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Speculation on Arctic Cat’s 2011 Model Line

Is this a 2011 Arctic Cat?

Over the past couple weeks we’ve seen a new Yamaha with electronic power steering; an expansion of the Polaris RUSH plastic; a new 800 E-TEK and 60-hp 4-stroke from Ski-Doo, and some other line-up changes.

The question of what Arctic Cat is going to show will be answered next Monday, when they lift the information embargo on their 2011 snowmobile model line.

Until that point, it’s all speculation.

Here is mine:

Let’s get the dead horses out of the way right now so that we can quit beating them… there will be no Sno Pro 800. Although we all want it to be true, the fact is that the 800 H.O. doesn’t fit in the Sno Pro chassis. So no matter how bad we all want this sled to exist, I don’t for a moment believe it will happen in the chassis’ current incarnation.

Nor will there be a non-race 600 Sno Pro, because the 600 EFI engine doesn’t fit in the Sno Pro chassis either.

The only race-chassis Sno Pro I expect for 2011 is the Sno Pro 500, sporting a few tweaks that address its first-year gremlins.

I snapped the spy photo of a disguised sled a few weeks back, which generated a lot of speculation in this thread. Though some “see” a new chassis here, I see some color changes on the current Twin Spar platform.

If indeed this is a Twin Spar, which I’m almost certain it is, it looks much smaller than “normal.” I attribute this to the upward sweep of the hood’s shape being eliminated via the faux cover.

No doubt many of us want to see a new sled, whether it’s because we already have a current Twin Spar, M or Crossfire, or because these models didn’t appeal to us. What is a realistic timeframe expectation that Cat change up its Twin Spar platform?

The Twin Spar was introduced for the 2007 season, which would make 2011 the fifth year of that design. Back in the salad days of snowmobile sales – the late 1990s – when the industry sold twice as many new machines as it’s selling now, Cat could retool the plastic on its sleds with greater frequency.

The first-gen ZR hood lasted from 1993-1997 (four model-years), the second generation from 1998-1999 (two years) and the third generation from 2000-2002 (three years).

During the ZR era, Cat often made meaningful chassis updates and significant engine offerings, leaving us to feel like there were big changes even during model years when the plastic stayed the same.

Next, Arctic Cat first unveiled what would become the Firecat as their Sno Pro race sled for the 2002 race season, then as the production model Firecat from 2003-2006 (four years).

That history lesson is my way of saying that, if Arctic Cat sticks with the Twin Spar on its high performance trail line for 2011, it will have been five models-years with that chassis and hood design, just one year longer than the first-gen ZR and the Firecat.

The current sales environment suggests this might be a prudent strategy, even if many of us (me included) want the “next” Arctic Cat chassis now.

But beyond pure dollars and sense, there’s another significant factor that’s in play: a 50th Anniversary.

The 2012 model year will be Arctic Cat’s 50th. I see Arctic Cat unveiling a new chassis/plastic to commemorate the occasion.

If that’s the case, then I don’t expect any major chassis or tooling changes for 2011.

What I do expect for 2011 is some minor spec changes on a few models. Things like tracks, seats and such, essentially filling small gaps in the product line.

I’m hoping for a stripped down, price-point 500cc Twin Spar sled, similar to what Polaris has tried with their Shift models. Non-gas shocks, tiny windshield, non-adjustable seat, no reverse and maybe even without a carbide runners or swaybar. Something that’s under $7,000 U.S. msrp, and perhaps around $6,000 for a “street” price.

As others have noted in comments on this site, 2012 marks a new threshold in EPA emissions requirements. History suggests that thresholds will be met with some new strategy. Whether that’s new engines (or engine management systems), or greater reliance on existing “clean” engines, is just a guess?

Beyond consumer sleds, I wonder if we’re going to see a new race sled for 2011, which will preview the 2012 consumer sleds, much like the 2002 race sled that became the Firecat.

The argument against unveiling a new race sled a year prior to it becoming a production sled, is that doing so will halt any purchases of the current sleds. I’m sure there’s some truth to that.

If I’m to believe the speculative comments I’ve read here at, there are some Cat riders who are ready to jump ship unless Arctic Cat offers a new high performance sled in 2011.

If indeed there isn’t such a sled for 2011, maybe Cat will show a next-generation race sled early next fall, as a means of saying, “Look what’s coming!”?

That would be my strategy if were the grand wizard at Arctic Cat.

We’ll know some of the answers in a few days.



