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Snow Report for Feb. 20, 2018

Snow Depth report for 2-20-18

Winter has been hit-or-miss throughout much of the snowbelt this season, but it seems to have truly arrived in several areas over the past few days (with more on the way).

I was in the St. Germain/Eagle River area of Wisconsin over the weekend, and I’ve NEVER seen so many snowmobilers in one place. This despite less-than-perfect conditions.

If there isn’t riding in your backyard, chances are it’s only a few hours (or less) away.

Click HERE for the NOAA interactive snow depth site.



  1. I sure hope Arctic Cat has some great product coming out and colors that look good. Hate to admit but the new doos looked good at the unveiling last night. I’m concerned where cat may be heading with low snow and winters not the same anymore. I hope textron doesn’t decide to sell off the sled side or worse yet delete sleds altogether. I’m in the market to update my sled this year and torn do I stay with cat or bail to doo. I’m not sure I’m ready for the I told you eventually you would go to the yellow side.

  2. The trail conditions are outstanding in the Northern third of Minnesota. Bemidji MN has had almost 18 inches of powder on top of a great base in the last three days. Conditions are excellent. Get out and ride!

  3. I spent this entire week riding in Voyageur’s National Park. Off trail the powder was coming up over the hood. I stayed at beautiful Voyagaire Lodge in Crane Lake.


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