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At the recent Snowmobile Hall of Fame (SHOF) induction, Tom Rowland, owner of Thomas Sno Sports, was presented the Legacy Award for his contributions to the snowmobile industry by Craig Marchbank from SHOF. Every word on this plaque is the truth, and Tom has always gone above and beyond for the Arctic Cat brand and his customers. I truly appreciate his years of support for ArcticInsider too, and his friendship – this is a well-deserved award! –Kale

The Legacy Award reads, “The Snowmobile Hall of Fame would like to salute Tom Rowland for his tireless dedication to the sport of snowmobiling. Your support of the Hall of Fame and other contributions to the sport have been instrumental to the success of many snowmobile events such as Ride With The Champs, Hay Days Grass Drags, Midwest Ride-In and the Princeton Outlaw Grass Drags. Your passion is truly contagious and has played a key role in helping these events to grow and sustain themselves throughout the years.”



  1. It’s about damn time !! Way overdue and well deserved. Glad to call you my dealer, and friend in the snowmobile world.

  2. very well deserved! TOm is a great guy and his staff is outstanding and really a pleasure to be around. just great people and on top of that he happens to sell Arctic Cat Snowmobiles and has a passion for the history of the brand. SO good to see him get the recognition for all he does for the sport and the brand! Congratulations TOm!

  3. Hello Kale, Looking forward to 10:00AM today to see what is new. Is Willie Ewing related to the Late Great Darcy Ewing who was one of snowmobiling’s best oval racers and one of the finest Gentleman I have ever met. He raced more than one brand throughout his long racing history but deep down he was always a Cat Man. Darcy was always willing to share his Faith in God and it seems Willie also shares the same passion as Darcy. Please update us on the connection (if any) or just a coincidence. Either Way Good Luck to Willie and make all us Cat riders proud. Scott Eilertson

  4. Congratulations to Tom of Thomas Snow Sports. Just caught the story. Also one of the Finest Gentleman I have ever met and so deserving of any award in snowmobiling that honors people who have done so much for our favorite sport. One of the top historians of Arctic Cat history and As the old saying goes “Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy”. Scott Eilertson


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