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Team Arctic Race Rewind – A Look at Manvel, New York and Michigan

Team Arctic Racers Show Success Across the Country Last Week

Herfindahl Triumphant in Manvel, Pake Returned to Snocross Podium and Cadarette Racing Undefeated

Team Arctic racers converged on a variety of terrain races last week with success upsetting to the competition.

#312 Pro Zach Herfindahl

Starting in Manvel, North Dakota, cross-country teams competed at the USXC Turtle River Rough Rider 100. Led by Zach Herfindahl, who just won the G-G 500 with a flawless performance, put on another schooling clinic for the competition, winning both Pro Stock and Pro Open classes. Other notable performances in the upper ranks were Cale Anseeuw’s Semi-Pro win, an Arctic Cat podium sweep of Semi-Pro Improved led by Abe Olsen’s first win in the class, followed by Cale Anseeuw and Paul Brown.

#312 Zach Herfindahl

Herfindahl said, “This Manvel race was a lot of fun. And fun, combined with how well my ZR is working has equated to our success after winning the G-G 500. There’s nothing better than racing a rough course when the suns out and you have clear vision. Nothing holds you back but confidence at that point.” 

“There was zero room for error…”

Team Arctic national snocross racers competed 1,200 miles to the east at a venue highly brand loyal to the Arctic Cat brand – Salamanca, NY. Andy Pake won his first Pro Lite final in Iowa a couple weeks ago, and showed his determination to return to the podium on Friday in Salamanca. The confined track was much like Deadwood filled with big moguls and tough terrain, but Pake and his ZR battled through it to maintain third place when the checkers flew. 

#64 Andy Pake from Christian Brothers Racing

“Friday was a great race and I was happy with my third place finish. That New York track terrain was really tough and lap times were really short, so there was zero room for error, and not a whole lot of opportunity to pass,” said Pake. “My qualifying was strong and our ZR performed really well in those rough conditions. We have a couple weeks off before Michigan so I’ll take the time to work on my starts to make sure I get in front of any first turn tangles.”

Cadarette Racing Photo: Speedshot Photography

In Lincoln, Michigan, the Cadarette Collision Racing Pro Enduro team continued their MIRA win streak, and undefeated season, as the duo of Troy DeWald and Ryan Spencer rode their ZR to the checkers of the FireRite 250. 

Cadarette Racing Photo: Speedshot Photography

Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety said, “We had a good weekend. Our numbers are small, but we’re winning and hitting the podiums. I’m proud of our racers and how they’re sticking it to our competition.”

Team Arctic cross-country racers competed at the Seven Clans Warroad 100 this weekend with Zach Herfindahl winning both Pro Open and Pro Stock classes, while Snocross teams have a bit of time off competing in Grand Rapids, MI on March 13.

Team Arctic Results USXC and ISOC 

Here’s a few more USXC Racing photos captured by Emily Pearl Photography in Manvel. Let’s start with this awesome Superman by Ben Langas…he saved it. LOL.

The launch by Ben Langas

The full send…

And the save…Nice, Langas.

To end this great Manvel photo session from Emily Pearl, here’s another one of Langas sending it Proper (Below)…



  1. I yearn for the days (Last handful of years) where AC won everything with deep podium sweeps through all classes. You came to expect it because of their numbers. I was skeptical this year, but Team Green is still coming out on top! And I take more pleasure in these wins because AC is kind of an underdog. I love seeing Zach upset those damn Polaris’ in USXC. Make me laugh. Keep it up Zach!!!!

  2. I saw a post by Selby on why he’s not racing USXC. Kale what’s the scoop? Sounds like there are a lot of racers cheating (cutting the course) and no penalties from USXC. That’s pretty crappy. I love when Herfindahl and Selby race. Two of my favorites and are legit guys.

  3. I’m not trying to bait you Kale, but no input on USXC? Today Brian Nelson pushed blame back to Selby for bringing blatant cheating to the forefront. He quoted some lame rule in his book about bringing negativity towards USXC via social media. My opinion only, but what Selby wrote was far from negative or defamatory. Selby is a stand-up guy who wants to see Pro racers be accountable for their actions. Brian is part of the problem and just ran over Selby like he was a course marker.

  4. @Cory if you look at the home page I think you will be able to figure out the lack of response. Not the place to further the conversation.

  5. Cory – I don’t have a whole lot to add. Selby is a good friend of mine, and Ive known Brian for a long time. Both are extremely passionate about racing. I see a perspective from both sides, and somewhere in the middle, is an answer, which I think has been addressed. So for now, we’ll let a sleeping dog lie.

  6. Absolutely phenomenal showing by the 21 sled this season! I saw first hand the piloting of this machine at Eagle River’s Enduro race and was start struck by the execution. As a long time Eagle River attendee it was nice to see something exciting, from Cat, on the odd’oval since the days of the 28 sled from Sauke Centre. Kale, I’m a long time lurker, first time poster since the takeover. I strongly suggest, for Cat Nation, a review of what the 21 team would be willing to share about the machine, the Enduro style of racing, and their loyalty to the Green and Purple…


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  8. I’m sure Troy and I would be more than willing to talk about the 21 sled that we ride and the racing we do.


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