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Soap Box Cat Girls

Amy Getz and her Soap Box Derby Arctic Cat.

Stephanie Getz and her Soap Box Derby racer.

Recently Amy (top) and Stephanie Getz raced to top finishes among 450 competitors at the 79th running of the FirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby at the world famous Derby Downs track in Akron, Ohio.

Hailing from North Canton, Ohio, the Getz girls have been among the best derby car racers for several years. They certaintly have some of the coolest cars!

Stephanie Getz and her Soap Box Derby racer.

These gravity powered machines race down a 989-ft. hill, hitting speeds upwards of 35 mph during the roughly 30-second run.

Andy Getz and one of the Arctic Cat Soap Box Derby cars he's built.

Their dad Andy (above) built the beautiful cars.

Getz Arctic Cat Soap Box Derby cars.

In fact, he’s built seven of them since creating the first for Stephanie back in 2012.

Both girls did AWESOME at this year’s race. According to Andy: “Stephanie placed 5th in the World Finals in the Masters division, and Amy got out right before the top-9 of the Super Stock division. Not too bad for two Cats racing off snow!”

Congrats to the Getz family for their success, and thanks for flying the colors of Team Arctic!



  1. A- Congrats to Gentz family for competing at the highest level in the “wheeled gravity games”, does NASA sponsor this event ?
    B-1000′ in 3+- seconds, that is sick!
    C- What else is going on in that storage garage ?
    D- Those wheeled machines need to be on display in the lobby at TRF.
    E- How do we get those CAT stickers ???


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