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Roger Skime Cup Presented to Zach Herfindahl

In 2019, a small group of past and present Arctic Cat employees banded together to create the Roger Skime Cup. A traveling trophy that would be presented to the Pro Stock Champion at the end of every USXC (then)cross-country racing season. (Now owned and operated under the COR Powersports Race Series banner)

Mike Kloety orchestrated a group of past and present Arctic Cat employees and friends/family of Roger's to present him the Skime Traveling Cup

The people in all these photos hold a special place in my heart, as they were long-time co-workers while I was in the marketing department, and have remained my friends and heroes. 

Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety, pulled together a group that would present Roger the traveling cup back in December. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, Roger presented that cup to the first-ever recipient, Team Arctic’s Factory Cross-Country racer, Zach Herfindahl, who claimed the 2020 Pro Stock Championship. Congratulations Zach!!

Here are those great photos provided by Kenny Lubarski from Kick’n Entertainment.

Tim Benedict presents Roger the Skime Cup

An Arctic Cat legend himself, Tim Benedict (R), presents Roger Skime the traveling cup in the Team Arctic race shop offering words of what Roger means to the group, and what the traveling cup stands for and why it holds his name as a Pioneer, Innovator and Visionary.

(L-R) Mike Kloety, Roger Skime and Tim Benedict

Above, Mike Kloety, Roger and Tim Benedict pose with the Roger Skime Cup.

Roger says a few words after Tim presents the Cup

After Tim presented the cup, Roger shares his gratitude and a few stories of his own that are ALWAYS entertaining.

Zach Herfindahl gives Roger a Hug

I love this photo for a few reasons…the first, Zach and Roger have a mutual respect for each other as “Heroes”. The second, Zach had NO idea how the Cross Country season would turn out by years end. Little did he know he’d end up with that Cup as Pro Stock Champion.

(L-R)Stuart Christian of Christian Bros Racing, Derek Kloety, Brian Dick, Roger Skime, Zach Herfindahl

(L-R) Stuart Christian of Christian Bros Racing, Derek Kloety, Brian Dick, Roger Skime, Zach Herfindahl and Wes Selby.

Rogers Family

It always makes me happy seeing Roger with his family. I have to say his wife Bernice (Rogers Right) makes the best casseroles on a whim, and his son Troy (Rogers left) was always a pleasure to work with at Arctic Cat if I had manufacturing questions or needed help.

In July, Bernice and Roger Skime stand with 2020 Pro Stock Points champ Zach Herfindahl

In a July presentation, Bernice and Roger Skime present 2020 Pro Stock points Champion, Zach Herfindahl, the Roger Skime traveling cup.

Zach's #312 ZR6000R XC 2020 Pro Stock sled

Knowing Zach and his family have a love for 90s ZRs, its no surprise Zach has a 93 ZR-themed graphics package.

Pioneer, Visionary and Innovator. Pretty much sums up Roger Skime

The Roger Skime Cup, in honor of a snowmobile legend. Pioneer, Visionary and Innovator. Congrats again to Zach Herfindahl!



  1. That is really awesome! Always cool to see Roger and a great idea to all who worked on the cup. Keep the hammer down Zach and win it again this season.

  2. Keep ringing the bell for us Zach! Even though Im out East, Im always cheering for you and the rest of Team Arctic cross country racers. Nice to see those ZRs on the podium.

  3. Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations Zach! I’m a huge fan. Love watching you race. Always cheering you on. Keep them coming. That is one awesome trophy. Well deserved Zach from a great man Roger Skime.

    Love these stories. Thanks Kale.

  4. This right here is why Arctic Cat means so much to so many people! Congratulations Zach on Last years success, and to everyone in the Arctic Cat family that makes it all happen year after year. I miss working with you guys!

  5. Congratulations Zach from our family to yours and EVERYBODY IN ARCTIC CAT,TEAM ARCTIC,AND TEXTRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND!!!!!!!!!!! ROGER SKIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR A GOOD MAN ROGER and I and probably everyone hopes you have a VVVVVVERY LONG LIFE ON PLANET EARTH!!!!!!!!! I have loved snowmobiling and everyone in our immediate family and friends! People in the rest of the world don’t have a clue what all the people in the snowmobile world like it so much! That’s because they have never got out to ” GET OUT AND RIDE “!!!!!!!! I love to travel with my family in the GOOD OLD US of A and miss this in this with this stupid covid thing! I hope some day to see you Roger!, and maybe even ride with you, either here or in the next life, GOD willing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone here in southern manitoba were I live and the rest of the snowbelt world on the entire planet has a GREAT SNOWY WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!


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