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Snow Depth Report for Dec. 17, 2015

Snow depth 12-17-15

Okay, the West has gotten hammered with snow, same for much of Canada, and now parts of the Midwest are finally starting to look like winter.

Let’s hope Ma Nature is keepin’ it real this time.

Excellent snow depth and analysis HERE at the NOAA website.



  1. Much of Canada really i know from Ontario east with the exception of Newfoundland has basicaly no snow, i live in Montreal we have had no snow no cold temps, since Dec 1 i could have put a glass of water on my front steps it wouldnt have froze, snowmobiling in Quebec right now is bascially non existant and the weather till the New Year is mild with rain Christmas day will be around 50, ive snowmobiled since the early seventies, this is the worst ive ever seen it

  2. It rained/snowed here in northern Maine Tuesday. Tonight we are getting rain with temps in the high 30’s. We are in the same weather pattern as Robert, mild temps, rain, could have a “green Christmas” ugh!!!

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