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Team Arctic Cleans House

Christian Bros. Racing/Arctic Cat racer D.J. Ekre

Press Release –


Sweeps Away the Competition in Hillclimb, Cross-Country and Snocross

Thief River Falls, Minn. (Feb. 22, 2010) – Team Arctic racers got out the broom again this past weekend, methodically sweeping their classes – and the competition – in snocross, cross-country and hillclimb events across the country.

The most complete class-cleaning occurred at the RMSHA hillclimb in Afton, Wyo., where Team Arctic racers won an astounding 14 classes – including a sweep of the 800 Stock, Improved and Mod classes with the best-selling M8 HCR – plus three King of the Mountain titles.

Add to the tally wins in 600, 700, 1000, and Open classes, and it’s evident that the ever-versatile Arctic Cat’s M Series can climb mountains and clean the competition’s clocks.

“We won more than half the classes in Afton, and at least one final in every engine category,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “This was just the third race in the RMSHA schedule and our best performance of the season, so clearly the team’s trajectory is pointed to the top.”

While the hill-climbers were standing the highest out west, Team Arctic’s eastern contingent welcomed USCC cross-country to Tug Hill, NY, for the first time. And with their welcome came the obligatory door-slam-in-the-face of the competition, as the guys in green stood atop of the podium in six classes.

The trip to Tug Hill by Team Arctic/Christian Bros. Racing star D.J. Ekre proved worthwhile, as he led a sweep of the Pro classes aboard his Sno Pro 600, while helping kick-off cross-country racing on the east coast.

National-level snocross racing made its first and only foray into Canada this weekend, at the ISOC Canadian Nationals/CSRA regional in Sarnia, Ontario. Four class victories highlighted the team’s success as it presses to finish the season strong and on top of the points’ battles. Semi Pro stalwarts Cody Thomsen and Logan Christian each won a class and took third on another, with Christian leaving Sarnia with the points lead in both classes.

This next weekend (Feb. 27-28) Team Arctic racers will tackle the USCC cross-country in Munising, Mich. See for more info.

Team Arctic Race Results from the RMSHA Hillclimb in Afton, Wyo.

600 Stock

3. Mike Zollinger

600 Improved

1. Mike Zollinger

2. Sid Archibald

3. Jeremy Archibald

700 Improved

1. David McClure

2. Chance Buckallew

700 Mod

1. Russ Tapio

2. Russell Frisby

800 Stock

1. Kyle Tapio

800 Improved

1. Todd Tupper

800 Mod

1. Kyle Tapio

3. David McClure

1000 Stock

2. Les Keller

1000 Improved

1. Les Keller

Open Mod

1. Nels Tapio

Pro Masters Stock

3. Todd Tupper

Women’s Stock

2. Christy Frisby

Women’s Improved

1. Christy Frisby

2. Amy Zollinger

Women’s Mod

1. Jan Ottobre

Semi Pro Stock

2. Bo Morss

Semi Pro Mod

2. Bo Morss


1. Trace Tupper

3. Taylor Siemers

Stock King: Kyle Tapio

Imp. King: David McClure

Mod King: Kyle Tapio


Team Arctic Results from ISOC Canadian Nationals in Sarnia, Ontario

Semi Pro Open

1. Cody Thomsen

3. Logan Christian

Semi Pro Stock #2

1. Logan Christian

3. Cody Thomsen

CSRA Women

2. Angela Vacchino

CSRA 40+

2. Bob Holmes

CSRA Sport Women

1. Megan Campbell

3. Kendall Knox

CSRA Trail 500

1. Todd Lightfoot

CSRA Novice 1

3. Dylan Barnett

CSRA Novice Girls

2. Sarah Gysbers


Team Arctic Race Results from USCC East in Tug Hill, NY

Pro 600

1. D.J. Ekre

2. Josh Gessinger

Pro Open

1. D.J. Ekre

2. Kerry Smith

3. Grant Lynch

Expert 85

1. Scott Lewis

Sport 85

1. Adrian Zambella

2. Dana Lombardozzi

3. Timothy Kudla

Vet 30+

1. Scott Barshfield

2. Josh Gessinger


1. Mathew Stephenson

2. Lyle Kares

3. Timothy Kudla



  1. Now, with a season FULL of racing/consumer success with the Sno Pro Chassis….
    Will Arctic Cat bring a bigger version of the Sno Pro chassis with a 2012 EPA compliant mote for 2011 or will the Cat faithful get BNG to look at for 2011????
    Doo’s highly touted E-tec motors and the “buzz” that goes along with them is raising the bar in the motor department for ALL sled mfg’s….In my opinion, AC has the best chassis….But, does AC need to go all the way with a 2012 EPA motor or just a bigger motor in the Sno Pro chassis for 2011?

  2. Here’s what I would say: If AC execs in the marketing and engineering dept read any posts on the internet about what is wanted – then they know that we want the Snopro chassis with a 600 and 800 in it. And I will tell you right now I know non-Arctic riders ready to switch over if it happens. Here is the best analogy I can think of: Ski-Doo comes out with the REV in 03 in only a 500 motor, creates a stir and then the next year they don’t put a bigger motor in it….now do you think that might have pissed off some doo riders? I’m gonna say yah, it would have.

  3. PBR, excellent point, but I would go one further. If AC does NOT offer something larger than the 500 in the Sno Pro chassis, not only will they not get the guys from the other brands you are talking about, they will have many jump ship.
    With the new 800 Etec from Doo out, Polaris floundering with their 800 since it cannot stay together they have a great opportunity here.
    It is a tough market right now. One where AC is really tightening their belts in an effort to cut costs, but if they are not positioned well to grow when the market turns around or get the attention of those who ARE buying now it is a tremendous mistake. There is no disputing how good the sno pro chassis is, but it needs to appeal to a wider audience. A 600 would sell like hotcakes, the 800HO would be tremendous as well.

  4. you wont see it…………………your more than likely going to see a mix of the snopro and f series with the 800 in it, not the race chassis . the snopro is just not consumer friendly enough , to meet the avg riders needs .

  5. Not saying they can’t merge the best of both designs but, they could easily tweak the design of the bulkhead to accomodate a larger displacement mote….Ah, the Sno Pro 500 is the race chassis and it is already sold to the consumer…..It is very easy to do maintenance work on. Remove 3 pieces of vacuum formed plastic, unplug an electrical connector and you are down to a fully exposed frame and mote….Just a FYI….This is the sled people want….Give it to them and sell the **** out of them….No more excuses….

  6. From what weve read on this site and what AC has said from the beginning, AC claims it WONT have a 6/8 in Sno Pro chassis that they are using it as a test bed for future development. Im guessing we’ll see something better than the Sno Pro chassis…not this year though. I have my hopes set for the 50th anniversary…next year.


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