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Team Arctic’s Wanderscheid Wins 4th Championship

Press Release –

Team Arctic's Wanderscheid wins a 4th World's Championship


P.J. Wanderscheid Leads Team Arctic’s Dominance at Eagle River;

Cross-Country Team Scores 11 Wins in Grand Forks

Thief River Falls, Minn. (Jan. 17, 2011) – With the weight of history stacked against him, Team Arctic’s P.J. Wandershcheid reached deep into his bag of race savvy, pulling out a record-setting fourth Eagle River World’s Championship to become the winningest driver in the event’s 48 years. The historic win capped what many longtime oval fans say was one of the greatest duels in Eagle River (Wis.) history, with Wanderscheid locked in a 15-lap battle with former Team Arctic two-time champion, Gary Moyle.

“In a race steeped in history, and competing against one of only three three-time winners (Jacques Villeneuve), Wanderscheid used his undeniable talent and preparation to overcome Eagle’s glass-ceiling,” said Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety. “It’s a monumental achievement for a great racer and team.”

Wanderscheid’s fourth win in a decade led one of Team Arctic’s strongest showings at Eagle River in recent memory.

Team Arctic's Ryan Simons nailed his second 2nd of the season, photo by Jim Urquhart

While Team Arctic’s oval racers swept through Eagle River, the cross-country contingent delivered another dominant performance, this time at the USCC event in Grand Forks, ND. Battling on one of the roughest courses in USCC history, Team Arctic racers won 11 classes, including nine 1-2-3 podium sweeps.

For the second race this season, Ryan Simons was literally seconds off of the winning time in Pro 600, taking second place and leading a contingent of Christian Bros. Racing teammates that notched seven of the top-10.

Team Arctic's Bryce Buchanan won Expert 85 (again)

Ryan Greening nailed an impressive win in the Semi Pro 600 class, leading a Team Arctic podium sweep, while Bryce Buchanen topped the Expert 85 class and Jolene Bute winning the Women’s.

More than 200 racers competed at Grand Forks, including nearly 50 racers aboard the Sno Pro 500.  

The next race in the USCC circuit is the Red Lake 500, Jan. 21-23 in Thief River Falls. Go to for more information.

Arctic Cat's D.J. Ekre at Grand Forks photo by Jim Urquhart

Team Arctic Race Results from Grand Forks, ND, USCC Cross-Country


Pro 600

2. Ryan Simons

3. D.J. Ekre

5. Cory Davis

6. Garth Kaufman

8. Logan Christian

9. Brian Dick

10. Cody Kallock

Semi Pro 600

1. Ryan Greening

2. Chad Kyllo

3. Nathan Moritz

Semi Pro Improved

2. Ryan Greening

Expert 85

1. Bryce Buchanan

2. Jordan Torgerson

3. Travis Bach

Expert 85 Improved

1. Tyler Johnsrud

2. Bryce Buchanan

3. Travis Back

Vet 30 Plus

2. Chad Lian

Masters 50 Plus

2. Mark Huber

Sport 85

1. C.J. VandePutte

2. Mayson Croaker

3. Cole Lian

Sport 600

1. C.J. VandePutte

2. Jay Ilstrup

3. Lance Efteland


1. Luke Perreault

2. Jordan Torgerson

3. Chris Sobeck


1. Jolene Bute

3. Anne Pladson

Jr. 10-13

2. Jay Lura

Jr. 14-17

1. Jay Ilstrup

2. Cole Lian

3. Benjamin Langaas

National Guard

1. Dustin Isaak

3. Tyler Payla

120 Stock

1. David Brown

2. Alex Gudajtes

3. Emily Morken

120 Improved

1. Emily Morken

2. Alex Gudajtes

3. Sean Clement



  1. Great job!
    Wish some of the pros could have been at Eagle River for the snocross Pro World Championships to beat up on the Polaris and Ski-Doo teams there!

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