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Speedwerx Turbo ECU Re-map = 240 hp on Pump Gas

For Arctic Cat Turbo owners not satisfied with a measly 170 hp, Speedwerx has a $400 ECU remapping kit that will allow for 240 hp on pump gas.

I’ve spent some time on the 2012 F1100 Turbo, and I can’t imagine what another 70 hp will offer. Maybe I’ll get the chance to test this kit and give a ride-report, but until then I’ll just ponder the possibilites.


Speedwerx ECU remap for Arctic Cat Turbos

Speedwerx press release:


This is as simple as it gets for adding serious HP to your 1100 PROCROSS/PROCLIMB/Z1 Turbo sled. We have developed our own software that will allow us to reprogram the stock ECU to adjust fuel, boost limits, timing and waste gate activation / deactivation RPM. With this software there are no limits to what we can do to unleash the most power from your 1100 PROCROSS/PROCLIMB/Z1 Turbo. All of these great features allow us to produce up to 290+ HP on the stock 1100 PROCROSS/PROCLIMB/Z1 Turbo. ECU boxes that are sent in will be remapped within 1 business day for a fast turn around.  For those that cannot wait, we have core boxes on hand ready to be sent out.

ECU mapping is available in 2 different forms. Our single map version where we can put any single map in your box, or our multi map function that allows us to run up to 4 different maps at one time and you can select on the go (real-time) which map you would prefer to run. Both set-ups look stock and can easily be hidden from your competition. 

Speedwerx ECU remap for Arctic Cat Turbos

Base maps available:

-87 octane safe trail map 177 hp w/ Speedwerx light weight muffler.

-91 octane safe trail map 210 hp w/ Speedwerx light weight muffler.

-91 octane safe trail map 240 hp w/ Speedwerx light weight muffler.

-110 + octane or Speedwerx Meth injection lake race 260 hp w/ Speedwerx lightweight muffler.

-114 + octane 290+ hp with our Speedwerx waste gate mod.

NOTE: You must send your ECU box to us for re-mapping or call and arrange for an exchange!


RPI-1100T, Single Map – 2012 1100 Turbo Models, $400.00

RPI-Z1T, Single Map – 2009-2011 1100 Turbo Models, $600.00

RPI-1100T-M, Multi-Map – 2012 1100 Turbo Models, $400.00

RPI-Z1T-M, Multi-Map – 2009-2011 1100 Turbo Models, $600.00


Click HERE to read more about the ECU re-map Turbos, and to see a handful of new Speedwerx goodies for Arctic Cats.



  1. I’d like to know how they cracked the Arctic ECU? It’s been tried ever since Arctic got rid of the chip and many people spent lots of money trying to crack the code, never being able to do it. AC pretty much said once the code was cracked they could just change the code, even though they claimed it wasn’t crackable.

  2. Speedwerx and Turbo Dynamics have been remapping z1turbos for a few years now. Just an FYI. I think it is something to do with the relationship with speedwerx and the arctic cat race department.

  3. hello i recently purchassed a 2009 z1turbo here on prince edward island and i belive it has a ecu that you guys flashed i bought the sled from WAYNE CLARKE and the machine was smashed when i got it and not sure how to plug it back in is there anyway you could tell my what program is on the euc the button switch is there and has 1 2 3 4 on the sticker and there is a sticker with your guys name on it and a number 111109100 i belive is there any way you could get back ahold of me thanks alot

  4. I have a new 2016 1100 turbo snopro 162. I am adding the Big Mo 3″ exhaust and looking to add the cold air intake elbow producing around 218hp. Do you have a successful re-map for this set up on a new sled? If you have the 240hp single program will it map to my set up and really help what I have done ($400 worth?) and really still run perfect on 91 gas at 9,000-12,000 feet? No problems, no adjustments? Also, do you sell the air intake elbow? Thanks

  5. I have a 2014 XF high country 1100 turbo if I was to do the 240 map my sled is straight piped Do I have to do anything else to the slide and will it be a lot harder on belts and parts?


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