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Gone Electric: 2018 Prowler EV & EV iS Side-by-Sides

2018 Prowler EV from Textron Off Road.

I’m of the opinion that the human race is well on its way to FAR, FAR more widespread use of electric-powered vehicles. I also believe the approaching sea-change should NOT induce fear or loathing.

On the contrary, every experience I’ve had with EV has been awesome. The future is awesome!

Case in point: the new 2018 Prowler EV and EV iS side-by-sides from Textron Off Road.

I spent a short time on the previous iteration of this machine, formerly known as Recoil, and I’m here to say that a surprisingly capable off-road machine that operations almost SILENTLY is very, very intriguing. For getting to the deer stand that I’ll be aiming for when the season opens in a couple weeks, and for just cruising with passengers because it’s possible to talk with your indoor-voice AND be heard clearly.

I definitely don’t have enough time on one to offer a meaningful review. Hopefully that opportunity will come soon, because I personally am pumped for what machines like this seem to promise.

For now, here’s what TOR has to say:


– 72V AC Electric Drive Train

– Front Independent MacPherson Strut Suspension

– Rear Independent MacPherson Strut Suspension (EV iS model)

– Solid Leaf Spring Rear Suspension (EV model)

– Four-Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

– Intellibrake™ automatic Electric Park Brake

– Dash-Mounted Max Speed/Max Range Switch

– Comfortable, Contoured Seats

– Forward-Facing Bench Seat & Convertible Rear-Facing Bench Seat

– 25-inch Trail Pro Tires

– Fold-Down Cargo Deck


Powerful, stealthy and eager to handle large loads and rugged off-road conditions, the new 2018 Prowler EV and Prowler EV iS from Textron Off Road deliver premium electric vehicle performance for a full range of riders.

Each Prowler EV is powered by a 72V battery system comprised of six 12V heavy-duty deep-cycle batteries feeding AC electric power to dual front and rear motors. The result is near-silent operation, ultra-low emissions and 25 percent greater efficiency than DC-powered vehicles. That means more time driving and less time charging.

Compared to gas-powered engines, which create a 30,000-sq.-ft. field of disturbance with noise and exhaust, the noise- and emission-free Prowler EV models let you get 85 percent closer to hunting game. Likewise, their silent operation means no noise impact to neighbors.

The top speed of each machine is 24.5 mph, with a 16 mph top speed when in the Max Range mode. Regenerative braking extends driving range, while the on-board charging system can recharge the batteries in 8-12 hours.

When it comes to off-road performance, the Prowler EV models are ready for it all. Full-time 4WD is paired with fully independent front suspension to deliver serious off-road capability and comfort. The Prowler EV has a solid leaf-spring rear suspension, while the more comfortable and capable independent rear suspension comes standard on the Prowler EV iS. Meaty 25-in. Carlisle Trail Pro tires deliver excellent traction, while four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes provide enhanced braking performance.

For added convenience, both Prowler EV models feature Intellibrake™ – an innovative, automatic Electric Park Brake that’s activated when the driver removes his/her foot from the accelerator pedal. A contoured front bench seat offers comfort for two and is matched by the convertible rear-facing bench seat for four-occupant transportation. And with a maximum towing load of 1,000 lbs. plus a 400- lb. payload on the fold-down rear cargo deck, the Prowler EV models deliver the hauling performance that sportsmen and women demand. A new integrated glove box offers easy access to essential gear.

The Prowler EV comes with halogen headlights, while the EV iS model features upgraded LED headlights.

Both Prowler EV models are available in either black or TrueTimber® Kanati Camo and feature an in-dash battery status indicator, a fold-down cargo deck, glove box, 1.5-in. front brush guards, impact-resistant fender flares, a 2-in. (5cm) rear receiver, headlights and taillights. They also come with a 12-mo. warranty.

Click HERE for complete Specifications and pricing info.

2018 Prowler EV from Textron Off Road.



  1. Range is not long enough and 8-12 hour recharge is way to long. Where we go with our machines, would not make it half way in and no power in 90% of the places we go. Gas is better.

  2. This is nothing more than an expensive half-hearted “4×4” golf cart, not a SxS.

    No power steering.
    Open diffs front & rear!
    Backward facing seats instead of a cargo box.
    McPherson strut up front and if you get the IS, you get McPherson’s out back instead of leaf spring… seriously, 2017 and McPherson struts? Gimme a break.

    This is simply not a credible SxS in any sense of the term SxS.

    It’s built in Augusta according to the website.

    Put real suspension on it, motors capable of going like 45MPH with at least 100 mile range at that speed, proper off-road capable locking front & rear differentials, power steering, and a real cargo box on it and I’d overlook the hefty weight as the price of doing quiet business.

  3. Range is dependent on several factors. That said, Textron Off Road is saying 20-30 miles while in Range mode.

    As JS noted, these are built in Augusta, Ga.

    Obviously this machine isn’t for everyone and all conditions. It’s more capable and robust than a golf cart, but it’s not going to do what a HDX, Stampede or equivalent is capable of.

    It’s just a matter of time when bigger, faster, longer (range) arrive with electric vehicles.

  4. Just my .02 but how about using standard hybrid tech. Small gas engine that runs a genny. Stealth EV mode on batt’s and engine driven genny for real power when you need it. Seems like someone could downsize the Prius tech and keep the price about fifteen grand stripped. Tree huggers would love you. No wait time for batt’s.

  5. textron already has a hybrid/gas power train and has been using it for about 10 years now in their eclipse 322 riding greens mower. I wonder if they can get the cost down to put it in a sxs

  6. BadBoy buggy had the Ambush series in 2014 (which is now owned by Textron) which was a hybrid of sorts. I would imagine the capabilities are still there and this will be brought back out when it is ready. If Textron believed it was ready for primetime I think it would be out. I have a feeling it will be coming back relatively soon though. It was a big hit with the ranchers and hunters.

  7. Glad to see there are steps being made in this direction. It’s worth a person’s time to research what Elon Musk is doing with Tesla’s vehicles and the Gigafactory. The math behind electric vehicles is intriguing. Drive line efficiencies are particularly interesting.

  8. I never hear talk of a diesel engine version.Here in the UK and Europe most side x sides sold are diesel- Gator/Ranger/Mule/Mechron/Kubota. All of these manufacturers have seen the sales potential of a diesel and it has always puzzled my why Arctic Cat, and now Textron don’t seem interested. Full electric models are a long way off being of use, but I can see great potential for a well engineered hybrid. Motor sport may be a huge market in some countries,but Uk/europe market is mainly utility,hence the need for diesel power.

  9. I bought a recoil in 2014. Using it on the farm and for hunting every day. My 4 wheeler never gets started anymore. The cows never meet me at the gate and I never put gas in it. It’s easy to talk with the person next to you. I can go on and on. They are not a replacement for a gas powered unit but they do certainly have their place. Sold my diesel side by side and bought another one yesterday.

  10. I have a 2008 bad boy , had it for 10 years been a good machine. I still use it alot. Just bought a 2018 prowler ev . Very impressed with new machine. I think this machine is great. people need to understand this machine is made for certain jobs.I wouldnt own anything else for where I hunt and the work I do with it. Great machine!


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