  1. I always look for some kind of hint of something, anything, to “read between the lines” with write ups like this one…..The only thing I see in this write up is the “look what’s coming!” towards the end….Wasn’t the latest Sno Pro chassis just that? I look at the SP as a sled that has been proving itself for the past three seasons on the track. R&D right before the consumers eyes….Then sell it to the public….It’s worked in the past…..Window of oportunity….People are lathered up…..It really doesn’t matter to me, though….I’m sure I couldn’t afford it anyway…..
    I know AC has thrown out there that they absolutely can’t fit a larger displacement mote into the “current” SP chassis…. They(AC) need to get out of their mental block and look into a creative problem solving class…..There’s a cat shop out east that shoe horned a 800HO into a SP chassis……latest Supertrax mag. So, it’s not entirely impossible….Could the story of the SP chassis mote limitations be a decoy to keep the sales of the current F-series/Crossfires going out the door? To keep AC consumers from buyer “freeze up”? Then as you also stated, 2012 is a big anniversary year…I buy into that. So many “decoys” to keep the Cat faithful guessing…..The real story though, is in the Cat Tracker part numbers….A little investigation tells a story there, too….Check it out….

  2. I also would be very suprised to see any major chassis changes for 2011. As much as I would love to see the new sno-pro derived chassis now, I think we are probably a year away. I have no doubt they are working on something sweet! I am very curious as to what is going to come out as far as EPA compliant engines. Hopefully some “clean” two strokes as well as a lighter smaller (85hp?) 4 stroke. All new chassis and all new motors in one year makes me nervous! I would like to see some new engine tech out in 2011. Hope we are all pleasantly suprised!

  3. I also would be very suprised to see any major chassis changes for 2011. As much as I would love to see the new sno-pro derived chassis now, I think we are probably a year away. I have no doubt they are working on something sweet! I am very curious as to what is going to come out as far as EPA compliant engines. Hopefully some “clean” two strokes as well as a lighter smaller (85hp?) 4 stroke. All new chassis and all new motors in one year makes me nervous! I would like to see some new engine tech out in 2011. Hope we are all pleasantly suprised!

  4. Whats wrong with people wanting to jump to doo or poo if Cat doesn’t release anything? Poo and Doo have sleds that can take trail manners and then bang in the ditch for the rest of the day. Cat is missing that sled. The twinspar is a trail sled. Thats it. The cfr is a trail and lake sled (hence no sp package) and the cfr is a crossover. The SP with a 600ho or a 800ho would be perfect and Cat would have something to compete with the others on the market. I’m tired of reading, it doesn’t fit. IT does fit with a small tweek which wouldnt require retooling of plastics. There are 800’s in the SP chassis with bulkhead tweeks (which cat can do–they do employ engineers) and not touch the plastic. If cat doesn’t bring a sled out that can hit the ditch then the trail like doo has they are going to fall further behind. Yeah 2012 is their big year. But with whats on the floor now, its not exciting. I want to replace my f8sp with a SP 800ho. But if cat doesn’t release it, the doo camp has a sled to fill that gap.

  5. And as a current M-Series owner that has a chassis dating back to that 2002 Sno Pro Firecat chassis, we need to be first with new iron. =)

  6. I wonder how many people would really lay down the $$$ for a 800 Snopro??? It’s easy to say you want it, but would they sell???
    I bought a 500 Snopro, much cheaper than the 800 I would guess, and didn’t think it was a “consumer sled” yet.
    I mean how many people would really want to deal with that hood??
    For $10,000+???
    I sold that sled and will continue with a Twin Spar for now.

    But that leaves my wife….she loved the light feel and easy steering of the 500 Snopro, however she requires trail comforts as well. As much as I have been a die hard Cat guy that has me leaning towards a XP Skidoo E-Tec for her unless A.C. comes out with something comparable.

  7. I’m hoping for a stripped down, price-point 500cc Twin Spar sled, similar to what Polaris has tried with their Shift models. Non-gas shocks, tiny windshield, non-adjustable seat, no reverse and maybe even without a carbide runners or swaybar. Something that’s under $7,000 U.S. msrp, and perhaps around $6,000 for a “street” price.

    This would be a great thing, as entry level sleds seem to be slipping away. I was pretty suprised that the F5 was only availible as a LXR and cost more than a SP500. Local dealer had 2010 Polaris Shift 550F’s for $4999 (List $5999) and Polaris has re-contented the Shift a bit since they were introduced. Cheap in the door and add things as cash allows. That’s what I did with my Rev 380F.

