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Random Photos, November Edition

During the course of a year, A lot of photos get delivered to my palatial office via old pack mules, but I don’t always have a full story to accompany them. So, I’m officially instituting a RANDOM PHOTOS OF THE MONTH series, beginning now.



Prototype Arctic Cat 120 M Series?

Prototype Arctic Cat 120 M Series?

Prototype M Series 120 sled, or a seriously-delicious custom by a crazed individual? You decide. I’m hoping for both.



Prototype Arctic Cat Thundercat for 2012?

Prototype Arctic Cat Thundercat for 2012?

Prototype Arctic Cat Thundercat for 2012, or the creative genius of Rob Schrieder?

It’s the latter. According to Schriede: “I run a 3000hp Allen Johnson BBC and am currently the Canadian record holder in 200 feet of mud at a time of 2.343 seconds. The name of my race car is (THUNDERCAT).”



Sweet '81 Arctic Cat el tigre

Under the hood of the sweet Arctic Cat el tigre

Here’s a 1981 Arctic Cat el tigre restored and owned by Doug Hanson of Willmar, Minn. Stunning!



Arctic Cat Prowlers and ATVs in Austria

Sent from Arctic Cat racer, technical guru and Swedish innovator Bengan Westerlund, the photo above is from an Arctic Cat Prowler/ATV ride on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road that leads directly to the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park, the highest mountain in Austria. The  48 kilometers panoramic road has 36 hairpin bends, ascending to 2,504 meters

Modified Arctic Cat Bearcat

This is a modified Arctic Cat Bearcat, also sent by Bengan from Sweden. I could use one of these for the sweep vehicle on this year’s WOBLE vintage ride…



  1. You must be a mind reader,I was just thinking about asking to see some of your photo’s, I’m sure you have tons!!!

    Especially interested in some more of your photo’s of the factory…

  2. that el tigre looks really nice. How can I submit a picture? My friend just had his fathers 1972 Puma restored and he put Montana pipes on it that go down the sides of the sled.

  3. Zach: please DO submit. Two ways… go to forum, sign up as a member, then post there. Or hit the “contact us” link on the bottom of this page and email me.

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