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Snocross Bermshot & Lovetap

Want to know how rivalries sometimes develop? They begin with little love-taps, brake-checks and bermshots.

In this battle for first place in Pro Open LCQ at Duluth, Team Arctic’s Dan Ebert gets booted over the berm by Polaris racer Brett Bender.

The good news is that Ebert wasn’t hurt and, after going over the berm entirely, came back onto the track in 4th place and made it into the final, where he would finish 7th despite the back-row start. Bender finished 14th.

Brett Bender tags Team Arctic's Dan Ebert

Brett Bender tags Team Arctic's Dan Ebert

Brett Bender tags Team Arctic's Dan Ebert

Brett Bender tags Team Arctic's Dan Ebert

Brett Bender tags Team Arctic's Dan Ebert

Brett Bender tags Team Arctic's Dan Ebert



  1. You can clearly tell by the first photo that Bender had zero intentions of leaving any room for Ebert and was more than happy to use up all of his space and Ebert’s as well. He was coming in almost in a straight line.
    I was watching much of the races through the live web feed. It was pretty sweet actually.
    Not the showing that Cat is accustomed to though.

  2. John, do you have any pictures of Bender’s sled with the taller spindles? First, is was Polaris using the rear skid from a Sno Pro. Then you have Ski-Doo using the slide action front arm on their rear skid…. Now, Bender’s mod sled has some custom taller spindles…. Well, then you could bring up the TSL…. On behalf of Arctic Cat, you’re welcome.

  3. John… between the Bender Cat’a’Poo, and the skid of the #170, there looks to be a lot of “Hay Days Parts” pick’n going on. Check out the rails of the 170 on sledracer… Is it me, or do thoes rails look oddly like the ZR1 suspension rails. Correct me if i’m wrong, but rails of ’98 and ’99 Sno Pros? I have a semi-complete suspension from one of these sleds that I robbed the shocks off of… and everything down to the mid-mount rail brace looks darn close. I’m calling Whitch craft on the mini-float on the rear scissor!

  4. the spindles on that ” Pull-larry” sled clearly are’nt cat parts but close enough to be copy Cats…..hmm, maybe Polaris ought too change their name to “Copycat”

  5. You guys make it seem like Poo and Doo are the only ones who copy anyone. I have a lot of respect for Cat and in no way would show any disrespect, but you can’t tell me Cat doesn’t copy anyone. No one is immune, sled builders have copied eachother for decades! Especially when it comes to race sleds. They do what it takes to win.

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