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Signed, Sealed & Delivered: Tucker’s Race Sled

For the past several years, Kirk Hibbert has made a point of selecting the production Sno Pro 600 race sled whose serial number ends with 68, for his son Tucker.


Tucker Hibbert's production race sled for 2010

With the 2010 Sno Pro models on the production line right now at Arctic Cat, there was a concerted effort to mark the occasion. A sign was made and attached to the sled, indicating the hope (and pride) the company feels for its most decorated racer.


Signing Tucker's 2010 Sno Pro race sled

Then, knowing that Kirk and Tucker will powder-coat (in black) all of the green-painted production parts, each person on the assembly line signed their name to the green parts, to wish them the best of luck this coming season.

I’ve had dozens of conversations with people who work in production/assembly at Arctic Cat, and I can tell you this unequivocally: they take enormous pride in the success of all Team Arctic racers. Building snowmobiles is something they take very seriously. And the satisfaction they feel when these racers do their very best is almost palpable.



  1. I remember back to the early 90’s when I worked there. Everyone always took pride in the Cat! (every year is the “Year of the Cat”)

  2. It would be pretty cool if Tucker left the names on all the green parts for at least the first race like Duluth. He’d be a bigger hero than he already is!

  3. How fun it is to see a sled like that come down the production line and then think about all of the places it is likely to be at this winter season. It froze hard here in central MN 2 nights ago, we are getting lots of moisture here today (rain), the leaves are falling, and, the New Sno Pros are coming off the line…winter is really near!!

  4. How cool it that! 2010 X-Games Gold winner! Great work being done by the good people up at Thief River Falls, MN : )
    Bring on Winter!

  5. im looking forward to this upcoming race season , and the truck that will deliver my snopro ! thanks to everyone at arctic cat for having so much pride in what we race .

  6. I am 66 years young and have and always will have green blood in my veins. Good luck to all the TEAM ARCTIC drivers, and a big good luck to Kirk and Tucker in there run for the 2010 WINTER X GAMES GOLD.

  7. I want to say good luck to Kirk and Tucker as well. I have raced with them at Jackson many times. But most of all i want to say good luck to Darrel Lish, you ain’t gitten any younger buddy.


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