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SOUNDS SERIES: Videos To Make You Happy

If you missed it on the ArcticInsider FacePage and the YouTube, I shared a couple SOUND SERIES videos of Team Arctic race sleds warming up. Kick back at your desk today, take a quick look around the office for the boss, and turn the volume up to 11…Braaap Braaap into the weekend.

In the first video Team Arctic’s Hillclimb Pro, Garth Kaufman, is warming up his 600 Improved sled. If you hadnt noticed already, check out the size of Kirk Hibberts hat! (Impressive)


A week or so ago I shared some pics of Todd Tuppers ZR-based Hillclimb Mod. Here’s a video of him warming it up on the jackstand while doing his best Captain Morgan impression.


And for good measure, I shared a new Black Cats video featuring Kyle Saxton, Maverick Walker and Good Good Bacon…




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