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SOUND SERIES: 1993 T/S Racing ZR440

There are days, a guy just needs to hear a mod sled to drown out other noise…this will do trick! Crank this one up to 11 as Zach Herfindahl warms on his 1993 T/S Racing ZR440 Mod II. 

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  1. Too bad there aren’t whiffs of race gas to go along with this video! Haha This sounds awesome!!!! Just hit the Subscribe button for you. Didn’t realize you had a channel.

  2. Im not sure why, but Ive always been fascinated with some of those mod sleds that have such a short rope pull. Does Zach even pull that rope a foot? Love it!

  3. Jayden,
    The belly pan has different side vents, as well as it being 3 pieces instead of 1. Same goes for the bumper (3 pieces) as well as the amber reflector being inside the bumper, instead of in the belly pan. The crossed checkered flags above the ARCTIC CAT on the 94 seat are not on the 93 as well as the seat collar where it meets the gas tank. The original hoods were very thin fiberglass and had a slightly different windshield and mounting (if I remember correctly). The lower pinstripe on the bottom of the hood decals is green on the 93 and purple on the 94. They also didn’t come with the big white ARCTIC CAT decal on the side. The 93 had steel skis that had about a 1/2 inch trimmed off of each side. The brake lever was a longer aluminum piece. Cat also called them 440/580ZR instead of ZR 440/580, etc. Those were some of the more obvious, I’m sure there are some others that I’m not remembering.


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