see why they cost so much.

  6. Those are great improvements….But why not make them on all of the “RR” models? Im spending 12K on a 6000RR and going to lack these “race” improvements. NOT FAIR
    makes me want to spend 3K less and get a more race ready model.
    Is 3 grand worth it for reverse and a 600 ctec?

  7. Looks like not too many folks pay attention to the “dyno results” of these little valveless 5’s, Lol. (All I will say relating to that touchy rule/subject)

    John, thought a while back (in another article) you said the TEAM was only for testing, and that the 4000 would get that POS secondary the others have been stuck with?

    If the splines are same sized, this will come as good news for those who have wanted a TEAM but didn’t want to invest in a new jackshaft also.

    Hopefully with Claude ousted, things will begin to turn around. Time will tell I ‘spose.

  8. John Sandberg says:
    2/19/2014 8:30:00 PM

    Rusty: the ZR 4000 has the current Cat secondary.

    Just a reminder…… ;^)

  9. At the time that John posted that the 4000 would have the cat secondary, and at that time, it was the correct specification. But the fine print reads: “subject to change without notice”, well now we have notice that they are putting the TEAM secondary on this model…. Certainly not johns fault…

  10. Russ: as I Bleed Green indicated, the original spec was for a Cat secondary. That changed, obviously, thus the reason Arctic Cat sent out the news.

  11. Great pics! I’m actually maeirrd to Chevy Chase. We won our neighborhood’s Christmas lights contest last year (my crazy hubby even had a snow machine mounted on our roof) I’m actually grateful that he’s so gung-ho and now my boys are old enough to decorate the tree I’m just in charge of baking and shopping. ps. Why is the snow on the snowman yellow??? lol


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