  8. I agree with Todd, get creative AC! You can put a turbo in the Twin Spar chassis but you can’t put an 800 in the Sno Pro chassis. Bottom line, don’t come out with a sweet ass sled and then tell people, especially us cat guys, that a bigger motor can’t go in it. Thats enough to make a guy wanna fire the engineers up there!!

  9. Seems to me like it would be tough for manufacturers and dealers to make money on entry-level sleds. It’s no different than low-cost cars or TVs – They don’t generate enough margin to pay the bills.

    Why is the cost of a sled a problem when there is a surplus of very nice, clean low-mile year or two old ones (some new in the crate) that have depreciated $2k+ per year?

    The secret to keeping the lights on in TRF is to maintain products with nice margins which is why we’re getting BNG on the Ms for 2011. The M-Series is a cash cow at this point in the product lifecycle.

    And since AC is listening…A year from now I’ll pay cash upfront for a 50th anniversary 2012 next-gen M with a 160 hp DI engine and with the entire sled in 1970s Panther black. Over test the crap out of it now (yes, open up the R&D checkbook) to get the bugs out. Preventing quality spike in the introduction year will cover that extra upfront investment – Pay me now or pay me later. Be proactive and don’t pull a Poo-Doo move.

    And to finish the soapbox – Move the clothing line back to TRF – I’ll glady pay more for better quality stuff not made in the Pacific Tri-Sphere.

  10. And thinking like a logical global product development engineering manager would do (hey wait, that’s me), I have to wonder how much longer until we see a 2- or 4-stroke snowmobile engine made in-house at the St. Cloud facility. No I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night but at the day job I did work on a 588 hp Camoplast tracked machine.

  11. Whatever AC has in store for us in 2012. They better have it on the snow as an early mid-season release so the buying public has a chance try it! I am no longer willing to shell out $14-15,000 for a sled in a glossy sales brochure or to look at rough preproduction chassis in a nationwide spring tour. Other manufacture’s are attracting alot of new buyers with early releases and demo’s on the snow. I relize these preproductions are just that and things can change. Come on Cat, start creating so mid-season excitment. I’ve been faithful since 1994. (Ironically the mid-season introduction of the 1993 ZR)

  12. Come on guys there are pentup buyers out there!! were not all unemployed!!! We will buy a 800 sp or a twin spar on a thirty pound diet with some new plastic!! The current one looks as bad as a confusion!! This is enough of this we want our new sled and we want it now!!!!! new sled !! new sled!! new sled !! new sled !!

  13. if cat is waiting this out for another year it is becasue they are low on money, if they are low on money perhaps they are not in a position to properly design a new model at this time

    all we asked of them was to up the horsepower in the race chassis to a 600 or 800, neither happened so time to go to ski doo 800 etec with extended warranty

    have spent the past 2 weeks extensively switching back and forth with my buddy who has one and I can live with that 800 etec

    this is like 2002 all over again, had a t-cat in the garage along with a brand new ski doo 600 mxz

    this time it will be a f1000 and a 800 etec


  14. all you people biching baout a big motor in the snopro will also be *****ing about how the hood and side panels are a pain to remove and install and that it rides to stiff…..whaaaaawhaaaaaawhaaaaa . all everyone does is complain . yeah go buy a f;in doo please that way there you will all start *****ing in their forums……no matter what comes out people are going to ***** and whine , shut the f up already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. M8Stealth…you not only think like a logical global product development engineering manager…but sound like a Catapillar logical global product development engineering manager. Wow that is a mouthful! You need a new sled either way. More hp than what you have that will have your smilling all the way. Hope you are getting some good riding in. Catch ya next week!

  16. Some good points here, but ones we probably all know. How about the ZR900s that ran until the 2007 release of the current F series ? That actually makes the ZR line run 14 yrs (1993-2006) !!! In my opinion, this is where the F is heading… the single “touring” sleds (LXR models), the 2 up line, & the 4 strokers that the chassis was initially designed & built for. There will be something new for the M-guys who are ready for a new chassis and a new chassis as a “trail performance” line in 2012 (IMHO). 600 Direct Injection is very near…… Also, what about end of the Direct Drive ?? The contact is over (was for 7 yrs, starting with the 2004 ZR900)…..let’s see if Cat puts chains back in all the sleds !!!

  17. John,
    I think you’re sandbagging us 😉
    In the ArcticInsider feature article TRF Engineering Test Ride Report, there’s a sled “strategically positioned” to the far right of the 1st photo (it’s also strategically positioned in the other photos, only less prominently). This sled had a cowl that is different from any other sled Arctic Cat has in its 2010 line-up. If you go the 2011 Tour page on Arctic Cat’s website and look at the image at the top of the page, the sleds on the far left and far right both have the distinctive cowl seen in the ArcticInsider photo (also have a new headlight style).

