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On Tuesday, March 15th at 10AM CST, Ill share all the official info and photos on the new 2023 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles. Stay tuned… #NoGrayIn2023 😉

For those of you wondering, these are actually concept sketches used for consumer focus groups Pre-ProCross chassis. (Pre-2012)


        • I could show him that no matter what color, (well except for the Ronald McDonald polaris this coming year) does not effect the fun.

        • Sure. I’ll show him what GOOD LOOKING sleds look like. I have a 1998 ZR440 SnoPro themed 1998 T-CAT, a 2002 ZR440 SnoPro, a 2003 Team Green F7, in which my Dad was the “help build your sled” winner in 2003, and was in Cat’s Pride at the time, and the Cat 50th book, a 2004 800 Mod Sled, 2012 SnoPro 600, 2013 SnoPro 600, or 2019 XF9000 Cross Country Limited in the fleet. Which’ll it be?

  1. If it’s the same chassis, then there would be no reason Not to release it before the 2022’s are delivered. But if it’s a new chassis, then it would make sense to wait until most 2022’s are delivered so you don’t get too many poeple backing out. With that being said, when it comes to marketing, Textron doesn’t even bother marketing, they just rely on ArcticInsider to post something.

  2. Well ive been riding CATS for 45 years and if you loose the gray it would be like a whole new chassis.
    At least the gray was good for selling WRAPS

  3. Does anyone at Textron realize it’s March 11th today, and there’s a Snocross race at ERX this weekend which is typically well attended? BRP & Polaris unveiled their 2023’s weeks ago… which seems like and eternity at this point with winter winding down quickly and people’s brains turning to ‘spring’.

    Is the marketing department hiring? If not, they should be.

    • Their marketing department has been MIA since the spring order program ended last year. They have yet to realize that snowmobilers are a lot more passionate about sleds than golfers are about golf carts.

      • Tell Mike Kloety and the race department at Arctic Cat that Mike. Do you know what happens in racing? It’s called product development.

        The point was that there will be a lot of ‘snowmobilers’ at ERX this weekend. Probably more than at any other race including COR, MIRA or Eagle River events.

        What’s your choice, doing dealer showings? They don’t have many of those left either.

        Or, you can go to ERX next week when there’s no snow or spectators to look at them.

        • Hate to break it to you…Mike’s not in the Marketing department. I agree the snocross audience and venues would be great to have units in front of. The reason Arctic Cat isn’t there are above my proverbial pay grade. Im hoping Share The Ride events happen next season though during the height of the snow season. I think its a great idea kinda like the old Hometown Tour events Arctic Cat hosted in the 90s.

          • My comment was regarding the premise of no one cares about racing Kale. ‘Arctic Cat’ cares, Arctic Insider seems to care and I care. In fact, I’ll be at ERX tomorrow rooting for the remaining Cat racers.

            Skidoo and Polaris also seem to care about racing and have been clobbering Cat since TH68 retired.

          • I agree about the Share the Ride while there’s snow on the ground. I got to ride 2020’s at a demo event and that changed my mind about what snowmobile I wanted to buy. It made a difference to see them, sit on them and ride them. I’d definitely share my Riot for a chance to ride something else.

  4. Well Cr, being a lot of us have yet to get our 22″s, I appreciate them waiting. Does it effect you? Probably not. Just enjoy life and wait till Tuesday.

      • We bought 2 xrs 850s no smart shocks and standard gauges. We didn’t feel we need those extras. If we kept waiting for Cat to reveal their lineup we would of lost out on getting Doos as they are selling out quick on spring orders. Just saw online cats 2023 not much change and no RR glad we jumped this year.

          • I was like 900 RIOT?! They LISTENED!

            Then I saw. “9000” RIOT. Make sure you use the correct number of zeros guys. Don’t wanna get any GOOD ideas out there.

        • Your post is what makes know snowmobilers know nothing. If you bought a xrs with no add ons, you blew about 800 bucks to go to kyb 36 to 40s. Hardly worth it from the blizzard. Bought the same xrs renegade 850 last year. Sold it after 110 miles. Have fun, the cat was far better.

  5. I’m amazed that the 23 announcement is on this website and not from cat directly. Kale has been saying mid March all along so he must have known the 15th was the day just couldn’t say it… Kale does cat have a new engine this year? Yamaha teased a hood showing the word triple.

  6. I seriously doubt that Kale would be messing with our heads by posting pre-Procross conceptual drawings and Cat just releasing BNG’s for 2023.

    A March 15th unveil is just 2 weeks late vs the 2022’s, so I’m guessing that was a business decision to reduce defections from yet-to-be-delivered 2022’s to new MY 2023’s.

  7. You showed those drawings in a previous arcticle and I commented on how I liked them. I hope Cat comes out with something like that. I think they are cool looking. It’s pre-procross so it’s something that they may have been working on for some time. Innovation and development takes time. Time will tell. Looking forward to the 2023 release.

