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The 2019 Cats Are Coming 2.25.18

Sunday night we find out what Arctic Cat has in store for 2019.

Got any ideas what the future will bring?



  1. Looks like different A-Arms and front end. Also the tunnel looks way more slim. Mono-rail?? With the smokey picture it shows that green isn’t going away so that’s good… LEDs and a slimmer seat too?

  2. Mountain Sled with Mono Rail Alpha 1 rear suspension. You can see the front spindles are the mountain sled version when the sled does the jump at the end and also it looks like it has no outside rails in the track.
    I hope they address the lack of top end in the 2 strokes for us flatlanders. I’m tired of getting my ass kicked across the lakes by the competition.

  3. Let’s hope textron has some great innovation coming for us with 2019 cats. Have thought about jumping ship to another brand if they don’t start providing better quality. And it won’t be doo sat on new 600r mx z and will say cats do feel better built. The toe holds are terrible and you half to buy accessories to make it more comfortable. Everyone up talks doo I was not impressed.

  4. If you walk thru the opening sequence slow motion you see that the sled has the current procross spindles. The sled in the follow-on scene appears to have the current mountain sled spindles.

  5. i hope they have something my ski doo and Polaris friends will be green in envy of. We ride all colors. If it ain’t right then it’s embarrassing.

  6. If they go with a narrower tunnel I can guarantee the 800 Ctec2 will be tough to beat. The 13″ tunnel on the F7 I remember reading was the fastest sled AC ever built according to their test engineer (on asphalt). I would not be surprised if they take their current ProCross chassis, narrow it, revise front-end geometry like they did to the race sled this year. AC’s are dominating in snocross and cross-country. AFAIK they’re focusing a lot on reliability so I feel they will be great there

  7. I’ve been doing some reading on snowmobile forums seems lots of doo faithfuls have mixed reviews on 2019 sleds. Between prices and dropping some basic models lots of complaints. Textron if you are reading these forums that we all write into I hope you’re reading them. We need sleds that are dependable and cost less than competitors. It’s the only way to get cat back on top where they use to be. It’s time for team green to catch up and lead the pack again.

  8. I hope to God they offer something more than just a major mod to the mtn segment. Not all of us ride in the mtns and therefore would like to see either new engines or filler engines, new chassis or refined current susp. I watch Doo guys and they all seem to be as stable as can be. IMO, would really suck if the hype Cat has out now about something “Revolutionary” ends up just being for the mtn riders.

  9. Cheap and easy updates I would make on the Current M sleds.
    Add CFR bars, current ones bend way to easily.
    New machined running boards, better grip, more rigid.
    Remove current alloy oil injection tank with sight glass. (Too hard to see level, too bulky and big).
    Best, Old M8’s had clear plastic, easy to mark level with sharpie and ensure Oil pump is working, 5 mins into ride.
    Better instrument/gauge pod.
    Better snowflap/rear bumper grip.
    Powerclaw tracks are great, laydown engines zook and C-tec great.

  10. This be alpha set up is going to take over the industry. The others are going to have a hard time keeping up with this. Love what Arctic is doing and would never go away from it

  11. Also, Arctic Cat looks the best by far. That purple is so sexy. I would sell my wife and date the new alpha look. Ski doo is easily the worst looking thing I have ever seen. Polaris break down more than my grandpas ‘76 phazer. Bottom line, you can’t touch a cat

  12. Wow Arctic did good this year. Polaris just came out with there new 850 which you might as well call a skidoo. I’d rather buy a dumb Yamaha than ride Polaris or skidoo. Arctic won with the Alpha i will definitely be buying one


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