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Summer Sledding: Watercross Season

Team Arctic's Dale Lindbeck wins 2017 IWA Pro Stock opener.

First, the good news: In just two weeks the daylight hours will start getting shorter.

Now the great news: You can maximize your summer fun, hang out at the lake AND get some great snowmobile action. Simply hit up one of the IWA watercross races this summer.

If you do, there’s a great chance you’ll see Team Arctic’s Duracell bunny Dale Lindbeck continue his decades-long win streak continue. In fact, he’s already scored a win this season!

I’ve been covering watercross races since the mid-1940s, and Lindbeck was been winning at least that long. Pretty dang impressive!

Lindbeck piloted his Arctic Cat to his umpteenth Pro Stock win at last weekend’s Cold Water Challenge in Moose Lake, Minn.

He’s set to do it again this coming weekend at the famed Brainerd (Minn.) International Raceway. Show up to cheer him (and all the other racers) on.



  1. It was a good weekend, capped off with a win in pro stock. If your at a up coming race, stop by the 29 trailer .


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