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Save The Date: Inaugural Thief River Falls Swap Meet

Im a sucker for swap meets, as are most of you who follow this site. Here’s an inaugural event to save the date for being hosted in Thief River Falls, Mn, home to Arctic Cat. 

You never know what youll find this close to the factory. If you strike out at the swap, I have three quick tips for you while in town:

1. The Cenex Travel Plaza – has some culinary gold inside. Stop in for their Champs Chicken strips. Im not lying when I tell you they are the best Ive had. And this is coming from a guy who has treated his body like an old honky tonk. I know “gas station” food. Kick ketchup to the curb and opt to dip em in a side of their pipin’ hot Country White Gravy. You can thank me later. While you’re there, take two steps to your right and grab a side of A&W cheese curds and an Ol 96’er of their Rootbeer to wash it all down.

2. Black Cat Bar & Grill – the closest thing youll find to an Arctic Cat museum is the Black Cat. Approximately 3,287 historic photos of the iconic brand hang on the walls there. Grab some popcorn (its free) and a half dozen barley pops…youll be there awhile.

3. Local Garage Sales – It doesnt hurt to pick up a TRF Times or Northern Watch newspaper to find some local garage sales. Chances are pretty high you’ll find something Arctic Cat related for sale.



  1. As a local, I support your statement about the chicken. Its excellent. Although Ive never tried it with the gravy. Note to self – things to do tomorrow.

  2. Every time I go either race or watch the race in Strathcona, I stop at the Black cat. Great place to eat for sure. I may have to make the trip, and then go to Greenbush to watch some dirt track racing.

  3. Was there for the 50th, Left my Idaho Personal Plate.(CATATAC)at the Black Cat. Also gave my other plate to Kirk Hibbert. If I had another one it would have went to Tucker. Had Cats since 1971.4fgtr2j


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