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Random Photos, January Edition

This month’s random photo selection is brought to you by our proud sponsors on the top and right side of this page. Do us a favor and click on them. It’ll keep this highly-tuned engine running 8100 rpm strong!

Arctic Cat's new engine suppliers?

Most of you know that Arctic Cat is transitioning away from Suzuki engines during the next few years. I wonder if Cat is looking to work with some of the above companies? If so, I have some decals they can borrow.


I want my Polaris to be and Arctic Cat

Can you say “Identity Crisis!”? Definitely a good freestyling, ditch-banging, tail-standing machine, although it probably needs a taller handlebar riser.


Working on Dean's Polaris

I’m pointing at my brother-in-law Dean, who will soon have his own identity crisis to deal with. Here’s why: Dean grew up loving Arctic Cats. When he got back into the sport about six years ago, he bought a couple Polaris sleds, and the requisite Polaris jacket. But now he’s going to buy a couple Arctic Cat F sleds for himself and his wife, but I seriously doubt he’ll get a new jacket.

BTW, this photo is from our annual New Years trip to a Minn./Canada border lake cabin. Always nice that when a sled needs fixing, it’s something other than an Arctic Cat. Quick carb overhauls are in my bag of tricks, and now Dean’s good at performing them, too.


Arctic Cat touchdown!

From the same New Years trip, here are a bunch of us giving the WTH!? signal, about 20 miles north of the Gunflint Trail near Grand Marais, Minn. This day started out in a mist, then turned to rain, then back to snow.

Arcticinsider's biggest fan, Calvin

Photo of my son, Cal, from the same ride. Cal has now officially claimed the Sno Pro 500 as his own, especially after experiencing his first-ever crash on the Z440 Sno Pro.

I’ve been debating/mulling posting some pix thoughts about Cal’s crash, although he specifically asked me NOT to post the pix and short video I captured of the crash’s aftermath. He wasn’t hurt, and neither was the sled. And I have some strong opinions about the situation that I feel like sharing, so maybe I’ll ask Cal again if it’s okay to post them.


Johan Lidman jumping at ERX

There’s a new, fancy chalet at ERX, which looks especially cool with Team Arctic/Sportech racer Johan Lidman jumping “over” it.


John Zanon wins Eagle River snocross

John Zanon of Norway, Mich., won the Vet class at the Eagle River World Championships of snocross last weekend. I believe that’s the first-ever snocross win for DRIFT gear (how’s that for a sly sponsor shout-out!?). Zanon bought Karl Christian’s 2010 Sno Pro race sled, which clearly still has the mojo to win. Congrats on the win, John!


Rusty and Tucker

My good friend Rusty Eichorn does his own evaluation of the Tucker Hibbert clothing line. Tucker himself looks pleased with the situation.

I find it pretty amazing that, in addition to kicking butt on the race track, Tucker is able to work the Hibbert booth all day at each of the ISOC snocross nationals. He’s a dedicated guy.


Meet the tree

Ouch. It’s been a LONG time since I hit a tree. I’d like to keep it that way. I hope the guy who nailed this board is okay.


Dave Guenther leading the pack

This photo is of Dave Guenther, a MAJOR Arctic Cat fanatic from the Brainerd Lakes area, Minn. Dave has a very impressive collection of antique and vintage Arctic Cats, and he’s been very kind to share images of them with me as I assemble pix for the 50th book I’m working on.

The above photo puts a huge smile on my face.


Sandberg's Sunday Ride

The Sandberg family went on a ride last Sunday, and came across this ice fishing house on Cedar Lake, near New Prague, Minn. No touchdowns for this crew, or the Vikings.


Dan Hegman's Arctic Cat el tigre and ZR

These sweet Cats are owned by Dan Hegman, who emailed the shot to me along with the following note:

“I just wanted to say thanks for inspiration. I literally was ready to give up on snowmobiling. I raced snocross for 8 years 95-02. After it got so commercial and expensive I pulled out, and didn’t touch a sled for 2 years.

In ’04 I bought a 800 RMK and started riding a bit again but once again got tired of the expense of trying to keep up with Joneses. I sold the RMK this fall with the  plan of not riding anymore.

My dad actually kept talking about ArcticInsider and how cool it was so I decided to check you out. Since that day my pops and I have picked up a El Tigre 500 that was Aaron Scheele’s and just found a very clean 94 ZR 700 (my new river runner).  So anyways thanks for keeping me in the sport.”

Dan, thank YOU for expressing that to me.

Snowmobiling isn’t about machines. It’s about people and relationships.

I’m thankful you and your dad are sharing the sport with each other, and with the rest of us.



  1. Hey Dan,
    I`m glad to see that you are getting back into sledding, the soprt is lucky to have you and your dad, you guys were always a class act in racing and I couldn`t be happier to have sold that sweet old tigre to you guys.

  2. Dan “The Operator” Hegman. I did a couple District North races in 2000 when you were racing Semi-Pro there. You, Dan Benham, Bobby LePage, Mike Schultz, Willie Ewing – lots of talent hangin’ out at those races.

  3. I ran into Danny Benham this summer at the Staples motocross track he seems to be doing good. And Willie has became very involved in airplanes…. Scary to think they let Willie fly.

  4. Dan, it would be very cool to see some pictures of your other El Tigres if you get a chance to post them sometime. Also, I was standing next to Aaron when you rode off on that ’79 this summer, and it does me good to see that you’re enjoying it so much. I love those early ZR’s too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I will get some pics taken of the Tigres. I have put about 300 miles on that 700 this winter and I cant beleive how well it handles….. I guess I have forgot over the years on what the ZR was all about. I hope we get a cold snap…. I want to get that thing out on the Crow River.

  6. Dan Benham showed up at a WSA National at Quadna around, oh, 2004-2005 and signed up for the Vet 30+ class. He was running third in the final with Engelstad and Captain Kirk in front of him (if I remember right) and was trying to pass for second when he hit the start/finish line pole. I believe Strege was in that race too, so there was some talent there. If he would have got the holeshot he might have won.


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