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I love cheap solutions that help make your life in a garage/shop better. I don’t get a dime for endorsing these Green Hinges, but I wanted to turn you on to them. (

The wind is constantly blowing towards the front of my house. It rattles our garage doors and lets in warm/cold air depending on the season, and sometimes during the winter, Ill get snow blowing in through the sides of the door cracks. Not any more!

These Green Hinges are made for varying height doors and widths and when installed, the spring loaded hinges apply pressure to the track and rollers pushing the door tight to the frame and seals.

Installation is seriously painless and foolproof if you can read directions and are able to wield basic hand/power tools. This was a huge seller for me, because my arch nemesis in life are garage doors…I swear they are made with equal parts rocket appliance and voodoo magic.

Cost was reasonable to me…my five panel door kits ran $112 each. Hopefully a cost Ill recoup in energy savings. If not, at least its worth the money since the doors no longer rattle when windy.

Hope these help you. – Kale



  1. I installed them also. On my garage doors, same problem. But now when it gets cold out . The door gets a foot from closing . And it goes back up ! ERR ! I still canā€™t figure out whatā€™s binding. With those hinges on .

    • Does that happen on multiple doors when cold? I ordered two kits, one for a door 12′ wide and over, and the other for a door under 12′ wide. The hinges with SILVER springs are for doors under 12′ wide, and hinges with GOLD springs are for doors over 12′ wide. Maybe yours are flip-flopped and one is causing too much pressure?

  2. AC142 ck your opener manual on the resistance settings. Those hindes will be tighter on your weather seals cusing more resistance, the opener thinks somthings under door and stops or goes back up.

  3. Kale, I have the gold ones On my big door . I didnā€™t do my other doors yet. After that problem. CATMAN, Iā€™ll have to take a look at that also. Thanks !

  4. Hello Insiders,
    Like most of you, I have a heated garage and do ALOT of wrenching in the winter months. For whatever reason, the manufacturers of these insulated doors has missed a major ingredient in heat loss prevention and that is keeping the insulated door pushed tight against it’s seal. That’s exactly what these hinges do. Simple as 1,2,3. These will definitely pay for themselves in no time and then save you $$$ after that.

  5. AC142 – FYI I called Green Hinge and spoke to the CEO whose name is Lester. I asked him about your garage door and he told me, if you call him, he will walk you through the fix. Im glad I got to meet Lester over the phone…turns out he is an enthusiastic motorhead like all the people who visit this page and was extremely nice. I hope this helps you! 920-834-3848


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