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Inside Look at Our MINT-ish 94 ZR580 Purchase!

The power of Chrysler compelled us yesterday to blindly purchase a mint-ish 94 ZR580 from the Thomas Sno Sports Spring Cleaning sale. If you hadnt seen the photos floating around the interwebs about the sale, the fine folks there cut the grass via many Cub Cadet options, and found treasure needing to be shared with the world. This is where our luck picks up…

For the better part of yesterday, I sat at the bank trying to secure financing for this clean one-owner ZR580. I was asked the typical background questions like, “Do you know if its been in an accident?” I responded like any of us would, “Nope. Its been parked in one spot and pampered for 20 years.”

To secure the loan, and for insurance purposes, I was asked what size engine the ZR had…apparently the bank didn’t have “Single-Cylinder-ish Suzuki” in their standard feature listing. Weird. I reassured them it was the original engine…

I also shared our desired ZR580 had the rare Moss Package seat…I wasnt shocked to learn the bank didnt have that listed as an option either. I did say, “Rare”. (You callin me a liar?)

I also had to share it was originally purchased at Nelson Marine which was owned by Brian Nelson…Famed I500 racer and owner of USXC Racing. The bank was going to call Brian to verify my claims since he is also an insurance expert. To hurry the process, I told them Brian was on a motorcycle tour vacation.

Thankfully the financing came through. In 84 months, this baby will fully be mine. The plan is to bring it to Haydays to have in the ArcticInsider display…with some Pledge it should shine up nicely. Thinking I may add a few cans of compression to the tank to clean up any bottom end engine build-up after being stored so many years.

And it DEFINITELY needs more handlebar riser! Its sinful how low those stock bars are. 



  1. You do realize that the muffler bearings will have to be unstuck? Nice find and a great summer project. I restored a lot of Trail Cat’s a few years back. Lots of satisfaction when you light her up when completed. Best of luck getting her all pretty again!


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