  8. Is is nice that battleship grey will be history. Polaris may have hired Cat stylists. Did you notice the Klown Kar color mix on the Khaos. RMK? BUTT-FUGLY!

  9. For anyone who care there pics on the snow west forum too. Same shit different year. What an embarrassment. They wont have a Mountain segment much longer.

  10. No gray? How nice. Green and black is preferred. Now can we see a Blast with a twin cylinder for under 6k? Your competition has one.

  11. Sleds all look good. The MCA1 looks like a Yamaha color scheme, but not bad.

    But, we get 1 new thing this year? And it’s something Yamaha already did? Hope there’s something big coming, but I doubt it.

    At least there’s NO GRAY from what I can see.

      • Did there really need to be? Considering they have (poo and doo in same boat) yet to deliver all there 22’s. I applaud them! Poo is suffering huge quality issues on supposed new stuff. If it works, refine, refine, refine!

        • Unfortunately it’s been a long (very) time since Arctic Cat has released anything that was regarded as “ground breaking” or industry leading. Arctic Cat has gotten into the habit of producing suspensions, chassis, displays, etc just considered good.
          You can’t gain market share or remain a viable company by resting on your laurels.

  12. Jim I’m a huge cat fan too, but defending cat like u do isnt necessary. They are in huge need of updates on there equipment. Have you actually looked at the competitions machines. They are years ahead of cat. And when cat does actually answer with something new, doo and poo will be ready to release something new also. They are losing market share year after year. I love cat and wanna see them as actual contenders again. If you dont visit this site you still dont know the 23 release date that’s crazy to me. Cat needs help

    • Just rode with a matrix today. It did nothing better than my 2018. Not sure what you think is better? Only difference from the Axys is plastic. Not good looking plastic by my eyes. The Cat still looks better, handles better in my opinion. Side by side I prefer my cat.

      • JimR: Unfortunately what you think has zero effect on what sleds consumers purchase.
        The majority go by the reviews by industry rags like Supertrax, Snowgoer, Snowtech, and Snowest to guide their purchases (brand loyalty, including Arctic Cat is fast becoming a thing of the past).
        It’s been a very long time since any of the magazines have characterized anything out of TRF as groundbreaking / industry changing.

        • I’m amazed at peoples ability to be truly open minded. Stating what one person says has zero effect is quite frankly naive. Maybe not stated correctly? If people knew how much is affected from personal bias and this goes for the people writing articles to publishers you might be amazed. It’s no different in the rest of the world…why would it be. The little guy with the smaller wallet is not going to get great exposure vs the ones shelling out $$$…not gonna happen.

        • They do? I cant find many magazines anymore that are actually delivered. Dealers sell sleds and brands. If your family was a sledding family and you had a good dealer, that is what you are drawn to. I am lucky. My dealer also sells the only brand I would ever own. Arctic Cat.

    • I’d hardly call it a freestyle team. When they missed out on Kesterke and let Turcotte walk, they basically gave up trying to be relevant in the backcountry freestyle scene.

    • Why? The Black Cats don’t even promote the Arctic Cat brand. They just ride Arctic Cat sleds. I have yet to see McClure give any tips/insight/feedback on the sled he rides this year. He usually just shares pics of him riding, his kids, or his travels. But I guess in the AC marketing world, sharing pics is the gold standard.

      Watch the Ski-Doo ambassadors once. They are doing videos and commenting on Facebook. Seems like they are HELPING sell sleds. Arctic Cat and Black Cats are MIA.

  13. Based on the photo leaks I’ve seen, the comment section on AI’s article tomorrow is for sure going to explode. Again.

  14. Arctic Cat’s marketing dept i.e. Textron guy in Arkansas is pathetic. Nobody even focusing on sleds. For all we know the president probably lives in Florida. Makes you question Textron’s competence as a company because it makes them look rediculous. Arctic Cat marketing used to be exciting, now it doesn’t exist.

  15. Sheesh. Glad I got a job that gets me out of moms basement more often. If this is the new generation of rider, count me out.

  16. I have been riding Arctic Cats since the early 70s since 73. Although i did take a break from sleds for a few years ,had College and kids to raise.
    Since 03 I have owned 10 new sleds new Arctic Cat sleds.
    In my opinion every year they have done some kind of change ,from a large change to a small change. I think my 21 riot is the best that I have owned yet. Although I might not agree on the colors from year to year but I still think that Artic cat makes the best sled.
    There’s so many different forms and sites out there and all I hear is a bunch of crying. They don’t have a large LED lit up dashboard that lets you know where or which direction you’re going down the trail, big deal. My new F-150 has a great big lit up radio and all the other crap that goes with it, all I do is turn the lights down so it doesn’t block my vision. Do you really need a lit up Dash to let you know which way you’re going?


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