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The 2023 NORSEMAN 8000 X blends nearly every segment of Arctic Cat’s high-performance snowmobile offerings into one incredible do-everything snowmobile. It’s built to power through the deepest backcountry snow with high flotation, yet rally down a trail with precision, and the NORSEMAN X even has the wherewithal to carry and tow a utility load.

Why To Buy

If you are an outdoor adventure enthusiast who needs ONE new snowmobile to satisfy all your winter interests, the NORSEMAN X can tow and haul all your ice fishing equipment one weekend, lead a fast-paced trail ride the next, and spend a handful of in-season vacation days exploring the beauty and powder of the backcountry with your besties. 

1. Power – Arctic Cat’s 8000-series, C-TEC2 794cc twin-cylinder two-stroke engine is at the forefront of the 165 hp-class and is the heart and soul of the do-it-all Norseman X.

2. Suspension – The XTRA in the XTRA-ACTION rear skidframe comes from its ability to articulate which decreases trenching when in reverse, and its lock-out feature helps the track put all that lug grip to the ground when towing.

3. Shared DNA – The NORSEMAN X employs direct features from Arctic Cat’s Mountain segment of high performance snowmobiles including the handlebars with mid-strap, seat (taller than ZR) and 153-inch Powerclaw track.

4. Tall Windshield – Snowmobilers appreciate a tall windshield for the wind protection on the trail and utility work, but if you need something more sport-oriented when riding in the deep stuff, the NORSEMAN X bodywork adapts well with windshields from the crossover and mountain categories.

The Norseman X is quite the capable trail performer. It’s surprising how fast you can rally this snowmobile.

Tech Talk

The NORSEMAN X is powered by Arctic Cat’s C-TEC2 794cc twin-cylinder engine, delivering clean responsive performance with leading fuel economy and the convenience of push-button engine reverse and electric start.

A smooth power delivery is provided by Arctic Cat’s ADAPT CVT System. These lightweight Drive and Driven clutches employ a compact design with advanced idler system which maintain constant belt tension throughout the RPM range when riding. Benefits include, minimized belt wear and maximum throttle response.

The Arctic Race Suspension (ARS) at the front of the NORSEMAN X offers Arctic Cat’s 1.5 IFP ski shocks with 9-inches of bump-eating travel, while the 153-in. XTRA-ACTION articulating rear suspension boasts 13.5-in. of travel and also employs Arctic Cat 1.5 IFP track shocks. The XTRA-ACTION articulating rear skidframe works extremely well for backing up and can be locked for optimum towing when the going gets deep.

This is a 2022 Norseman X model image, but shows a good closeup of the articulating rear XtraAction skid frame and Powerclaw 2.25-inch track. The 2023 model remains the same but the rails are powder coated black.

A 15-in. wide, 2.25-in. lug Powerclaw track helps the NORSEMAN X climb its way to the top of the deepest snow, while wide-tapered ProUte 10/8 skis aid in the ultimate backcountry flotation, but also provide precise groomed trail corner carving. 

This too is a 2022 model image but it nicely illustrates the 35.5-41.5 adjustable ski stance of the ProUte 10/8 tapered skis.

Additional standard features include mountain handlebars and seat, rear rack, pivot hitch, storage bag, deluxe digital gauge, dual-halogen headlight, sport bumper, tether and 14-in. mid-height windshield. The NORSEMAN 8000 X is available in Black with Fire Red.

The Norseman X is no slouch in the backcountry either. The flotation from the ProUte 10/8 skis and snow grabbing traction provided from the PowerClaw 2.25-inch lug track will take you wherever you want to go.

The NORSEMAN 8000 X at a Glance

  • 794cc, 2-stroke, C-TEC2 Twin-Cylinder Engine
  • 165-Class Horsepower
  • 35.5-in. to 41.5-in. adjustable ski stance
  • ProUte 10/8 tapered skis
  • 153-in. XTRA-ACTION articulating rear suspension
  • 15-in. x 153-in. Powerclaw track with 2.25-in. lugs
  • Dual Halogen Headlight
  • 14-in. Mid-Height Windshield
With a standard tow hitch, XtraAction rear skid frame and utility rack, the Norseman X can take care of more than just hauling A$$. If you are a mobile ice fisherman, this might possibly be your ideal snowmobile.


  1. Does it really have a 13.7 gallon tank or is that a spec typo? The ZRs have an 11.7 so how do they get another 2 gallons w/o an auxiliary tank?

    • I got confirmation the tank is actually 13.7 gallons as listed in the specs. Like you pointed out, that tank is specific to the Norseman only in the Arctic Cat line-up. Hope this info helps.

  2. I got to ride a 2021 Norseman 8000 and liked it. Not quite as maneuverable on trail as I was comfortable with, but there was a lot of interest from other riders who were attracted to the versatility. Seems like putting a passenger seat and helper springs was popular. I didn’t have any trouble with cooling on my ride (strictly on trail), but I wonder about scratchers for trail riding – it doesn’t come with scratchers, does it?

  3. I would put the Cable Ice scratches on it . Same track that’s on my 019 HC. I run with mine down almost all the time . When on a trail. Or my slides start to get a little hot & sticky.


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