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Snowstorm-a-Comin’ This Weekend?

Snowstorm on the horizon?

I’m trying not to be like our local news sources and hype up what usually are dud events, but the medium range forecasts are pointing at a nice snowstorm for parts of the Midwest and Canada.

Like 14-inches by Sunday!

Founder and CEO of Broadcast Weather, Paul Douglas is a weatherman who usually predicts well. I skip over his global warming junk and just look at his forcasts and associated mapping.

HERE’S A WEATHER BLOG that does a lot of debunking of weather myths. Interesting reading.

And of course John Dee is firing up his winter forecasting/weather reporting, and has a similar prediction for this weekend. Great stuff.

Bring it on!



  1. I will believe it when I can walk in it. On a more positive note it would be nice to have snow cover for Wi. Gun Deer season. Other than that it looks like Santa is gonna keep me on my 01 this season. Oh well at least it is something to ride and after last years tear down and go over probably more reliable than most.

  2. As I sit here reading this. .. I think about my arctic cat turbo snowmobile that is not in my possesion yet. . . It makes me sad, mad, and just plain disgruntle.


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