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Team Arctic Cross-Country Racers Nab 16 USXC Podiums in Park Rapids

Team Arctic Cross-Country racers took to the ditches and heavy woods outlining Park Rapids, MN for the first terrain race of the season and walked away at the top of the points battle and able to share some fun race stories.

#15 Wes Selby Photo: Emily Pearl Photography

If Team Arctic had a tv racing show called Story Tellers, #15 Pro, Wes Selby, would probably be the main character. Leading with the fastest course time on Saturday, Selby had started the morning near the back of the pack. “I’ve been in Colorado since Pine Lake, and haven’t ridden my cross-country race sled since.” [laughs] 


 “…they told me I was in first place…Are you kidding me?”

Selby continued, “Due to the snowy weather, my flights were delayed and I didn’t get in to Park Rapids until 5 a.m. on Saturday. About the time I got through the first mile, I was thinking, ‘What did I sign up for?’ [laughing again] but I kept pushing on. The course was rough and I felt I wasn’t doing well, even though I was passing people. When I pulled into the first fuel stop, they told me I was doing awesome, but it didn’t feel that way. When I finished for the day they said I was in first place. I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’”

#312 Zach Herfindahl Photo: Emily Pearl Photography

On Sunday, it was Team Arctic’s #312 Zach Herfindahl setting the fastest course time after a frustrating day on Saturday dealing with some uncharacteristic drive belt issues.

The overall second place went to Selby who said, “Sunday was a totally different race course running up front. The trail was groomed and rock hard. When getting into the tight twisty woods, I knew immediately I needed a different set-up from the loose snow conditions I had raced the day before. I kept losing speed in the corners which allowed Aaron Christianson and Zach to pass me.”

Race manager Mike Kloety said, “Our ZR’s worked well and were strong throughout the race, but the terrain was very challenging, unforgiving, and bit most racers at one time or another. I have not heard of so many racers getting stuck in a XC race ever. We had 16 podiums on the weekend and Selby is leading the Pro Open class in points, while Selby and Herfindahl are respectively second and third in Factory 600. We’re looking’ pretty good going into the Seven Clans TRF 250 this weekend.”  

Next up for Team Arctic Cross-Country Racers is the Seven Clans TRF 250 on January 25 & 26 while the Snocross teams race in Deadwood, South Dakota January 24 & 25.

Park Rapids USXC Team Arctic Podiums

#9 Alicia Martin

Braden Sillerud Photo: Emily Pearl Photography

Cole Boyd Photo: Emily Pearl Photography

Cooper Kangas Photo:Emily Pearl Photography

Danika Diesen Photo: Emily Pearl Photography

Aiden Johnson Photo: Emily Pearl Photography



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  1. Fun to watch these young racers rise through the ranks. Thanks for sharing their photos, and thank you Emily Pearl Photography for taking them. Typically, these classes get overlooked by most OEMs. Kloety does a nice job for AC.

  2. Congrats to all Team Arctic drivers, good show boyz and girlz. Would be nice to XC racing get the same exposure as SX though. XC racing is where it’s at in terms of R&D.


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