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The International Snowmobile Manufacturer Association (ISMA) has launched an awareness campaign to keep riders on the trail, and out of areas they shouldn’t be, commonly referred to as, ā€œTrespassingā€. 

The effort involves using ambassadors and influencers from all five snowmobile brands (Arctic Cat, Lynx, Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha) to deliver the message of protecting access, protecting landowners and riding where it’s legal.  

The power and reach these ambassadors/influencers have through their social channels is incredible. You can join them quickly, and effectively, by broadcasting the Take The Pledge message via your clubā€™s website, newsletter and social platforms. Donā€™t forget to incorporate The Pledge into your Youth Snowmobile Safety Training. (After all, most of these ambassadors are riding heroes to those youth)

There are videos produced for your usage to help spread this message at: 

There are different length videos for you to choose from to match your needs, plus, it helps provide some variety as we view the effort to be a season long endeavor. 

If you wish to send out email messages for Take the Pledge – the text is below:

The Pledge: I realize illegal off-trail riding is closing access for all snowmobilers and endangering our riding freedoms. This is about more than my personal rights or my wishes ā€“ this is about the good of the entire riding community

  • I Pledge to ride off-trail only where I know itā€™s legal and accepted
  • I Pledge to check before going off-trail if I donā€™t know
  • I Pledge to protect access for future generations by doing the right thing
  • I Pledge to protect access by encouraging those I ride with to also take the Pledge


  1. this ambassador term on these guys is a joke. some can’t believe their reach. i can’t believe the sheep that follow them. that said, i don’t trespass, but nor do i need to do some gay pledge.

    • Careful Mike, someone may be offended at your “slur”, and remove your comment, like they removed mine on the C-RAP 2 8000 engine…

        • My comment on the “service bulletin” for the 8000, “Remember when Arctic Cat engines used to fail like this?
          Me neither.
          $2.00 Downer”
          says “Your comment is awaiting moderation” above it on this laptop, but the comment doesn’t show up at all on the garage desktop.

  2. Great video on a very important issue. Very glad to see this effort happening. The support of the ambassadors of snowmobiling will help a lot to spread the message.

  3. A pledge against trespassing while the OEM’s produce 144-146 inch “crossover sleds” that encourage trespassing? How that will work?

    • No matter what the snowmobile, isn’t it the rider who directs where it goes? If you aren’t supposed to ride off-trail, then you shouldn’t. That said, there are plenty of legal places to ride off-trail. Know where they are, and play there.

      • All snowmobiles have the capability for trespassing, going all the way back to the beginning. This has been a problem in the past, and I think creative, open-minded people can – and will – find ways to resolve it this time, while simultaneously promoting growth and development of our sport. It’s not possible, it’s highly probable.

  4. Can we also get the ATV’s off the sled trails during sled season, where it’s sled only trails? You’d be surprised how many times I have chatted up my club running friends to be told they had a late night repairing some farmers fence line or mending a trail thanks to some joker in a Jeep or a quad going where he wasn’t wanted. Eventually some of those trails got closed. Sledders sometimes take the blame for something they didn’t do, and it hurts. Maybe they just cleared out a trail head to make it easier to enter, and along came Mr. Priviledge SixPack who ripped it a new one with his 4×4. Non Motor people often don’t know the difference. They just see the mess and go ballistic. What I am saying here is all motorized groups need to band together and seriously point the finger at this problem. Otherwise it will continue to be divide and conquer and we all lose.


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