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SOUND SERIES: Rare P.U.T.S Snocross Sled Fired Up

If you havent figured it out already, mod sleds are my favorite…especially the two-stroke flavors. LOVE to hear those pipes sing. This is one of the reasons I started the SOUND SERIES on our Face and Youtube pages – So you and I can both hear what a variety of Arctic Cat snowmobiles sound like. 

Ive been walking past the below snocross sled for several years at Thomas Sno Sports, and the crew there focused some time and energy recently to breathe some life into it. Below is what TSS had to say about it…Enjoy!!

“Turn up you speakers! We (TSS) had a blast firing up this piece of Arctic Cat – Snowmobiles factory mod snocross race history today.

This is PUTS (Pipes Under The Seat) sled #1, currently wearing Kirk Hibbert’s #41, being run for the first time in about a decade. That 600cc Speedwerx mod sings a sweet tune!”




  1. I love how the leaves and cobwebs come shooting out the track when he revs it up. Definitely not lying that its been stored awhile. Hahaha! Awesome sled!!

  2. For this reason I miss the Pro Open class at ISOC. The racing action is still great now and they put on a wonderful show, but I really enjoyed seeing this type of mod sled innovation or call it, experimenting, from engineering. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I remember Kirk racing that out at Hutchinson, MN for a WSA regional race. Old guy kicked all of our young butts

  4. No tunnel protectors save weight ! But the nice dimples in the tunnel . From the studs eating at it ! Is there holes in the front of the tunnel ?

  5. They said they tried this again after this sled. So it wasnt a good idea? Or didnt work? Just curious what there testing found with this experiment?

  6. Jason , Mike Houle did that on oval sleds in the 90’s ! There’s pics & videos of Tucker Hibberts mod sleds like that . The straighter the tune pipes the more HP ! Every curve or bend . You start loosing HP. Mite be why Kirk took it to a regional race ! So the competition didn’t know what Tucker was going to run the next season ??

  7. I remember racing Pro Vet against Kirk at Lake Geneva. He crashed off the big main jump on the first lap and was in last place. Later in the race with a few laps left i could hear this finally tuned motor approaching from behind. He caught me at the base of the big hill and blew my doors off going up the hill on that sled. Kirk was a great guy to race with and always real nice to talk with. I know he’s probably still working on sleds.

  8. Fantastic—early version of the seat heater! Please be careful though as Dave Thompson and Charlie Devault both got hit in the eye. We’ve all done it. Coming from a guy who got his foot hurt by a belt blowing through the guard of a 76 Merc.


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