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Team Arctic Cross Country Racers Finish Winning Season – Scheele Headlines Eagle River Snocross

11 Class Champions and Top 10 Sweep of Pro Open Class in Cross Country

The season has concluded, the numbers are in and the results show Team Arctic Cross-Country racers did some winning in all COR Powersports classes. To be exact, they won 11 of the 19 possible championships, including both the prestigious Pro classes – a win percentage of 58%. 

Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety, said, “Mother Nature dealt us a hand forcing us to race on lakes this season, and the crew at COR designed some challenging courses. Our racers proved, an Arctic Cat ZR is still the one to try and beat, and the championships prove it.”

Rookie Pro Dylan Stevens Pro Factory 600 Champion

Pro Open Cross-Country racers put a dominate winning seal on the class by sweeping the top 10 positions for year end points. Zach Herfindahl was champion, followed by Wes Selby and rookie Pro, Dylan Stevens. This trio combined for 7 of the possible 12 season podiums and each racer won the class once, except for Herfindahl with back-to-back wins in Park Rapids and Naytahwaush. 

#312 Pro Zach Herfindahl Pro Open Champion

Herfindahl said, “This season went by really quickly, but we had fun, and the power and handling of our Arctic Cats were top notch. I’m already looking forward to what COR Powersports has planned for next season. I’d like to thank Team Arctic, all our great sponsors and all our passionate cross-country race fans for allowing us to show you how well these ZRs perform.”

#44 Anson Scheele Pro Lite Christian Bros Racing

For Team Arctic snocross racers, their season is nearing a close as they just completed 14 of the 16 rounds in Eagle River, WI. Christian Brothers Racing (CBR) and the #44 Arctic Cat ZR of Anson Scheele, celebrated podium success in the tough Pro Lite class.

The talented young racer has shown speed and consistency throughout the season running near the top five and currently holding a 7th place points standing. 

During Saturday’s qualifying rounds, Scheele looked confident finishing strongly (3-2) in his heats while battling against the points leaders in the class. That momentum from qualifying carried through to the final when Scheele jumped out front with the leaders. Despite heavy pressure from those behind him, Scheele maintained his poise and control to solidly hold his third place position until the end.

(L-R) Ursula Scheele, Anson Scheele, Aaron Scheele 

Scheele was all smiles on the podium. “I’ve said it before, Pro Lite is a tough class. It feels so good to be back on the podium. It’s a reassurance that I can run up front and my hard work is paying off. I’d like to thank everyone at Christian Brothers Racing (CBR) for standing behind me and our Arctic Cats. I look forward to the final rounds here in Eagle River next weekend.”  

Kloety said, “I was happy to see how confidently Anson rode this past weekend, and it made me even happier seeing him back on the Pro Lite podium. That smile is infectious. His hard work and determination is paying off. Congratulations to the whole Christian Brothers Racing team.” 

Next up, Team Arctic Snocross Racers return to Eagle River, Wisconsin for the final two rounds of the season March 26-28.

Team Arctic Cross Country Year End COR Powersports Class Results

Pro Open

1. Zach Herfindahl (Champion)

2. Wes Selby

3. Dylan Stevens

4. Re Wadena

5. David Brown

6. Benjamin Langaas

7. Matt Feil

8. Chad Lian

9. Ross Erdman

10. Gunner Arlaud

Pro Factory 600

1. Dylan Stevens (Champion)

4. Wes Selby

5. Zach Herfindahl

8. Ross Erdman

9. Chad Lian

10. David Brown

Pro Factory Vet 40+

5. Glen Arlaud

Pro Factory Women

4. McKenna Cloose

Semi-Pro Improved

1. Paul Brown (Champion)

2. Abe Olson

5. Dustin Schwandt

8. Caleb Nymann

Semi-Pro Factory 600

2. Paul Brown

4. Abe Olson

6. Dustin Schwandt

8. Nicholas Nyquist

Sport Improved

2. Jesse Hallstrom

4. Dawson Diesen

6. Morgan Nyquist

8. Jon Arneson

Sport Stock

2. Jesse Hallstrom

6. Dawson Diesen

7. Morgan Nyquist

Sport Women

1. Gabby Hallstrom (Champion)

Expert 600 Limited

1. Aiden Johnson (Champion)

2. Derek Kloety

3. Darson Darco

4. Keagan Houser

7. Aaden Olson

8. Mavrick Broden

Junior 10-13 Boys

1. Elliot Clark (Champion)

3. Brady Wadena

4. Jett Cornelius

5. Reilly Clark

6. Cooper Kangas

7. Blair Potucek

Junior 14-17 Boys

1. Aiden Johnson (Champion)

3. Derek Kloety

4. Dawson Darco

6. Aaden Olson

7. Keagan Houser

8. Mavrick Broden

9. Luke Omang

10. John McGuire

Junior 10-13 Girls

1. Danika Diesen (Champion)

2. Taylor Cloose

Junior 14-17 Girls

1. Annie Olson (Champion)

2. Gabby Hallstrom

Masters 50+

1. Mike Carver (Champion)

2. Dale Cloose

5. Jon Arneson

Masters 40+

2. Jon Arneson

3. Mike Carver


1. Paul Sillerud (Champion)


2. Adam Longtin


Team Arctic Snocross Results Eagle River, WI

Pro Friday

7. Jacob Yurk

Pro Lite Friday

6. Anson Scheele

Pro Am Plus 30

2. Jacob Blanshan

4. Seth Engel

Sport Lite Friday

1. Kolton Krajicek

2. Jordan Biese

Pro Lite Saturday

3. Anson Scheele

Sport Lite Saturday

2. Jordan Biese

5. Kolton Krajicek

Junior 10-13 Saturday

3. Tanner Johnson

Junior 16-17 Saturday

5. Pacey Zandstra

Transition 8-10 Saturday

1. Owen Eide

2. Zach Miller

Transition 9-13 Saturday

2. Tanner Johnson

3. Colin Taggart

Junior Girls Saturday

1. Kendall Rose

3. Ava McCurdy

Stock 200 Saturday

3. Aiden Beckmann




  1. Wish I were headed to Eagle River this weekend to watch snocross, but the livestream will have to suffice. Good luck this weekend Team Arctic!

  2. Great to see all the wins and CHAMPIONS. Great work CAT and RACERS
    Ya and i love seeing all the internet ballbags saying cat needs a new chasis,LOL
    I was at eagle river last weekend watching the snow cross, Hope CAT brings it this coming weekend
    Keep up the good work Kale

  3. Crnr2Crnr – Have the mighty fallen, or are the number of Team Arctic racers (in snocross) mighty low in comparison to other brands? Christian, Yurk and Wittwer showcased some great podium finishes in the Pro class this season. And how many championships do Team Arctic cross country racers have to win to not be considered “fallen”? They won 11 of 19 and both Pro classes.


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