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September is “Team Arctic Rules the World” Month thanks to Grass Drag Success

Dylan Roes, Team Arctic / D&D Racing fast man!

World leaders from North America and beyond officially declared that September was “Team Arctic Destroys Everyone” month following a series of grass drag racing exploits. So complete and crushing were the performances of Team Green the last several weeks, that grown men wept, the climate refused to change and Democrats and Republicans were talking nicely to each other.

Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit, but the drubbing handed out by Arctic Cat racers has been especially brutal this grass drag season. Here’s a brief recap, starting with Hay Days:


Team Arctic Racers Rule the Roost at 2017 Hay Days Grass Drags with 11 of 20 Class Wins, 33 of 60 Podium Finishes and Four Podium Sweeps

If the Sno Baron’s Hay Days event is the official kick-off for winter, then the drag race competition at this year’s event was the official confirmation that Arctic Cat rules the roost. There was grass, dirt and dust. And when it settled, Team Arctic racers cleaned up and cashed in by winning 11 of 20 class finals and capturing 33 of 60 podium places, including four podium sweeps.

Who has the fastest stock 800 snowmobile? Team Arctic’s sweep of the Stock 800 final, including the win by Randy Bernstein, easily answers that question. What’s the quickest and fastest snowmobile in a 500-foot drag race? Brothers, Kelly and Kyle Shilts went 1-2 in the Outlaw class, with Kelly posting the 3.75-second/141-mph winning numbers.

It was more of the same in Lake Racer, Pro Mod, Super Mod, Improved Stock, Factory Mod and more, with Team Green racers and crew capturing wins in more than half the classes in front of the massive Hay Days crowd.

“Arctic Cat has been on top of the premier grass drag events for many years now, but the team’s performance at Hay Days was more dominant than any in recent memory,” said Mike Kloety, Arctic Cat Snowmobile Race Manager. “Sweeping the podium in Stock 800, Outlaw, Lake Racer and Pro Mod 1000 makes a pretty bold statement about who has the quickest, fastest snowmobiles, whether they’re stock or modified.

“We race to improve our machines and to prove ourselves against the competition. It’s who we are, it’s what our customers enjoy and it’s the passion that inspires every member of Team Arctic. We appreciate all the racers and crew who made Hay Days so successful, and we look forward to another great year of racing.

Team Arctic Results from the 2017 Sno Baron’s Hay Days Grass Drags


1. Kelly Shilts

2. Kyle Shilts

3. Steve Brown


Lake Racer

1. Steve Brown

2. Casey Ausloos

3. Anthony Tondryk

4. Kerry Drul


Pro Mod 1000

1. Jeremy Hannen

2. Danny Steinmetz

3. Dylan Roes

4. Scott Kostman


Pro Mod 800

2. Jeff Labelle


Pro Mod 700

1. Joseph Strong

2. Mike Neuman


Pro Mod 600

2. Jade Gilland


Pro Mod 500

2. Ryan Newman


Super Mod

1. Will O’hara

2. Jason Owens


Factory Mod

1. Joe Schneider

2. Jayson Magnin


Improved Stock 600

3. Jennifer O’Conner


Improved Stock 700

3. Clay Strong


Improved Stock 800

1. Dylan Roes

3. Sinclair Ryan


Improved Stock 1000

1. Joe Schneider

3. Jayson Magnin


Improved Stock Turbo

1. Scott Kostman


Heavy Mod 600

3. Jade Gilland


Heavy Mod 700

2. Joseph Strong


Classic Pro Stock

4. Chad Zinke


Stock 600

3. Gene Heintzelman


Stock 700

1. Craig Wyent

3. Jade Gilland


Stock 800

1. Randy Bernstein

2. Craig Wyent

3. Kerry Drul

4. Jennifer O’Conner


Candace Down, Team D&D / Arctic Cat drag race winner.

Team D&D Results from Excell Raceway Park in Bouckville, NY

According to Dale Roes from D&D Racing, it was great racing this past weekend (Sept. 23-24) at Excell Race Park with temps in the high 80’s both days! The track was in great shape and held up really well all weekend with Aaron and his Excell crew doing a great job running this event!

Team D&D had a great weekend, sweeping the stock 700, 800 and 1000 classes. The team also took top spots in 600 Imp and 800 imp! In the very tough Pro Stock division the team pulled off wins in 800 Pro and 1000 pro stock!

The D&D Team Highlights:

700 Stock: 1st Danielle Kirk
700 Stock: 2nd Candace Down

800 Stock: 1st Jennifer O’Conner
800 Stock: 2nd Danielle Kirk
800 Stock: 3rd Candace Down

1000 Stock: 1st Danielle Kirk
1000 Stock: 2nd Jennifer O’Conner

600 Imp: 1st Jennifer O’Conner

700 Imp: 1st Danielle Kirk

800 Imp: 1st Dylan Roes

800 Imp SS: 1st Dylan Roes
800 Imp SS: 3rd Danielle Kirk
800 Imp SS: 4th Jennifer O’Conner

1000 Imp SS: 1st Dylan Roes

800 Pro Stock: 1st Jeff Marks

1000 Pro Stock: 1st  Nick Washburn

Pro Mod 800: 2nd Dylan Roes

Pro Mod 1000: 2nd Dylan Roes

Heavy Mod 800: 2nd Jeff Labelle

Open Mod 800: 2nd Jeff Labelle
Open Mod 1000: 3rd Dylan Roes


Team D&D and Arctic Cat race team

Once again, the Ohio Snow Bash grass drags were sandwiched in-between Hay Days and Excell, and the Team Arctic/D&D results looked hauntingly familiar for anyone trying to beat them.

Team D&D Ohio Snow Bash Results

700 Stock
1. Danielle Kirk Firecat
2. Candace Downs Firecat

800 Stock
1. Danielle Kirk M8000
2. Dylan Roes XF800
3. Cadace Downs M8000

1000 Stock
1. Danielle Kirk M8000
2. Dylan Roes XF800
3. Cadace Downs M8000

800 Improved
1. Dylan Roes M8000

800 SS Stock Imp
1. Dylan Roes M8000

1000 SS Stock Imp
1. Dylan Roes M8000

800 Pro Mod Shootout
1. Jeff Marks XF8000

1000 Pro Mod
2. Dylan Roes XF9000

800 SS Stock Imp
1. Dylan Roes M8000

600 Imp
2. Dylan Roes ZR6000R SX




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