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TBT: Tom Porter Snowmoto Oval Racing

Team Arctic Sno Pro Tom Porter, 1973 EXT.

This throwback is to 1973 (or 1975, see comments), with Team Arctic’s Tom Porter roosting away on his factory EXT Sno Pro sled.

Such a badass photo!

It’s a reminder that yes, even 4-plus decades ago, winter could be cruel and the races could be as much moto as they were snow.



  1. Great pic, reminds me of a poster they had around 89 or so with a wildcat on the summer test track, caption read something about running a few of them into the ground.

  2. Not to be a douche but that pic I’m certain is from the World Series in March of 75 at Weedsport NY. We were there racing also and I remember him doing very well. Another way to tell is if you look at the sled closely, you will notice the tunnel, seat, and gas tank are 75 Z stuff.

  3. There were so many neat heavily customized Free Air Cats back then with cross bred EXT and Z and home made parts. I’ve heard it was Porters who first gained Cat fame from chopped down hoods and widening the front end and added pods to cover the wider front axle. This is what I always envisioned the stillborn 1974 EXT to look like. Too bad 73-74 was a bad year and Cat held back on building the ’74 oval trackers in mass market. Instead they made update kits for the older EXT’s. Nice shot!

  4. I have a 73 EXT with aluminum bulkhead and track cleats. decal number 0250-024 just readable on the tunnel. It has a displacement, 295RX/2B cylinders and stamped on one cylinder is 9R2C, anyone know what that number means?…The serial number on the ribbed tunnel
    is 3094571, engine T7A290RX1A. It has the gear reduction still on the engine .


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