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Tucker Hibbert is Hot Stuff (Pizza)

Tucker Hibbert loves Hot Stuff Pizza and Monster

Press Release:

Hot Stuff Pizza Joins Forces with Snowmobile Snocross Champion Tucker Hibbert

Sioux Falls, SD, November 15, 2011:  Orion Food Systems®, the international foodservice provider, which franchises over 1000 Hot Stuff Pizza locations world-wide, announced its official sponsorship of World Snocross Champion and 10-time ESPN Winter X Games medalist Tucker Hibbert. 

“We are extremely excited to have the Hot Stuff Pizza brand associated with such a great champion as Tucker Hibbert,” exclaimed Orion’s CEO Michael Skillingstad, “Tucker’s success is unprecedented on the ISOC National Snocross Tour and ESPN Winter X Games. From a business and marketing point-of-view, our partnership with Hibbert is truly a win-win.  Many of our restaurant franchisees and customers are Tucker Hibbert fans, and will be excited to learn that Tucker is a Hot Stuff Pizza lover.”

Hibbert agrees and states, “I’ve been a huge Hot Stuff Pizza fan for years.  It’s definitely my favorite go-to meal when I’m traveling and an absolute must after a long weekend of racing.  I can’t wait to share my passion for the brand with race fans and snowmobile enthusiasts everywhere.” 

Hot Stuff’s sponsorship of Hibbert will entail a national promotion featuring Hot Stuff’s Personal Size Pan Pizza (PSPP) and an opportunity for Hot Stuff customers to win event tickets, snowmobile gear, free Hot Stuff Pizza and other prizes. 

“Our grand prize is a Snocross fan’s dream,” says Skillingstad, “Hot Stuff is giving away an all-expense paid trip to the ISOC Canterbury National in Shakopee, MN January 2013. The race package includes lodging, a suite at the race, passes to the pit area and an opportunity to meet Tucker and his crew.”



  1. It must be good muscle food. After a weekend of racing you need all that good stuff they put in that ZA to revive,replenish and any other muscle related terms to keep you competitive… for the next weekend of winning!!!!! Speaking of winning how about T-Train entering a cross-country race or two this season. Lets hear a sound off on that idea.

  2. I bet the competition is behind this, hoping he will pack on a few pounds. They can’t imagine how fast he will be now on that new ride. Go PRO CROSS GO!!

  3. Would love to see Tucker racing at a USCC race rather than just watching! What the heck, bring the old man with too. Might be fun for Tucker to race “for fun” rather than business! One month until Grafton, let it snow!

  4. Right on Mike F. It would be great to see both Hibbert’s racing cross-country. I would guess that it would also draw bigger crouds. It is also a great way to stay in shape! I know this that B. Nelson and Mr. Sandberg got me more interested with their vintage racing in USCC. In fact last season or so several Arctic Cat top sno crossers raced cross-country with great success. I do not recall their names but the article they were interviewed in they quoted how different it is also said how much more challenging it was compared to sno-cross. Their so many great racers that migrated from cross-country to sno-cross. Captain Kirk being one of them and another that stands out in my mind is Jack Struthers even know he raced for Polaris he is a great rider. Again I know I missed a lot of other great racers I think this a great topic Sound Off I want to hear more. I’ll put this one way out there how about a class for disabled riders like myself. It would give me an excuse to buy a sno pro 500.

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