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Snowmobile News of the Weird, April 15

First on the list is this short video that’s either about how tough the Panasonic Toughbook is…or it’s about how not to dress when riding a Yamaha Phazer. The ad’s intent worked though, as I just went out and bought a new pair of goggles, which will replace my helmet as standard riding gear from this day forward.

Then there’s THIS STORY of 35-year-old Michael Donhoe. While there is much to be concerned about with Michael, the story mostly makes me laugh imagining the scene in the parking lot. Amazing stuff.

Next, THIS STORY brought anger, then fear for the future of our country, then back to anger because what it will mean for the future costs of recreational products like snowmobiles and ATVs. I can’t imagine the horror of losing a limb, but neither can I imagine blaming Yamaha for it.

Finally, I wanted to end on a humorous note. So I invite you to read the HEADLINE of THIS STORY, then think about the name of the place it occurred, and see if you’re as juvenile as I am. I gotta believe the copy editor of this story knew exactly what she was writing…right!?!

Maybe the people violating Beaver Mountain were filming a commercial for the Panasonic Toughbook?



  1. The judgment vs Yamaha is nothing but a black eye for our beloved sport/past time.

    The judge himself should be stripped of his duties and the panel of jurors need to serve community time for every day for the rest of their lives to make up for the injustice that was served

  2. John,

    The middle link does not lead to a story about Yamaha, but rather is the same link to the story about beaver mountain.

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