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Swap Season Begins… Get Ready to WOBLE

Pete demonstrates proper WOBLE etiquette

What’s a WOBLE?


First of all, watch this amazing TV segment about last year’s WOBLE, wonderfully-created by SnowTrax TV.


The "in" crowd at Haydays

Learn to love the leafers

Haydays is always interesting. Maybe the new location this year will improve the swapping experience, which in recent years seems to have gotten smaller and over-priced.


Lots of smiles getting ready for the ride

Then consider either our WOBLE, or your own. Ours includes a lot of old guys and young whippersnappers. And a lot of tools and spare parts.

Ahh...the smell of pre-mixed 2-stroke at 6:30 in the morning!

If you join us, that means an early-morning start time to ensure everyone reaches the destination before sundown.

Pristine Kitties

What COULD be a trailer queen is instead ridden hard, just as it should be.


Vintage love has no boundaries

There is no shame in our WOBLE, except for those who fail to finish on a sled, be it yours or someone else’s.


"True, but the engine runs awesome."

Don’t let minor blemishes get in the way of a good find. A little duct tape is all this baby needs to join the 2011 WOBLE.

I’m ready to start swapping (looking for a good-condition ’79-’80 el Tigre, either engine size)… Are you?



  1. As a Old Guy it was fun to sit back and watch the whippersnappers!! Rusty was a hoot and definitely was having a good time.


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