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Tested!: The New Hibbert-Brand Merchandise

Jojo is happy about the pack of Hibbert gear that arrived a few weeks ago

Travel mugs…pencils…shirts…beanies…school-folders….after a few weeks testing THIS new Hibbert-brand merchandise, the Sandberg family has a few choice words for anyone considering this stuff.

First of all, this stuff isn’t just “about” Tucker, it also commemorates his dad, Kirk.

Secondly, Tucker Co. launched this project because they get a lot of requests for T-shirts, hats and such. He also launched it because he felt some of the other choices in product merchandise weren’t high quality.

Kirk (left) and Tucker illustrate the dangers of most travel mugs

For instance, the above photo of Kirk (left) and Tucker illustrates the problem with today’s crummy travel mugs. I’m told both of these hillbillies, er, guys, chipped their front teeth while trying to drink from a cheap, non-Tucker brand travel mug. So Tucker demanded his own version, and legendary Team Arctic racer, Brian Nelson (below) will be the first to tell you: the Tucker mug won’t chip your front tooth, and it makes all liquid beverages taste 50% better.

The best coffee that Brian Nelson drinks comes out of a Tucker mug


What else? Well, not many people know that Tucker is a HUGE candy eater. Anything sweet, he eats. And he steals my kids’ candy every time he’s at the house.

So he came up with T-Shirts that not only look cool and are made of cotton, but also give you superpowers to snag the best sweets/candy available in any room, as evidenced by my son Calvin and the frosting-coated beater.

If you think I’m joking, think about how many times a snowmobiler wearing #68 gets beat by someone else. Exactly!

Cal gets the best sugar when he's wearing his Tucker T-Shirt

He not only got the beater with the most frosting, but his enjoyment of eating the whipped sugar is 38% greater than his sister, Jojo, who wasn’t wearing Hibbert gear that day. Too bad, Jojo.

Sugar tastes better when you're wearing Hibbert gear


And finally (and this is the cincher for anyone who’s on the fence about whether to buy some Hibbert gear for their kids), the homework situation…

As anyone with kids probably knows, getting them to do their homework can sometimes be a pain in the ol’ pencil sharpener. But with the Tucker Hibbert Kids School Pack, we’ve found that Jojo no longer throws us any slack when it’s homework time. Better still, she’s gone from D and C-grades to A+ in every subject.

Jojo loves doing homework utelizing the Hibbert Kids School Pack

And she’s finally been accepted as one of the “cool” second-graders in her school. Fifth graders even let her sit in the back of the bus!

Jojo shows her artistic prowess

Wearing the #68 beanie and T-shirt, she looks pretty spiffy. Plus, she finishes her homework with enough time to copy the “Hibbert” logo.

And as a bonus, the super-sweet Tucker Hibbert pencils that come with the school pack, are great for measuring snow depth (below).

Tucker Hibbert pencil and snow depthinator

Bottom line: the Hibbert gear we’ve gotten is cool and quality. Which is a bit of a head-scratcher considering what I know about Tucker. But that’s a story for a different day.

You can see these great products and more, HERE at Tucker’s Site.



  1. OMG! This is way funny. Did Mandi know you were going to put that ridiculous picture of Kirk and Tucker public?! Can’t imagine my coffee tasting 50% better and excited to try it!


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