  18. John, I also believe your are a sandbagger. My bet is that you have been drinking WAY too much of the famed Wainer Energy drink. We all know what it did to KDub. Still trying to recover! ltr

  19. It’s not too much of a stretch to go from Sandberg to Sandbag…so I see your points. But there was no prototype plastic on that ride. Wainer energy drink is the best, by the way. It makes you all hairy and a target for out-of-control snowmobilers.

  20. I here alot about trail/performance sleds. I ride a 09 crossfire sp and love it. i live in SD where there is flatlands hills and lots of trees. My buddys bought polaris assaults and needless to say i have to ride really hard to make my sled move like theres. Why doesnt arctic cat make a 144″ boondocker like polaris. I do understand that my crossfire is probably a better trail sled than assault, but i feel they can conquer more versatility than the crossfire. Back to my question.. as popular as the assault is why doesnt cat make something in between M and crossfire or make crossfire little longer.

  21. nice one alex no reason to be a smart ass. and d-rock is right. I have been cat my whole life. ride an assault and everything will change

  22. I read this in the Jim Dimmerman induction speech as he was referring to the Sno Pro race sleds. Although Cat currently is nowhere close to getting their “booties” handed to them on the race track, and despite what Arctic Cat comes out with this year, or next, I think this statement still holds true today about how Arctic Cat has Pride in their sleds and will make them the best. I have faith they wont let us down.

    “Arctic Cat had just had their booties handed to them the past season, and these 10 men, including myself, were on a mission to restore some damaged pride. They took it personally that the Roseau boys had figured it out first. Now it was our chance to make it better, not just as fast, but faster – way faster. The challenge was on.”

  23. Suzette is in the house…nice! Matkinson: I wouldn’t try to talk anyone out from buying another sled, not my style. I’ve ridden the Assault in Grand Lake, Colo. Nice suspension quality, but the ergo’s on it left me shaking my head. And nowhere near the power of the 800 H.O. Personally, I can’t tell the difference between a 141″ and 144″ in track. And for Cat to build something between the CF and a 153″ M would definitely be splitting hairs.

  24. Welcome Arctic Cat.

    You have now entered sole possession of last place in snowmobile sales for the 2011 season. With no sense of what the paying customer wants, your produce the same sleds as the last 4 years and think that is what people want and that its awesome. But then people realize that you can buy a 2010 for 3-4 grand cheaper and get the EXACT same sled. Guess Arctic Cat thinks their out-dated and leftover parts from the last 3 years is going to sell like hot cakes. Wake up Arctic Cat. People don’t want the same sled year after year with new graphics. Thats Yamaha’s job.

  25. Johnny S…Duncan was here yesterday and told me to tell you Suzette said hi (too funny):). As for the new 2011 line up…I agree we would all like a different engine option or two for the Sno Pro chassis…maybe a mid year release for their 50th anniversary? In the end…i don’t think there are too many sleds left in the dealer pipeline. With the winter being great here in the midwest…I can’t see why too many dealers would have ANYTHING left. Maybe there are seeing the need for one more season to “clean house?” You may think differently after seeing the new limited “slime” color sleds. Always wonder what drives manufacturers to produce what they do? Look at what Suzuki is doing for 2010…producing 4 bikes (3 motocross and a GZ 250 street) and only two 4 wheelers (400 and 500).

  26. John sandberg I have never planned on going polaris or convincing anyone else to. I havent been around the new HO much and maybe it would change my mind. Maybe its just the crazy track on the assaults but i felt like i was going to flip it backwards everytime i punched it. It is also hard to compare two completely different sleds. Just seemed like to me that crossfire is to small and M is to big for my style of riding. Maybe instead of making crossfire bigger just make a 144 M with kick ass Fox shocks. Thanks for the insite

  27. matkinson I have ridden an assault btw.. Not to say that his 800 engine blew up once and was not rebuilt but whole new engine was put in then his new engine blew up and they rebuilt it and it blew up.. Yup thats polaris for you dont care how they ride, if you cant ride them more than a 5 min whats the use of its ride and comfort. It was a 09 assult. sold it and now is on a 2010 ski-doo 600 etec

  28. John,
    You have my email address. Could you please contact me and let me know why I cannot start a new thread or respond to an old one? Thanks….Mike

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