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Shop Tip #739 – Simple Way to Add Major Light to Your Workspace

Its Friday, and Im keeping the content light. Literally.

If you’re anything like me, the older I get, the worse my eyes struggle to work on anything in low light conditions. Im also too cheap to buy the fancy LED baylights for my garage, but I did find a cheaper solution Im excited to share with you.

I just picked up these four panel LED garage lights from Menards. They’re on sale for $26-ish each and screw into your bulb socket.

I installed seven of them in my garage after getting rid of some old 8ft flourescents. The light transformation was pretty amazing and they hang from a 10′ ceiling.

I dont get a nickel from Menards for endorsing these, I just had to share because they work. And work well. For cheap. You’re welcome.

Make sure you get the 15,000 Lumen versions, as they are the brightest.

Here’s a product description of the GT Lite from Menards:

Direct light where you need it most with the GT-Lite® energy-efficient LED 4-panel bulb. Fold the panels flat for focused downlighting or tilt them up for specific light placement and area lighting. Advanced LED technology shines 15,000 lumens of light while only using 130 watts, saving you 84% less energy than the traditional incandescent equivalent. Sturdy construction makes this bulb ideal for garages, barns, warehouses, large offices and other high-traffic locations. 30,000 hour lifetime means this bulb will be illuminated for years to come with zero maintenance!Ultra-bright 5000K light temperature is perfect for work areas. No need to wire complecated fixtures with easy-to-install E26 base that fits household sockets and most industrial applications.


  • 130W LED Replacement for 750 Watt Incandescent
  • Save an estimated $82.56 annually for incandescent bulb switched to LED. (Savings calculated using the average; 3 hr of bulb use per day x 365 and the utility rate of $0.12 kwh.)
  • 4 Adjustable Panels for Accurate Light Placement
  • Easy-to-Install E26 Base
  • 5000K Daylight Color Temperature
  • Damp Rated
  • For use in open light fixtures
  • 30,000 Hour Maintenance-Free Lifespan
  • Not compatible with dimmer switches, ballasted fixtures, or motion sensors.
  • Perfect for garage, warehouse, or office
  • Adjustable panels fold up to 90° to illuminate all corners




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